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  1. Just letting you know your DSL is getting high.

    1. Aerineth(OD)


      Ghost has been placed on IA due to exceeding 10 DSL. When you return, you'll need to remove your IA status.

  2. Ghost(OD)

    Cya guys

    later brother call me if u need me
  3. this is essentially the gamers lounge channel i would direct them there to hang out. Great way to start people interacting
  4. feel free to post this song everywhere http://theodreview.overdosed.net/2016/08/15/troll-of-the-year/
  5. The difference between this and your work is that we are volunteers who does this AFTER managing at work while it would be fantastic to meet every member ( ive met most on ts ) its not practical to expect us with the average of a few hours a day to spend hours talking to strangers who wont approach us to begin with. This is a gaming clan we game admin duties are something we diced to do to improve the clan. You named a few higher ranks and while you may not remember me ive played a few hours with you myself. In fact i see commanders and generals playing with new people on a daily basis maybe your time online conflicts or you just arnt paying attention but there's time even i get put on the back burner when one of our higher ranks is playing with someone new. Award wise yes they are a popularity contest its for fun if you would like to win hop on Ts and socialize more often and you will have a bigger chance to win most of the people who vote are on ts as well. We dont push people to be in community unfortunately community is a grey area and yes they may be overlooked from time to time but anyone can nominate people for these award and as for ranks no one is bound by division from putting someone up they just need to show that they meet the requirements or be active once again on TS or DISCORD or ingame with people and they generally will be promoted as well For me and some you ruined 7 days with the use of the Admin controls and extra mods. We played vanilla mostly with minimal mods thats what we liked its never been a game with division potential its basically minecraft. We played it to dodge bordom its a fun game for most until they complete a base. 7 days isnt exactly the greatest game to begin with the bugs alone make it infuriating which is why again majority of us in divisions would never commit to it. I think its shallow thinking to say people are stuck on those games. I play many games with people from d2 and they willingly try new games so.... Overall if you want to game i would suggest being on Ts and find people that want to play a game with you. No one regardless of rank is going to just decide "i want to play with that attrayas guy" Effort is required thats how friendships are made and thats how you create a group of people to play with no one is obligated to play with someone but putting effort in and finding the right people will provide a good experience.
  6. This thread is childish at this point and has regressed from a resignation to a thread of disgust. If anyone wants to see changes make the effort to change them and present them in the appropriate forum. If you have unresolved issues message these people or open up a group PM.
  7. getting meat punched across the screen made me laugh
  8. This topic is now marked as resolved. If you feel your problem/situation was not fixed please get in contact with Administration.
  9. While i almost never post on these this is childish and definitely not a good way to leave and lets people judge you in a bad light man up dont be an eval statistic
  10. you mean one that is definitely insured as well 🙄
  11. I suppose i can play for a bit add Tachikoma00
  12. 2 much money into my personal guild to ever leave it so goodluck to all that enter
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