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  3. Not currently possible to host private servers.
  4. Terra embracing Vanity? Noooooooooooooo.
  5. Re: the Jenkins vote. I can’t say whether it was removed or not. I’d have to dig through the logs. But the problem is the logs don’t capture data for failed promotions or voting etc… so if it was removed it was done by a General which I would see recorded in our Forum post tracking removal of votes/promotions. which means if not listed there and it was removed. then Jenkins deleted his vote and the promoter took it down after. —— no need to apologize. We all trip up now and then. I still have to start at January when counting out my months. Time in all forms hurts my brain. Lol
  6. This is actually not true. I can raise at least 2 instances where people have been neg voted and failed. 1 being JuJu. The other a warrant officer I can’t remember that was neg voted by Jenkins for not meeting their requirements due to not really being around if I recall correctly.
  7. For those of you who don't know. The discord team is no longer run just by @JD(OD). But instead has multiple leaders. Each leader oversees their "Projects" with members on their project team to assist. What are the roles? Project Manager: These are the Leaders of the Discord team and the Leader of the Project Team they are on. QA Tester: These are specialized members of a Project team. They are responsible for looking for bugs, updates etc... and testing features in our test servers prior to implementation on the live server among other things they work on General Team Member: These are members that are assigned any task to assist the Project Manager as needed to make sure the team gets the job done Coder: Any member listed as a coder is just that. Someone who codes things such as bots to solve issues or provide features for the community What does each team do? Project Manager: @JD(OD)(Roles & Integrations) QA Tester: @SalinePandora(OD) The Roles and Integrations team is responsible for but not limited to maintaining, updating the Roles for our server. They also manage any integrations between 3rd party apps and our discord. Project Manager: @MelodicRose(OD) (Channel & Permission Management) General Team Member: @Larixal(OD) General Team Member: @PureSkoomaOD The Channel & Permissions Management team is in charge of but not limited to maintaining the Channels of our discord, their permissions and making sure inactive channels are deleted/archived. Project Manager: @Triny(OD) (Bot Testing & Dev.) QA Tester: @LightningWolves(OD) Coder: @Blind The Bot Testing & Dev. team is responsible for but not limited to the bots on our server both 3rd party and OD specific Bots such as the Recruitment Bot and DSL Bot. ---- How do I join? If you wish to join the Discord team. You will want to reach out to one of the respect Project Managers @JD(OD), @Triny(OD), @MelodicRose(OD) listed here and see if they are currently looking for new members for their team.
  8. 6/4/21 Modified Roles: All roles from 4* General-Enlisted have had the ability to post/create invites. Channel Edit: Permissions for 4* General - Enlisted have been given the ability to create invites for The Rules channel and only this channel. Reason Performed: To stop members from purposely/accidentally creating invites for members outside of The Rules channel so we can ensure all new members/guests land in the rules channel where they should be reading the rules prior to using our server. ---- Modified Roles: Roles 4* General - Enlisted have been grated the ability to post External Emojis again. Reason Performed: Since establishing the Time Out roles if a member posts a harmful Emoji in our server they will be placed in Time Out or Otherwise dealt with.
  9. I really honestly did not want to address this topic any further because we've already beaten this horse to death, buried, dug it up, stripped it for meat, re-buried the bones, and had a séance. But as my -15 on the recent promotion of @PureSkoomaOD keeps getting mentioned in passing in this posts. I'll go ahead and address this. --- Skooma, your concept you propose here is not exactly new. We've had people propose this idea in concept several times in the past and it always gets shot down. I don't recall the specifics of those posts. But they obviously did not get agreed upon by the majority of the Admin team at the time to pass. --- My issue with putting further burden on members to find 3 reasons vs the valid 1 is that we're not asking the same of people positive voting already with their 3 reasons. I'll explain what I mean. We don't sit here and require members to ONLY provide reasons that are accurate and aligned with the promotes new rank. Nor do we sit here and look to validate and prove that their reasons are valid. No, we allow members who are voting on Officers+ to use things like Active, GM, etc... as long as there's 3 reasons. If we stopped allowing that and had to validate the reasons for EVERY vote both ways. Which it would only be fair to. Not only would that take a LOT of time. But a LOT of extra work from the Admin team. Including yourself as part of the Admin team. There's no way that this burden should just fall on the General/Commanders. So, these people who are proving 1 neg vote reason and are doing so by proving constructive criticism shouldn't be punished when they've already done the work to research before posting said vote. This is at least what should be done. Also, for the record. I never heard a peep from you about you promotion. I only ended up talking to you when I stepped into a channel and found that a discussion was taking place about it. So I decided to talk about it. To quote @Aerineth(OD) Friends of the member need to stop getting so upset and either talk to the people who are neg voting to find WHY they did so instead of and I'm going to be crass. Being children and making snide and passive aggressive remarks. It should be the person up for promotion who's looking to understand why they were neg voted if they don't understand from the reason posted. It should NOT fall on the person neg voting to sit here and justify over and over and over why the neg vote was cast. I'm ALWAYS happy to explain to the person why I'm neg voting and what information I used to back up that neg vote. I'd prefer it's done in private as it's only their business. But if they want it publicly drawn out at their request. I can do that as well as should ANY person who neg votes. But often this is NOT the case. Most people just sit there and wonder why they were neg voted and thus the cycle of cynicism spins. **side note** I really don't want to drag this on any further. If someone wants to discuss this further with me RE: my post here. I'm happy to do so on discord and will put all the time aside needed to have that conversation. ❤️
  10. Right. But skooma is proposing a living document that’s updated as our leadership does. Which that section you posted is not.
  11. Like it. Love it. 10/10. @Blind wish to weigh in on the logistical side of implementing this to give others idea at whether it’s worth the efforts?
  12. Personally I disagree with keeping a "file" on these members. Members who are voting on one another need to do their research and make sure they are voting wisely. Asking the Admin team to maintain a living document that continues to grow for each members is asking way to much in my opinion. All of the information that members vote with is available for people to find if they're looking for it. It's just a matter of Commanders, Generals and all Officers etc... putting in the legwork to gather that information to make sure they're voting with an informed opinion.
  13. I don't really want to beat a horse to death on the topic. I've said my piece and then some on another topic and I'll partially quote/paraphrase myself on my stance for what's relevant here. All negative votes on either of the promotions Skooma/JuJu were crafted and supported with Constructive criticism. But that's also not the point. These opinions are based on careful gathering of information. None of these votes were done to slander either member and to simply keep them from Officer/Sr Officer. We voted they way we did because we thought they were not ready to make the next step based on the information we found and not meeting expectations for the rank they were being promoted to. I don't want anyone to paint a picture here as if anyone is out to get anyone. That's not what Neg voting is and should ever be used for.
  14. If only Tris or Snowwhite were around.
  15. @MelodicRose(OD) and her team is actually working on sorting out inactive channels, squads, etc...
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