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  1. Today is a sad day indeed, sad to see you go my friend, you will be missed but your health needs to come first. Hopefully when your health gets better you can return. You have made so many contributions to OD, you always put 110% into the clan, stepped out of your comfort zone, learned new things when needed. Spent many nights with little to no sleep to make sure coding was finished and things ran smoothly. You were here for the community for many years, im glad to hear that some of us have been there for you when you needed it. Take care of yourself Aeri, i truly hope everything works out for you, and if you ever need anything do not hesitate to ask!
  2. That's awesome, thanks Hari!
  3. I will be there, also can bring the music bot!
  4. Thank you Raged, that was very well said. I would like to point out i know it is rough right now, but this will make things easier for us once things die down to keep raids groups/recruiting going, and have an economy that can support our guild! Also for anyone who has not already please join the squad! https://www.overdosed.net/index.php?view=Squads&uid=307
  5. Whatever name you like, we dont force tags in WoW, since renaming is costly, or forces a remake that can take time.
  6. We kind of have a mix of both, players who just do there own thing for the most part, and a lot of us are social players, and we group for almost all content. Regardless almost all of the guild will help anyone when needed, and we keep the guild bank stocked to help others out, let us know your ingame name and one of us will make sure that you get added asap ❤️
  7. As the first post stated we will have an alliance guild, i sent you a pm my friend.
  8. Got you all fixed up last night 🙂 gl recruiting my friend
  9. I think Photobucket has repossessed your forum signature. I guess they've decided their ad stamps are more pretty.

    1. Triny(OD)


      I saw that, Sammy is making me a new one 🙂 that actually has my OD name on it, and not just one of my jsp sigs 😮 

  10. I will definitely be playing. We are planning on having a guild up and running as soon as it launches 😄
  11. The skill tree has more customization than d2/d3 with you being able to pick certain skills you use to augment with buffs/addons. Layout wise its a limited amount of skills to be used at a time similar to poe/d3 and you can change what active skills you have at any time. As I play through more i will add info!
  12. Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady ❤️ 

    1. Purplez(OD)


      Too bad you can't adopt that cute little dog that Julie posted a picture of.  It was adorable.  Haha that was supposed to be posted on MelodicRose's status!


  13. Path of Exile Unified Sticky Builds Duelist Marauder Ranger Scion Shadow Templar Witch Build Resources Crafting Resources Vendor Recipes Filters This is a work in progress I will be editing it over the course of a few days to add more information, please be patient while i finish it ❤️ If you have suggestions or links you would like to see added please reach out to me.
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