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  1. Welcome back Lightning. It's nice to see you rejoining the community. 🙂
  2. Rendition, welcome to the community. It’s nice to have you here. I’m JD, I currently do a lot of backend work for the community ranging from discord to social media co-lead. I’m currently a leader in the FFXIV squad and I help out with Halo still as it’s my former division. I love forward to seeing you around the community. If you’re maybe interested in taking part in the Social Media team. Please feel free to poke me or the leader @MelodicRose(OD). We’d be happy to have ya.
  3. Aerineth. It’s at times like this that I remember why you’re a leader I strive to be like. I can’t agree with what Aerineth says here more. If you feel uncomfortable in our community. If someone says/does something wrong. We ARE here for you. We will make sure that you get to experience the community how it should be and assure everyone gets to enjoy.
  4. Yeah, I was kinda annoyed they forced their app. I much prefer Authy when available.
  5. The Smartphone option is 100% free. Both myself and Aerineth have activated this on our accounts.
  6. Amazing work on putting this together @Zachery(OD)!
  7. I'm really happy to hear the take over and push to activity for the LoL squad is going so well for you @redops(OD)! As Aerineth said, don't hesitate to reach out to us if you need assistance with anything.
  8. Well, now you can play for free much farther and Baha will be happy to help with all of your Glamor needs.... lol
  9. An Officer would indeed be great. Having a Jr./Sr. Officer and take this over and gather the concerns of our members would be awesome. All though I would be happy if anyone from the community Enlisted-Commander wanted to run the meetings.
  10. Hello Everyone! I apologize for my lack of communication on this topic. I will not in fact be taking over the hosting responsibilities for the Community Meetings. If anyone wants to take over the hosting responsibilities please let the senior administration know.
  11. You're right, you didn't have to publicly share why you were away. It take bravery to open up to those around you about what has hurt you. But non the less we appreciate you taking the time to open up to us. As always you know we're here for you in the highs and the lows. I'm glad to have you back around. I look forward to getting chat and game with you again.
  12. Dropping the Ball on Community Meetings This is something I 100% dropped the ball on Back when Saline joined the community he was interested in the community and wanted to dive in as hard as he could I explained as much as I could to him including all the meetings and their purposes to him The community meeting was covered here At the time he asked if we could take over the community meeting hosting responsibilities How I dropped the ball This was prior to my assistance with the Minecraft division,becoming a General and my many other projects I took on Once everything else fell into place the project to revive our community meetings fell by the wayside What I should have done Knowing I had less and less time with Halo, Minecraft, my new General responsibilities and my tasks for overlooking our discord, I should have informed our community that I nor Saline was going to be able to host the community meetings By not doing so I deprived a possible member who might have wanted to take on the project themselves and thus give our non administrative members a forum to voice their thoughts with us Since becoming a General I have in fact turned down at least 1 project offered to me by another member due to the fact that I know I have so much on my plate already Taking responsibility I take full responsibility for not updating the community on my inability to oversee and share the hosting responsibilities for the community meeting This is something I'm working on to make sure does not happen again going forward by taking stock in what I actually have time for when a project and/or opportunity is offered to me within the community. If I did not make it clear. I will not be hosting community meetings going forward. I open the floor on that position back up to the community. Thank you for taking the time to post on my eval Aerineth.
  13. Not being Level Headed This is something that I've been working on and talked about more in detail in my response to Aerineth and his questions I understand the importance of approaching situations within the community and generally in life with a level head so I can make the best and sometimes when needed quickest decision to solve the issue at hand This is something that I won't improve on over night, but I'm working on to make sure I improve on over time. This will not just help me in my ability to be a better leader in the community but in my life outside OD as well Not dropping the hammer This is something that I'm slightly confused on If you could elaborate on situations/times since my last eval where these situations have occurred please I can remember only one time in my current tenure as a general where I've had to swing the hammer to ban someone and I thought I was mostly swift and just about it within my rights as a General and the current Halo Division Leader Tension Between us I would love to confront whatever issue we may have(if any) I know we can butt our heads on topics and leadership styles, but If there truly if something between us I would happily talk it over with you and put it behind us Finally, If you'd like, you can feel free to PM/DM me regarding any of these topics if you'd prefer over writing a response here. I don't know what the replies to all your topics will be. Thanks for taking the time to post. I appreciate it as always.
  14. Welcome to the community! As compfreak said. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I’m also playing FF14 but you might see me all around. Good to have ya!
  15. First Question: Issue with Presenting Ideas: I have discussed this with both Terra in long form over the last several months as things I need improvement on as well as Compfreak After taking feedback I have come to the conclusion that due to several issues I face with losing my focus when discussing topics on the forum, my posts wander and my point gets lost During my discussion about this with Compfreak I decided to start using the method I'm using here to break up my thoughts in bullets to try and help cope with my several neurological issues that cause my focus to wander at times It's going to be a work in progress, but I'm determined to try methods that work for me 2nd Question(Multiple Parts/Answers) Hyper Critical Reactions taken by other members I understand at times that I can have incredibly high standards for our community and the administrative members This is something I've been trying to learn to temper and lessen my expectations as not everyone is looking to take on the amount of work I may be looking to Going forward and something I've been doing lately when I have these "Hyper Critical Reactions" is to engage with the member over the issue at hand to try and make sure the issue doesn't occur again/try be the best leader I can be. Part of the reason these reactions occur is because of poor communication and It's something that I think everyone including myself can work to better Talking about taking "Hostile Paths" When ranting about a member or an issue that has upset me, It's not uncommon for me to go full "drama queen" and go aggro in a private setting This is something I've been working on IRL and I'm doing my best to pull back everywhere else as well My default reaction to stressful situations/environments should not be to go full drama queen The move and the stress with almost losing my job for sure didn't help either What I would like to do to better this situation going forward realistically if the situation needed to be discussed further/involved another member, I want to start building bridges with those members Even if that means using other Generals/Commanders as mediation I don't ever want to be in a situation where I can't work with a member or even a General/Commander because of my behavior that was unbecoming of a member of our community Possible delays to my actions due to "Fixating on the negating" My tendency to fixate on the negatives is something I've dealt with for really as long as I can remember I honestly wish I had an answer to your problem other than "this is a work in progress for the betterment of my life", but I don't. I've gone to therapy, Shannon does her best to help me try not to focus on the negatives. But I somehow always seem to focus on the little "brown linings" when looking up at the clouds How do I feel about how I've approached situations(end result be damned) In the grand scheme of things I would like to say that I'm a person that likes to move our community forward no matter the cost But that's not who I am I want our community to be a place that welcomes people of all creeds,colors, etc.... We're a gaming community that should be one at peace and I shouldn't be someone who is at war with our members I want to strive to be someone that our members feel that they can come to regardless of division/squad/game/interest So at the end of the day, I don't want to want to be able to say that I accomplished something at the cost of someone else Going forward I want to make sure that this is something that not just I can say but hopefully all of our Sr.Administration Thank you for posting on my Eval Aerineth. I hope I was able to answer your questions to your satisfaction. 🙂
  16. And this is how @Aerineth(OD) eval evolved into being about Hippos....lmao. Good job @TypeReaL(OD). You're the real one.
  17. @JuJu(OD) As one of the members/generals that may have angered you and the D2 division with the comments I posted on @PoPs(OD) Eval. I want you to let you know that. 1. I did not do so blindly. When I posted the things I did. I did so from a place where I understand the incredible amount of hard work and dedication not just pops but the leadership of D2 puts into running the division. My words were not intended to wound but hopefully inspire. As someone who failed an eval before and had to take my lumps more times than I can think and has worked with PoPs in D2 on Bot stuff. I know PoPs would understand where I was coming from. 2. As the General so heavily focused on the discord project and in charge of improving the members experience here within discord. I want to deeply apologize not just to you but to the entire D2 division. Yes, I have gone to the leaders of the division and asked if there was anything they thought the division needed. But maybe I could have polled the division itself. As a General and as the keeper of our discord. I should of kept my ear to the ground a little lower and maybe I could of made the D2 section a nice place for the members or something. But hindsight is 20/20 and going forward I want to be better about not putting the improvement requests on our leaders. But to our community as a whole. All opinions are valid and during that process I might have been able to assist with something that could have alleviated what was going on in D2. 3. As part of the Senior Administration I don't think I can do anymore for you than what our commanders have already done by reaching out to you and helping bring you back into our community. But please know that even as a non D2 member I'm around almost 24/7 to assist. @Sassy can attest to that. There's been many a weird hour where sassy will message me on facebook and need something obscure and I'll make sure that it's done. D2 may not be my home but we're all one big family. Finally, I know you may take these as platitudes. If so that's fine. But please know there's more of us that care even if we're not always aware of what's happening.
  18. 7/8/20 Added Bot: Fredboat Roles Given: Music Bot Reason Performed: Member kicked bot from channel/server. @CompFreak(OD) requested the bot be added back to the server for member use.
  19. Pops, I was on the fence on how I felt about your eval based on your current answers, activity etc... As I've personally look into at the time of posting on your eval and as of you answering my questions. After taking further time to further ruminate on your evaluation and your current level of participation in our community. I can't say I'm impressed with your level of activity on the administrative level. I'm not going to beat the horse to death. I feel like both Terra and Comp hit the nail on the head pretty accurately and I can't see myself contributing anything much more of value. Currently based on everything I would have to agree with Comp in stating that you've "hit a plateau". I think that if you truly work on the things that have been pointed out by our clan mates here than at another time you would have a better chance at taking a stab at a 4* evaluation. Right now it's going to a no for me sir. Good luck!
  20. The very honest answer to this question is that a 2nd star wouldn't do much of anything in my current/continuous/future goals at this moment. Ultimately, getting my second star would only push me further to the "administrative" 3*-4* ranks where someone like me would/could shine if I can maintain the level of activity and life balance I've been doing thus far. Right now my 1* is honestly sufficient enough to simply give me access to help be on/build teams together with people like @Aerineth(OD) and yourself @CompFreak(OD). But as some of my peers feel it's worth at least discussing my promotion. I'm happy to take on the chance to move to the next star. ---- "Typically"...This is the word I'm going to tackle here. If there's anything about me. I'd like to say I'm not your typical member. Rather than nailing myself down to one division/game. I look to help build multiple games up and mentor the leaders there. Ultimately it's up to the leaders if the game is going to be successful. But I do what I can to support them with ideas and give advice on ideas of their own and provide them with anything they can within reason to help. When the opportunity of FFXIV came up. I decided that it was time for me to move from an Official division leader of Halo and move to an advisor role. I still actively chat with @Zakspeeed(OD) and attempt to recruit and perform administrative tasks such as promote members. I'm still currently hosting a recruitment event within the Division. My support within the division hasn't ended because I've moved to another game. Within FF I've already begun recruiting members within our in game guild(or free company). The role I've been tasked as a leader in the squad by @Aerineth(OD) was an R&R and Administrative one. As these are the areas I do well in. ---- FFXIV will be my home for as long as the game has interest. I'll do my best to make myself a pillar of this squad and eventual division. While continuing my task at mentoring the leaders in the squads/divisions I've helped put together. ----- Edit.... But, to really tackle your answer. Since I suppose I never really fully answered it. I've tackled recruitment issues in previous responses in my eval. But I'll go into this again here for you and I'll try to be as in-depth as I can. Halo Recruitment: With Halo recruitment has slowed down dramatically. This was both on purpose at first and then something that was our of our control. When we hit the mass amount of members we did and Raged took a step back the plan I wanted to put in place was to focus on trying to retain the member who wanted to stick around. At first our retention rate was close to something around 50% of our largest member count. Now we're sitting much lower than that. This is due to the fact that recruitment has gotten much harder and much slower. Halo PC as a community is not just a newer community and one flooded with competition. But it's one that's constantly on the down turn with how many players are available to pull from. https://steamcharts.com/app/976730#6m As you can see from just the steam charts. The player count has fluctuated heavily and not in our favor. Recruitment does go up slightly in those spikes as does retention because player base is up and games are up etc... But over all the MCC community is going through a bit of a rough time. I've continued to try and slowly pull member and encourage recruiting in the division with recruitment events with semi-large gift card pools. So far we've had Sprucepumpkin01(OD) start recruiting and has pulled in a few recruits. So Halo does have more than myself and Zak recruiting atm. I can't say I have any drastic plans to try and fix what's going on. We're doing our best to support the members we have and give them reason to want to stick around. ---- Minecraft Recruitment: Minecraft recruitment was not something that went very well. Nor was it something that I could figure out why we couldn't find anyone at all on outside out servers. My plan of attack for recruitment was to spread the glory of our community on the MC message boards on several sites/reddit etc.. Which is stuff that had worked for Halo recruitment. But I didn't get a single bite. I can't say that I understand what went wrong with recruitment there and if anyone has any MC recruitment experience I would love to hear their thoughts. ---- FFXIV Recruitment FF recruitment so far for me has not extended past getting in game players into our in-game guild(free company). I've managed to get several members to join our free company over the last week or so. With the collaboration of the rest of the squad we've managed to retain some of these members and even get people interested in our discord. I'll be going over my recruitment strategy and how I work through finding these members with the Squad Leader @Aerineth(OD) tonight as he requested I do last night. I'd be happy to go over this process with anyone in voice. But it's a process that's long and boring and I already just wrote a book. Nor do I think the actual process would be helpful for anyone here... lol BUT find me in voice coms if you want to learn.
  21. Terra, I appreciate you taking the time to post on my eval. When it comes to my debating skills. Or my skills for simply forming a cohesive thought. I know sometimes...well. Oftentimes, my thoughts often trail of into some madness. It's something that I've started to become hyper aware of and I'm doing my best to better. But It's hard to break such deeply rooted things over night. I'd like to say that I'm getting better at presenting things with less emotion and more tact. But I know that's not always true as I wear my heart on my sleeve. But I do my very best to always stay objective when dealing with anything. As always I shall take your advice to heart and try to use it to better myself going forward. I truly do love our community as I would my family. Thanks you for your support!
  22. Update: Created a Discord Changelog to track any "Major" Updates performed by myself going forward for viability and accountability on discord. @MooMoo(OD)I hope this is something along the lines of what you were looking for in regards to "tracking" what I was doing. 🙂
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