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  1. Glad to have you apart of the community. Welcome to OD.
  2. Sunset. our past is for sure littered with little scuffles. But going forward I'm hoping that we can work together in what ever capacity to better OD. I think that the changes I've made in my personal life have made my time here in OD more impact and easier to manage even though I'm doing just as much if not more than my previous active periods. Thank you for kind words and taking the time to post.
  3. Currently we're a brand new division that's exploded with activity thanks heavily to Raged and his more than impressive recruiting skills. As of recently I've thrown my hat back in the recruitment ring and have picked up 2 more recruits of my own to add to his massive pile. Together I think we've done a great job with recognizing the new members and their hard work. We've created an events team of members that have stepped up to the plate to help. One of those being @Zakspeeed(OD) who has done such a good job that we offered him a Co-Lead spot. We make sure we're applying medals to our members and regularly promoting/voting on them. You may wonder why I keep saying WE when this is MY eval. Well, in the past I've had issues with being a one man band so to speak. Handling almost all jobs myself. This time around I've gotten much better at distrubuting tasks to make sure I'm 1. not overworking myself and 2. giving these members and up and coming leaders a chance to show their efforts and leadership skills. I've stated that a big goal of mine is growing the leadership skills of new leader to benefit the future of OD. --- As far as the DSL goes. As of today I've launched the "Cortana" MEE6 Bot that will be sending out automated messaged like this below. This is akin to what our D2 division does with their channel bots. It will also be reminding them about the promotion list and where they can find the list and will link them to my promotion guide in the academy. I hope I was able to answer your questions and thank you so much for your support!
  4. Welcome to OD man. We're happy to have ya. I know I'm personally sick of being stuck indoors for as long as we are. I'm happy I can still go for walks when I need to and take needed trips in my car to places. But actually not being able to socialize outside of my house for sure has been a pain. But that's where our wonderful community here keeps my sane and I'm grateful for having it. πŸ™‚
  5. Our community has done some amazing things in the last several months since our initiative to modernize OD had begun. We've pitched in to make the move to discord a reality. We banded together to create a place of knowledge that future members will forever be able to go back to and learn the ways of our community and what it means to be a member. We've supported the growth of current and newly founded divisions and squads bringing new life into our community and reviving some old interest of members as well. I want to take the time to recognize several members of note that I've worked with closely during my return and with projects in the community recently. @Triny(OD) - You have been a pillar when it came to supporting my efforts in what ever I was choosing to do in the community. Especially and most importantly the discord transition work I've done and continue to do. Without you and the work you do and continue to do. I don't know if I the original transition would have drove me insane or not. @Raged(OD) - Raged, you were someone I carefully picked and asked to join the leadership for passion to move forward with the Halo Squad and now Division. You jumped in on your role and have been crushing it ever since. Thanks to your tireless efforts, I'm able to focus on keeping the balance of my life and get all the administrative work done for Halo and the Community as a whole. You're an invaluable member and friend to have. Thank you sir. @Zakspeeed(OD) - Zak, you are a member I did NOT expect to find in my time in. As a newer member of the division/community. You dove head first into the Events team and doubled down when we offered you the Co-Lead for the division. We can see the passion in your work and we hope you feel rewarded and recognized accordingly. You've done such an amazing job with helping our members feel at home and having something to look forward to at the end of the week. With how the world is right now. I think that's really important. @SalinePandora(OD) - Saline, my friend. While your activity since your return to the United states from Ireland has gone a bit down. You've done such an amazing job with diving right into the community and wanting to learn everything. I know you hit some speed bumps along with the way with the minecraft squad. But you always are looking for ways around them and to make sure people are having a good time. I'm hoping to see your full activity return soon when the world becomes a little less chaotic. @MelodicRose(OD) - Rose, you have always been someone I can typically count on for support as someone who rose through the ranks here with me. I'm glad that Saline has your tenured hand to help guide him with the squad. He will benefit from your experiences. I look forward to continue working with you on the social media team and to continue moving OD into the future. @Generals 1* - 3* @General @Commanders - Everyone, you all have been amazing mentors and guiding forces for not just myself but for so many of us who look to do better for the community. Thank you for breaking your backs with the activity you put in. Especially with everything going on in the world right now. Y'all deserve a pat on the back and a long earned nap.
  6. Update As I stated in my eval I was working on guides. Since posting my eval I have submitted 3 to the academy and 2 of which have been reviewed and accepted. You can find these at the links below. ----- Update 2 Posted for review as of 4/3/2020
  7. W.O.Discord Powers The W.O. discord rank powers are as shown below. Warrant Officer General Permissions Change Nickname Create instant invite Kick members Manage Channels *Only for Division Leaders* (Power Granted with additional role of Division Leader with Channel Administration ) Manage Roles *Given to trusted Members* (Power Granted with additional role of Warrant Officer W/ Role Mgmt.) Text Permissions Read Messages Send Messages Embed Links Attach Files Read Message History Mention Everyone Use external Emojis Add Reactions Voice Permissions Connect Speak Use Voice Activity Move Members ---- Power Usage I will be going over the the 3 major permissions have access to. These permissions being Kick Members, Move Members, Manage Channels. Kick Members Kick Members is fairly self explanatory. You have the option to select a member/user of our discord and kick them from the server. Unlike Teamspeak, that does not mean that person can just rejoin. With discord when you kick/ban someone from the server. The invite link they used to join becomes invalid. Assuming you or the person who invited them originally followed the instructions you should have learned about your "Create instant invite" power(if you need a refresher on that. Click Here) than they will need a new invite and the invites of "https://discord.gg/QP57wVh and discord.overdosed.net" will no longer work for them. Move Members The action of moving members is fairly simple as shown in the video below. But, This is one of the handful of permissions given that is not constricted by the role/rank tree in our server. So yes a W.O. can technically move someone higher in rank than them. But this is not at all advised as that member will be abusing their power. The only time a member of lower rank should/can move someone above them in rank out of a channel is if it's their personal VIP channel. This is the only time this is acceptable. W.O. Powers3 Move.mp4 Manage Channels The ability to manage channels is as follows. You can click a click and click "Edit Channel" This will bring up the menus shown below. You have the ability to change the Channel Name/Topic Change the Permissions of users/ranks for that channel as long as they do not exceed your rank View/Delete/Create current/new invites for this channel
  8. Let us use this post to keep track of our Switch friend codes so we can add people for ACNH. JD: SW-3654-6646-1209 I currently have all the fruit on my island and Bamboo growing. Northern Island
  9. We’re glad to have ya as part of the community @Reapchee(OD). I look forward to hanging out with y’all going forward. If you ever need anything feel free to hit me up on discord.
  10. I'll offer to do this guide as well since I've finished my work on the last guide that I have submitted.
  11. Oh, gosh.... I hope she feels better as soon as possible! Our poor friends. 😞 Please pass on our love and care to her. @PoPs(OD)
  12. FIRST!!!!...LOL Sorry @Rich(OD) Cindy, as someone who spent their early years in OD pouring countless hours into our community to not just better themselves and the community. I can't find any major fault in your efforts. You find joy in everything I see you take part in here. You put our very specific Purple spin on it and take it to the moon and back if you can. From all I've observed, you've been an outstanding addition to the General ranks in D2 which would attribute to your new seat on the Division Leadership team. I haven't been a part of the D2 scene in a few years since my earlier time when I still helped sassy Host bots in channel. But I still try and keep my ear to the ground and help where/when I can. As the Co-Lead for the Social Media Team I can say you take your role very seriously and I can't say I have every had any direction to give you when it comes to improving your work ethic there. I'm looking forward to seeing the work you do in the future as you continue to grow in your roles in OD. I'm happy to give you my support in this evaluation period. ❀️
  13. Cindy, first and foremost I'd like to say as mutual lovers of the color purple. I'm not surprised you enjoy how I create my posts. πŸ™‚ It's my favorite color too. I use it here and there. But I try and not over use it πŸ˜› lol. Either way I really appreciate that you enjoy the time and effort I put into stylizing my posts. In regards to how I would react/handle the time in which a proposal of mine gets implemented. Or the chance it doesn't ever at all. As the person who helped found the concept of our current committee system with the assistance of @Badboi(OD), that took months. Several of the committee proposals never made it past the concept stage. I've proposed many things big and small in my time here in OD. Some have been accepted, while some bounced off the admin team to never been seen again. My reactions to these things have been varied in the past. Sometimes I didn't care at all as they were just ideas. Sometimes I was annoyed. But as I stated in my eval, I've learned to temper how I deal with things and take control of myself and my reactions at this point in my life. I don't foresee a failure to launch of a proposed idea to slow me down or cause me to go nuclear as it might have in the past. Something like that might have happened in the past when I was burning the candle on both ends and dedicating 10-15ish hours a day to OD. But I've learned to balance my life much better now. Thanks for taking the time to post on my eval Cindy! ❀️
  14. Ohhh... Sounds like you were really good. We'll be happy to have you drop by and play some. πŸ™‚
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