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  1. I know had your controversies in the past, but you have came back extremely strong and I can respect that. There is no need for me to spout your accomplishments and projects as they speak for themselves. As someone who has and will work with you extensively in the Discord Team I find that you are efficient, but very easy to work with. You may not agree with everyone, but ultimately you are a team player who will take time to work with eveyone. Questions: 1. Do you think your past actions and experiences sometimes hold you back from looking at things in the current pers
  2. I have been eagerly waiting for you eval for some time, and it has been on my mind for some time. I told you I will not make it a cake walk for this eval. The Positives: You have build up a amazingly large and active division that has brought up many officers such as your self. Not only this, but even during your the time you were having low activity due to more important real life matters, your team carried on brilliantly. This is your crowning achievement. Your team work ability is probably your greatest asset, you contribute heavily to any team
  3. In all seriousness I think it should be a platypus to represent our multitude of different views and backgrounds in one uniformed group.
  4. Lets have a Xenethis sp "Bright" as our animal, and its purple.
  5. I challenge your Trickster today.
  6. Hello all you dungeon delvers and adventures, I thought this would be a good thing to have for the future record for my games that my players can refer too. This list maybe subject to revision. House Rules 1. Potions can be a max heal if you sacrifice a full action in combat or a appropriate dice roll for a bonus action. (Party choice) 2. It takes 3 lay on hand points to stabilize a dying creature. 3. Passive perception is basically the stealth DC, and a sneaking creature has to beat the parties highest passive perception. 4. Short rests are 4 hou
  7. I must of mistaken the admin meeting for the 20th. I will fix it to the 17th.
  8. Hello everyone, I once again am hosting the the OD Community Meeting for April 17th 2021 at 7pm CDT. All @Enlisted @Warrant Officers @Officers @Senior Officers @Generals 1* - 3* @General and @Commanders are more than welcome to join and share ideas, ask questions, bring announcements, and voice concerns. As a reminder topic suggestions are best posted in the Community Meeting Chat channel, and during the meeting we use a ~ to take your place in the response queue (! are acceptable as well). A ~(name) is a direct response to that person and prioritized above normal ~ . I hope to see all of you
  9. Making it as efficient as possible.
  10. Is there any other way to streamline leveling?
  11. So this is not a Trickster exclusive post?
  12. I believe you are making the best choice in this case, but I still have a question for you. Questions. 1. How have you felt you improved since last time.
  13. Oh man we have another going up for a second star. I know you say that you don't need it nor particularly want it, but its always nice to see where you are at. What I like. 1. You are humble. 2. You show dedication to you division. 3. I have seen more of you in the forums. Things I would like to see. 1. To see more ideas and views from you. 2. To see you a bit more out of D2 in one small way or another. I really can't think of much critique you on as you have for the most part been clean and respectful.
  14. That was a slip on my end as I am at work at the time. Otherwise if this is the only one I managed to repeat after so many then I am doing better than I thought. Well I believe they need to be able to handle this to a extent, if you couldn't take this much then I would be slightly disappointed. But I get what you mean. Would that be a issue from how they appoint people into positions of power? I get what you are saying though.
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