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  1. I just want to take a moment and clarify something that some may not be clear on. Zak is going up for 1* or Brigadier General. I have posted the Expectations linked in our guide to everything that was recently redone. Brig. Generals are specifically looked at as the Pillars of their Division and within the Community and are not exactly expected to be looked at to be branching out to the rest of the community just yet. This is something that if you look at the Sub heading for the Major and Lt. Generals you'll see they are more Community based where Brig. General is listed as follow
  2. Thank you for your support Rose. I can honestly say since building the team. I’ve created time for myself to game and do other things I’ve wanted to do without having to stress. I just now have to remember now that not everything has to be done as quick as I usually like them to be. This also is going to be an adjustment for members who are used to asking me for things and them being done with the swiftness. With tasks being properly delegated within the team. Some tasks are going to be done when they can or when the person has time. Rather then me jumping on my d
  3. @CompFreak(OD) and @Aerineth(OD) Thank you both for your support. I appreciate your evaluation and I understand that taking on a sometimes unhealthy load within OD to help out has always been my strength but my greatest weakness. Recently I've put measures into place to make sure I can both share that load and start delegating tasks. Ensuring that my balancing isn't thrown into chaos and I don't burn out. Thanks again for taking the time to post.
  4. Frank, Thanks for the support. I'll reach out if I have any further questions beyond what we discussed.
  5. While I think this is a good Idea I can't say I have the time to do this myself. I think I'll defer to one of your ideas in this post of "Needs to delegate to officers and warrant officers" and ask if you want to work on the project. eh? eh? This is something I've been thinking about in my bed laying in a deep cold sweat... lol I've been considering either just creating a simple channel people can post in. Or maybe bringing in a ticket bot people can report things. But I'll probably just keep things simple since I really don't wanna explain how to use another bot ho
  6. I'd like to think I've done my best learning from everyone I've had the chance to work with over the years. Thanks for your support R.ag.
  7. Honest to god I thought the mother load of open ended questions would come from Compfreak as usual. But it came from left field. lol. Good on you Blind. This is a REALLY tough one... or maybe a really easy one I suppose. I guess it depends on how I decide to look at it. Something that I haven't been asked is what stresses me out about evals. You mentioned that I really enjoy evals. Especially the first part(phase 1), but there's one thing about phase one that gives me a bit of anxiety. While anyone can trigger this anxiety. It's usually linked t
  8. Comp, First I'd like to say how I appreciate you not waiting till the last couple of days to post on my eval with your usual evil open ended questions 🤣. But I appreciate you posting none the less. --- This is something I've touched on time and time again. It's the ability to handle a situation with less emotion. Often times I've struggled with wanting to immediately attack something with how I feel vs with sitting on it and thinking about it and coming to a logical conclusion and collecting my thoughts based on all relevant information. I've hone
  9. Hello Everyone, I've decided to restructure the discord team in order for it to function in a more productive manner. Effective today the following roster will be kept up to date with the current leaders/members and their roles on the Discord Team. Project Manager: @JD(OD)(Roles & Integrations) QA Tester: @SalinePandora(OD) Project Manager: @MelodicRose(OD) (Channel & Permission Management) General Team Member: @Larixal(OD) General Team Member: @PureSkoomaOD Project Manager: @Triny(OD) (Bot Testing &
  10. Rick, I'd first like to say that you have my full support for your second star. You're a hard working and active member of our ranks and you deserve the shot at going up one. With that being said I have at least 1 question to ask you. With the loss of our dear friend Julie the community didn't just loss an amazing friend but our best and more important D2s best recruiter. Do you think that D2 will be able to recover and sustain from the loss of someone that went above and beyond in the field of R&R in the long run?
  11. Correct, this is the best plan. Even if the bot is safe etc... we should be only be adding bots if they serve a purpose to the community and the community genuinely wants it beyond just a few people. It's fine to have bots just for fun. But enough people realistically need to support the adding of the bot.
  12. I see you decided to dig pretty deep to continue to drive it home on my eval. I suppose that's commendable. Back then I didn't agree with the sentiment. Although looking back now. I would have. I was much more stubborn and less of a team player back then. But now, I'd like to think in my own estimation of my self that I've grown and this tendency has become the exception not the rule with how I deal with situations. --- The same way I told you I would improve back then. Do my best to make sure that any information that I'm quoting, stating as fac
  13. Rose, Your presence in the community is known by many. While you don't often appear in voice channels a lot. You're often found poking around many of the chat channels providing weather news, updates etc... or just being friendly as one does. You're a nice person to have around. As far as you presence as a General. I'm always glad to have you around. You are confident in the stances you take and you don't back down without a fight. You gather hard data to back your arguments. But you are always willing to mend your opinion on something when new data is presented and su
  14. 1. I think the that that drives me the most bonkers about how OD works sometimes is just how slow sometimes we are to do things as leaders. We've gotten so much better at this in the past year or so. But it's always been a painfully slow process to try and introduce and put through new proposals that affect the community on a large scale. Like the evaluation system for example. Even though I was not apart of that process. I understand it was many long meetings. Topics and took a while before everyone was on the same page. 2. I do think that there's some friction that goes both ways
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