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  1. Its amazing that you are finally reaching out for extra help in this monumentous task you placed on yourself. You know me JD, I am here to put my hat in the ring in anyway I can and am willing to help as long as you ask or tell me what you need. So count me in.
  2. I think your broad history in OD, and wide lens view of what you think makes OD successful is a asset to behold, but as mentioned there is the lack of active senior officers and officers in OD, and you moving up to general will weaken those positions. I noticed that you have some ideas on what to do to help discourage low activity, and the thought of mentoring new officers and senior officers. What do you think OD's priority should be in if any?
  3. Billy you are truly OD, through and through. You support is awe inspiring and you the length of time in OD is breathtaking. You are a kind and understanding member who goes above and beyond in helping OD grow in many ways, infact I have to thank you for getting my trials to pass making TTRPG possible. I am leaning on supporting you, but as a standard I hold I do not want to just think you are a general, I want to know that you are. With that I have some questions. 1. Are you willing to state and stick by your beliefs in OD? 2. Are you willing to tackle harsh situations and make decisions you find appropriate even if it upsets some others? Sooner or later as a general you will come across those. I hope you can give more reasons to back you and I wish nothing but success and growth for you from your first eval. -LightningWolves(OD)
  4. This is a list of things we encourage and look for in potential trial members. 1. Commitment to a game and schedule. 2. Be good manner. 3. Shows interesting in joining. 4. Accepts the rules and terms of OD.
  5. Looks like I might have another vacation ruined this year.
  6. Thats just gonna push the channel more inland from that storm
  7. Sorry, I did not notice that @Chanter(OD). But JD fixed it.
  8. Once again its time for another community meeting for clan OD for the date of September 19th 2020 at 6pm CST. I encourage as many of you @Enlisted, @Warrant Officers, @Officers, @Senior Officers, @Generals 1* - 3*, @General, @Commanders to come join if at all possible to have your voices, announcements, and proposals heard. This time around I got a couple of topics I will bring up to the community. As a reminder when you want to speak use the ~ to secure a spot to speak, ~(name) to reply directly to that person and has priority, and @(host) to ask a question through text (with me as the host). Community Meeting Topics 1. A in meeting survey of forum activity, and interest among the ranks attending. I will be done by a vote. -LightingWolves(OD) 2. I have proposal for a clan wide prized chess championship, and want to hear out other proposals for clan wide activities and games. -LightningWolves(OD) More topics can be proposed by any of you and added to the list. @Division Leaders please help spread the word, and @Purplez(OD) its time to send the word.
  9. I think it shoukd be cross division community game just for fun as well. Besides I am still trying to pitch the Overdosed Chess Championship for a prize event.
  10. @Terra: @JD(OD) and I were talking about it actually, but it was something about tracking the crowns (wins) that could of been a problem. I think he can explain it better than I can.
  11. I am sorry to see you go, I do think OD will be a bit lesser without you, but I know sometimes taking a leave can be the best choice sadly. I wish you the best of luck and wishes moving forward, and I wished we could of talked some more.
  12. You been through alot Sas and I could tell you sometime when you get a chance why sometimes leaving is the best thing you can do. Know you left a huge legacy here in OD and many hearts you have won. I always enjoyed our chats Julie, and I wished we could talk much more before this, but I think you are making the right choice. Your family is lucky to have you and those grand kids of yours will be better for having you in your life, so do what you have to do for them. Live your best life with much love and happiness
  13. Hello OD, I am here to ask for proposals from all of you in OD for games and or events you want to partake in. For example I propose a chess tournament for all of OD, and if enough people join I could throw in a nice prize to the champion. Now I want to see your proposals and if you like anything you give it a upvote and they will be put to a poll. I am counting on all of you to make this happen, so come make your voices heard now!
  14. It takes alot to be honest about your life and do what is neccessary for it. You have my respect and I only wish the best for you.
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