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  1. It fwlt like wow classic didn't stay for long.
  2. I hope to see some more good results, the R&R Committee is pleased to see quite a but of success. I hope the mommentum is not lost.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Welcome to OD @Drizzle(OD) glad to have you here with us. I run the community meetings and DM/GM ttrpg games in the TTRPG Squad. I do hope you enjoy your stay here in this wonderful community.
  5. I have been think about what is the main reason some member have left OD in the first place, and why did they come back. I made this poll to help me understand better why some of you (including myself) have chosen to leave and comeback. I appreciate the time, if none of the answers fit you please leave a comment on here. This poll is multiple choice. We at the R&R committee thank you for your participation.
  6. Hello everyone, its time to set up the date for teh community meeting a bit early this time around. This community meeting will be on March 20th 2021 at 7pm CST. All @Enlisted @Warrant Officers @Officers @Senior Officers @Generals 1* - 3* @General and @Commanders are welcomed to join. As a reminder topic suggestions are best posted in the communuty suggestion chat channel, and during the meeting we use a ~ to take your place in the response queue. A ~(name) is a direct response to that person and prioritized above normal ~ . I hope to see all of you there. Thanks for reading.
  7. Welcome to OD, I happen to run the TTRPG squad and I also help around and chat. Feel free to come talk to me anytime.
  8. Welcome to OD SigmaWolf, it seems like there is another wolf name to join the community. I am mostly running DnD games on here and talking to people on the Discord, so if you get a chance come talk to me and I am glad you decided to be part of OD.
  9. I'm in, but I ussually can make it around 7pm, maybe earlier if there are no errands to run.
  10. I am in the Harris county area and have been dealing with power outages. The hardware store is running out of pipe, and we are in a boil water order despite the fact that many of us have been in and out of power. This is causing quite a bit of distress and anger.
  11. It is that time again for the Community Meeting for February 20th 2021 at 7pm CST in the Community Meeting Channel in the discord. @Enlisted @Warrant Officers @Officers @Senior Officers @Generals 1* - 3* @General @Commanders I invite all of you to join this meeting to share your ideas and concerns to be heard by leadership. As a reminder that use the ~ to hold a place to speak during a topic, and a ~(Name) as a direct response getting priority, all of this will be in the community chat. The meeting will go in order of introduction, planned topics, discussion suggestions, open floor, and conclu
  12. Welcome back to OD, I am looking forward to seeing you around.
  13. The Toad Toasters may not be there in the start, but soon they will comeback to toast toads and eat em.
  14. Welcome back @Dressed(OD), I hope your life is going great now.
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