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  1. Just letting you know your DSL is getting high.

    1. Aerineth(OD)


      Ghost has been placed on IA due to exceeding 10 DSL. When you return, you'll need to remove your IA status.

  2. later brother call me if u need me
  3. Considering this is both our busy seasons its hard to find time to do as much as either of us would like. However you still manage to spare time for OD right now and that combined with the input of course makes me decide to vote on you staying at commander
  4. Quintin im stuck in 2 spots here. 1 youve been pretty inactive and as the one who suggested you as a general once again its not reflecting well on me. However i do understand your situation as im pretty in the loop as to whats going on with you. I will vote to remain for one final eval if you can try and participate like you promised us however if you remain and nothing changes all i can do is vote for a demotion. So for now +1 stay
  5. My vote will be to stay at rank. My only real issues with you comp is you are very long winded and i absolutely cannot stand when you try to play "devils advocate" it drives me up a wall as you lose much of your debating skills when trying it and just frustrates me. Work on this and the things badboi mentioned and ill support a promo
  6. i dotn have any questions for you aer. you are pretty straightforward my only quip would be that when your emotions are involved you tend to get to invested into subjects. my vote is to stay
  7. this is essentially the gamers lounge channel i would direct them there to hang out. Great way to start people interacting
  8. feel free to post this song everywhere http://theodreview.overdosed.net/2016/08/15/troll-of-the-year/
  9. The difference between this and your work is that we are volunteers who does this AFTER managing at work while it would be fantastic to meet every member ( ive met most on ts ) its not practical to expect us with the average of a few hours a day to spend hours talking to strangers who wont approach us to begin with. This is a gaming clan we game admin duties are something we diced to do to improve the clan. You named a few higher ranks and while you may not remember me ive played a few hours with you myself. In fact i see commanders and generals playing with new people on a daily
  10. This thread is childish at this point and has regressed from a resignation to a thread of disgust. If anyone wants to see changes make the effort to change them and present them in the appropriate forum. If you have unresolved issues message these people or open up a group PM.
  11. getting meat punched across the screen made me laugh
  12. This topic is now marked as resolved. If you feel your problem/situation was not fixed please get in contact with Administration.
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