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  1. Welcome back Type. It was my pleasure and honor to have been the one to have re-enabled you.
  2. Once we get a group interested. I'll ask for movies that people are interested in. I'll then randomly select the movie for an upcoming movie night and then poll for the best date. For now lets keep seeing who might be interested. @Enlisted, @Warrant Officers Y'all like movies don't ya? πŸ™‚
  3. The when right now is not really a factor. I'm more in the phase of "Please raise you're hand if you're interested" I don't wanna start putting dates out there until I get the understanding that people are actually interested in the idea. Once there's a defined interest in the idea. I will dedicate more time and resources to planning it. πŸ™‚
  4. Hello Everyone! I was wondering if there would be any interest for a casual community movie night?
  5. The highest I've finished is Diamond 3 in 3s when I was playing with my friends who were actually GCs. But that was many moons again. I haven't really felt compelled to play the game competitively in a long while.
  6. Just gonna pop in here and poke @SalinePandora(OD). He's been playing a lot of it.
  7. I actually used to run a mobile division in the old clan IA in a game that's no longer around. I wouldn't mind picking up a mobile game to play with some OD friends. I'll grab it on my iPad @Sil3NtKilL(OD).
  8. Greetings Everyone! I will be hosting a Recruit-A-Thon starting on June 1st that will continue till the end of August 31st. This event will be open to everyone including Division Co-Leader Zakspeeed(OD). *I am not making this a Halo Specific event. If anyone in the community wants to participate they can. The recruit must obviously be recruited for Halo and stay within Halo though. They can't be recruited within another main game and not play Halo* If you do not currently have the ability to recruit. There are 2 options for you to participate in this event. You can speak to me or another General/Commander to learn how to recruit and how to become a recruiter. Or you can bring your guests in and you can contact myself or another General/Commander to assist you with the recruitment process. --- Points The basic point system for the event. If your recruit passes the trial membership and becomes a full member. You get 1 point added to your list for the event. *If you are having someone else recruit the member for you. Please Message me that you brought this member in. I will notate that you helped recruit this member* --- Prizes There will be Multiple prizes for this event. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the event. 1st place: $50 Gift Card to Amazon or Steam, Set rank to the next rank in your tier(if next rank in tier is tier changing you will be put up for promotion instead) 2nd Place: $25 Gift Card to Amazon or Steam, Set rank to the next rank in your tier(if next rank in tier is tier changing you will be put up for promotion instead) 3rd:$10 Gift Card to Amazon or Steam, Set rank to the next rank in your tier(if next rank in tier is tier changing you will be put up for promotion instead)
  9. I'm sure you'll do an amazing job @v3n0m(OD)
  10. That's hilarious. Honestly I think Dual Wielding was my favorite part of that game. Also, That movie is amazing. So all in all, Spicy Meme. A++
  11. You think you're bad... My K/D has gone from a 2.54 average to somewhere around a .54 average if that...and I'm basing this off of getting nuked by just NPC still....lmao I have a long way to go before I can even call myself bad... lol
  12. As I already run the Halo division. I can’t official be apart of another division. But I’ve been considering thinking about diving back into CoD in general for a bit in between Halo. Which of the Games were you thinking?
  13. Welcome back to the community. It's been a wonderful year for returning members of the olden days as of late. I hope you enjoy what the community has evolved into during your time away. πŸ™‚ If you ever find yourself playing Halo feel free to poke me. Halo 2 is dropping on the MCC for PC and the Halo division is pumped!
  14. I can't believe I'm saying this....This actually looks playable... lol
  15. @General @Purplez(OD) @Commanders
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