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  1. Triny(OD)


    I am sad to see you go my friend, i wish you all the best in the future, keep in touch!
  2. The ranks we obtain were earned, we are tested by the clan as a whole to get to this point, the higher the rank you obtain the more questions you have had to answer, and more situations you have had to handle for the clan, and you have needed to prove you have sound judgement, and can remain calm and level headed when faced with volatile situations, and that you are loyal to the clan. We volunteer to be put in these positions that require a time investment and be under a microscope and have every action with the potential to be questioned, and have to explain our actions. We are here for the community or we would not spend the countless hours we do, sorting things out or investigating problems, working with members who have issues, and answering questions any member may have, among other tasks. With this comes the perk of the clan trusting our judgement and having more vote power, if we used it irresponsibly our promos/evals would be affected and reflect that, so its a checks and balances situation, we are accountable. Having people just appointed can lead to a far worse popularity contest so to speak, rife with corruption and favoritism, a comparison to communism vs a democracy. There was a time when generals could be set ranked from even an enlisted position, this was not pretty at all, it lead to a redesign of the system to what we have today, that tries its best to be fair and transparent to the membership of the clan. To speak on why we have private boards, it is so we can speak freely, that is not just for the generals group, but also division administration, even each division having a forum they can use for their leadership, sometimes even enlisted can be included in topics that are not public. It is all about free expression, be that future plans that may need more planning before being presented, to get opinions about changes, to discuss problems, or coordinate investigations. These forums have a need and place within the clan, so no i do not ever see them being made public as that would defeat there purpose entirely. There will almost never be a point as a general when you make a call based on judgement that pleases everyone, its just part of the job so to speak.. We have the clans best interests in mind, we are not tyrannical leaders who are unapproachable and inflexible, and we function as a group as a type of safeguard to prevent bias. It is common place for other generals to get opinions from peers before presenting ideas to the clan to make sure they are in the best interest of the clan. If you remove our ability to speak freely we would see more of what seemed to be bias, uniformed decisions, and have a potential lack of communication that may lead to serious issues.
  3. It would be problematic to allow anyone to recruit for their clans on our websites and forums, especially since most of our divisions have rules against being in multiple clans for that game. In all my years of gaming i have never seen a gaming clan allow other clans to recruit on platforms they pay for and maintain, and that are related to their clan only.
  4. Thank you Altros this is indeed correct. He was trying to recruit members, i removed only that part as it violates our rules. Under where it says i edited it does give a reason.
  5. This topic is now marked as resolved. If you feel your problem/situation was not fixed please get in contact with Administration.
  6. Enough is enough guys, this ends now or vacations begin.
  7. Sorry to see you go my friend, if you need anything or would like to voice concerns feel free to reach out.
  8. I dont play WoW myself anymore, so i dont know if anyone is still active but i can check on my bnet to see if anyone is still around would might be able to help you out 🙂
  9. The first post has been updated with the winners, provided by beer, I would like to thank everyone that participated!!! We will be holding more events in the coming weeks so keep an eye out 🙂 If you have won a prize, please let me know if you would prefer fg or chaos orbs and the needed account names.
  10. Congrats! at the end of the league let me know what type of payment you would like, and if fg where to send it to.
  11. It is indeed softcore, and anyone who would like to join just let us know, it is invite only
  12. Add me in game ill help you out my friend, WardenOfDespair
  13. like ODC_Alexidax would be perfect, no need to add OD again 🙂 ODC is the abbreviation for our in game clan name, its why beer chose that.
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