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  1. Welcome back Lightning. It's nice to see you rejoining the community. 🙂
  2. Rendition, welcome to the community. It’s nice to have you here. I’m JD, I currently do a lot of backend work for the community ranging from discord to social media co-lead. I’m currently a leader in the FFXIV squad and I help out with Halo still as it’s my former division. I love forward to seeing you around the community. If you’re maybe interested in taking part in the Social Media team. Please feel free to poke me or the leader @MelodicRose(OD). We’d be happy to have ya.
  3. Aerineth. It’s at times like this that I remember why you’re a leader I strive to be like. I can’t agree with what Aerineth says here more. If you feel uncomfortable in our community. If someone says/does something wrong. We ARE here for you. We will make sure that you get to experience the community how it should be and assure everyone gets to enjoy.
  4. Happy birthday JD 💙

  5. Yeah, I was kinda annoyed they forced their app. I much prefer Authy when available.
  6. The Smartphone option is 100% free. Both myself and Aerineth have activated this on our accounts.
  7. Amazing work on putting this together @Zachery(OD)!
  8. I'm really happy to hear the take over and push to activity for the LoL squad is going so well for you @redops(OD)! As Aerineth said, don't hesitate to reach out to us if you need assistance with anything.
  9. Well, now you can play for free much farther and Baha will be happy to help with all of your Glamor needs.... lol
  10. An Officer would indeed be great. Having a Jr./Sr. Officer and take this over and gather the concerns of our members would be awesome. All though I would be happy if anyone from the community Enlisted-Commander wanted to run the meetings.
  11. Hello Everyone! I apologize for my lack of communication on this topic. I will not in fact be taking over the hosting responsibilities for the Community Meetings. If anyone wants to take over the hosting responsibilities please let the senior administration know.
  12. You're right, you didn't have to publicly share why you were away. It take bravery to open up to those around you about what has hurt you. But non the less we appreciate you taking the time to open up to us. As always you know we're here for you in the highs and the lows. I'm glad to have you back around. I look forward to getting chat and game with you again.
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