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  1. So recently I've been going back through some of the games I used to really be addicted to. Does anyone here play World of Warships?
  2. After seeing the success Dave had doing this. I did it for heroes. People were so happy.
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  8. Can we please change the banner we have up on the forums? like would it be that hard to simply even take it down?
  9. thank you, but can you clarify what you have in mind by feedback on topics?
  10. I'm aware of the topic. If you looked through the posts you'd see me in there. I've since then gotten the login from rag and have started my campaign to get our twitter active again. I started the new topic since like you said. The title of the other one doesn't exactly scream we wanna get our twitter active again.
  11. For the longest time the Clan OD Twitter feed ( https://twitter.com/teamoverdosed ) has been dormant. It's such an easy way to quickly throw out news that most people actually use in the current time we live. But yet we've let it fall by the wayside and ignored it. IN the coming weeks you'll start to see a ramp up of activity in the the twitter feed. I'll personally be posting promotion announcements. Small division updates, etc... What i'm hoping to happen is to get as many of our members who actually use twitter to follow the account and promote it. This way as we grab newer people we can connect with them in ways other than our forum and website. Half the people i recruit have little to no interest in this forum style of communication. But we can drive our forum activity our at least increase the amount an important topic is viewed by utilizing our twitter feed. So please help support the rebirth of our twitter feed so we can help the OD community grow again. Currently we're working on creating new graphics for the avatar and the banner imagine seeing as the graphics are outdated/pixelated as all hell. Cardiackid is doing his best to get some new graphics up. But if anyone at all wants to help and throw some ideas together for some new graphics branding for twitter. Please feel free to hit me up and we can see how it works.
  12. so you're saying that the stealthbots flag system would not override it's clientban priorities? In theory the S flag should override any and all preset bans indicated by the bots scripts.
  13. i already messaged windstorm saying i found a fix. it's just on them to reach out now
  14. Decided to take a look at the problem since i had nothing better to do. I found a easy but semi time consuming issue to the problem. Let me know if you want my help. both had their merits. I used a combo of stealth,ruthless and mirage bot. they all had their pros and cons. Mirage bot could literally send a ghost user into another channel with a little tweaking, was super useful for "spying" back in the day.
  15. I'm still very familiar with stealthbot and have the keys needed to test the problem. if no one can/wants to do it. Poke me about it and i'll get it done.
  16. >not porn >.7 TB of not porn >hopes that it isn't lying* I'll post my desktop when I get home. I now also have a drive called "totally not porn" lol
  17. jesus, i forgot that you're the only person that could ever easily rival terra's wall of text. When my wrist gets better and i have the time i'd like to get this a try.
  18. JD_FKA_Xayj(OD)


    lol, don't worry. OD is good about letting you earn your rank. sure you may rank up faster if you do awesome stuff and grab the attention of the higher ranks. but, you'll never be promoted unless it's earned.
  19. JD_FKA_Xayj(OD)


    Sent you a message/pm. didn't even have his trial membership approved and is already looking to help get a squad up and running. DH for general 2017
  20. that was for the dark side you nerd! lol...i think.
  21. bwa ha ha ha ha! After months I've finally gotten you to at least appear of the forums. Nice to see you around here. Hopefully in the coming weeks we can get you to slap a (OD) tag after Darkhelmet.
  22. Hey, so we used to chat a bit. But I've recently gotten really busy with Heroes so I don't have a lot of time to play many other games most days. You can always feel free to stop by heroes. If i have the time i can play a few matches of rocket league.
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