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  1. Interesting, never heard of it before. Might check it out
  2. Summer soon is coming :D It's already hot weather outside

    1. Terra


      Yeah. Had some crazy temperature fluctuations here on the West Coast. Hasn't prevented half the provinces of BC and Alberta from going up in flames though.

  3. So much to do, so not much free time... I can't wait for summer, when I will be more free ;-;

  4. And yet, at the end of the day, we are just like tree leaves dancing in a whirlpool. No matter how we dance, we are only swallowed by the whirlpool and disappear...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Asuna


      I will try not to :)

    3. HybridLeviathan(OD)


      Well if you ever find yourself dancing in the darkness I'll be more the happy to be your dancing leaf buddy :3

    4. Asuna


      <3 okaaiii

  5. Accept me for what I am today, don't reject me because of what I was yesterday.

  6. At times, I feel as though the whole world is gray, as though time is standing still. But time never stops. It moves forward endlessly, as surely as bodies buried in the ground will one day become white bones. Listen, it's always you who stops time. If you stop in fear of the future - you gain nothing, and nothing begins. You spend your life as though already dead. Whether you wish it to or not - time never stops. That's why there is nothing more interesting than this world. Don't be too negative. You haven't become ashes just yet. You have your flesh and blood, and your bones are supporting you. By Asuna Hawk 03.03.2016
  7. My thanks to you, LightningWolves Well, SAO is my life, and I am truly Asuna. I will soon add officially on my documents my second name: ''Asuna'' That will cost some cash, but will be alright. Worth it I am most amazed by your comment most biggest thanks to you my dear Terra. Yes, yes, my all life is one giant art that I live in. Without it, I think I wouldn't even existed. It would be my most biggest honor to help on such events, however I am not perfect but my skills are decent in editing imagery and so on. I will try my best to help. *Cuddles Tight* Thankies
  8. Hello and howdy everyone!!! Today is a very special day for me, that I have realized of reaching something amazing that goes beyond my imagination. Yes and another yes, I'm talking about our lovely OD Forum I am a member of this wonderful family Since 2and of January 2016. I have gained so much experience about this fantastic family and i truly want to say thanks Now moving on to my main idea about this topic: I actually reached 1,000 Profile views!!! Wooooah, I am so happy. I thought I will make like 20 max, but seeing that actually people have clicked on me for 1,000 times Makes me most happy, I know some of you may think:''Oh such a silly Asuna'' Well I'm not silly, I'm just very happy about such nice score, that I never imagined to get. So yes, what I wanted to say Thank you all Never thought I can be so interesting to some of you And I'm not even long in OD But I believe my path will always stay on OverDosed Because I LOVE YOU ALL
  9. Haha that will be funny, if all of a sudden Warlock kills you XD We're getting Warlock post-balancing. NA/EU BnS will never know the god tier warlock. Yes yes, sadly the Warlock will be balanced... If it wouldn't be balanced, that it could easy K.O Summoner, and be another problem to all of us. As OP Class. Think of it as another class to destroy :3 Blade Master for life and I shall destroy all P-P!!! BLADE MASTER FOREVER Yes, it would be awesome to destroy Warlock, and people will be like: Huh how is that possible, i thought Warlock is OP XD I totally agree with you Terra As of right now there's been no announcement of 50. Very odd and based on some responses I've seen by the NA/EU team it sounds like they might drop that announcement next week when they reveal more details about the upcoming content. Level 50, i'm still level 36... Yo-Ho-Yo-Ho That's an pirates life, with a bottle of RUM Make one than, it will come out soon. As of right now, we aren't getting 50 with warlock. We would be the first version to be getting warlock while still at the level cap of 45. I feel like next week they're going to announce 50. If they don't, more time to work on true pirate so I don't mind. Captain Jack Sparrow Agrees
  10. Very beautiful guide there Lena I am truly amazed even makes me wanna switch to Summoner hehe
  11. If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it would certainly be... a tragedy.

    1. Terra


      All those poor ceruleans who will never live to see their homeland again.

    2. Asuna


      Correct haha

  12. Plz no ;~; im only here for the panties! BlueDream you are such a PERVERT
  13. Hey hey dear family Time for me to update you all with wonderful news, finally Warlock will be released on March of 2th. I am very exited about this, and i believe i will definitely be trying that new class out, as i heard it is awesome P.S~Of course i am still in focus of my main Blade Master But now that i ask, how you all are feeling about these wonderful news hehe? More info: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/unchained-arrives-march-2/ Some picture
  14. *Blushes* Dawwhhh, thank you... Because i were shopping in different area and picked white panties as for bra, i decided not to buy that haha ;)just to feel more free You can't get everything and your a guy stop being so pervy sage and be a man and play male char Based on race. Based on shop and Yun race haves the best shops Based on race. I want white panties!!! (And no bra) Shussh XD
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