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  1. I would love to do this, I need time to get back into raiding, and get properly geared up. I think my ilvl is currently lacking greatly, at around 920, any suggestions on how that would be best achieved?
  2. Am I able to participate ?
  3. I have never seen a guild bank that is open to recruits, if they are recruited they should have bags mailed to them. Material tabs should be officer controlled, and obviously Raid/rare mats should be handled by upper management as they are the most expensive consumables. There should be at least one tab open to members that has things to give away in it, like transom gear, pets, bags for bank slots etc. Just my 2 cents.
  4. Auctioneer suite, and Ovale for those who need to learn thier rotations, If anyone needs a custom script of the rotation they need let me know I will make it for you! (I can make it any skill set for any class)
  5. I can no longer enjoy the Clan OD channel on bnet without drama of some sort, I would like to resign. I will sadly miss some of the friends I have made, although some have already resgined/DSL'd out for the same reason. Sammy
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