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  1. Got you all fixed up last night 🙂 gl recruiting my friend
  2. Aaron we have spoken on many occasions, be that to solve problems, or for me to answer questions, or you giving feedback, or letting me know about issues that need my attention. You have always been nothing but professional, level headed and calm no matter the situation and provided solid input when needed. You approach things with no bias, and a positive attitude that is rarely seen(most of us struggle with staying positive when we know a problem is going to take hours out of our gaming time to solve), and you have proven you have no problem to take the heat to try to shield a member if you think they are being bullied or unfairly treated. I do echo some of the concerns about not having a mic, i know you have not run into a situation yet where you need it but you might in the future, so i would strongly consider that possibility. Hearing tone of voice and having a presence is necessary when dealing with certain situations, not for intimidation but for clarity on what is being communicated, and to prevent people overlooking what you may have typed. You have my vote of support!
  3. I think Photobucket has repossessed your forum signature. I guess they've decided their ad stamps are more pretty.

    1. Triny(OD)


      I saw that, Sammy is making me a new one 🙂 that actually has my OD name on it, and not just one of my jsp sigs 😮 

  4. I will definitely be playing. We are planning on having a guild up and running as soon as it launches 😄
  5. The skill tree has more customization than d2/d3 with you being able to pick certain skills you use to augment with buffs/addons. Layout wise its a limited amount of skills to be used at a time similar to poe/d3 and you can change what active skills you have at any time. As I play through more i will add info!
  6. Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady ❤️ 

    1. Purplez(OD)


      Too bad you can't adopt that cute little dog that Julie posted a picture of.  It was adorable.  Haha that was supposed to be posted on MelodicRose's status!


  7. Path of Exile Unified Sticky Builds Duelist Marauder Ranger Scion Shadow Templar Witch Build Resources Crafting Resources Vendor Recipes Filters This is a work in progress I will be editing it over the course of a few days to add more information, please be patient while i finish it ❤️ If you have suggestions or links you would like to see added please reach out to me.
  8. It was a vague vote with a personal attack, with the only reason stated being something Townkill did and not Beer himself, so i sent him a copy of our guidelines for negative voting from the overdosed guide to everything and told him to look them over and repost within those guidelines. Again he was pm'd the reason for removal, prior to me removing it to make sure there would not be a misunderstanding about why it was removed, so he is fully aware. Ghostdog whether or not i voted for Beer myself has nothing to do with the fact your vote was cast improperly, I still have a job to do as a general. I actually did not even see the vote until a member brought it to my attention, and i then followed our policy. As i stated in the pm i sent you, you are welcome to repost a negative vote if you wish, but it must have a valid reason since Beer's last promotion. Also you cannot use the same reason to negative vote for someone more than once.
  9. This was Ray(OD), We found this through his connection information on the site. As a result he has been rebanned.
  10. DIG OR ROLL ?

    1. Triny(OD)




    2. TypeReaL(OD)


      Right roll racing is for pussies!

  11. It is a peach/blush floribunda. Sassy the flowers look great! once mine start to bloom ill take some pictures!
  12. Triny(OD)

    Hello clan!

    Welcome to OD 🙂
  13. Always, the warm ups look good. cant believe NZ won that match ;/
  14. O_o

    1. Triny(OD)


      hello, whats up?


    2. Ray(OD)


      The ceiling pffttttt

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