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  1. Heh not really. I've always been pretty much a one (MMO) game at a time type of person. I typically will play an MMO until I feel like I "finished" it. Explored everywhere, acquired all of the "stuff" whatever the case may be. I did play GW2 (and GW1 for that matter), I still have GW2 setup, I just have not had any interest in it in quite a while. I also have ESO, but it just did not have the excitement to keep me interested. Of course that said I pretty much only solo'd in ESO. o/
  2. Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I will be leaving the Vanguard Order clan in Warframe. Thank you for the opportunity, and the invite. I don't play any of the other games represented by Overdosed, Warframe is pretty much the only game I play actually. Feel free to contact me in game if you need someone for a group Warframe IGN: Mos-Eisley
  3. I've only been on one raid, an unsuccessful one at that, but... Why Loki? Is this for radial disarm? What about Nyx (Chaos) for CC? I've been using Nyx to solo Mobile Defense missions, Chaos seems to work pretty damn well as crowd control as all the mobs end up fighting each other.
  4. According to Wiki Nova Systems drops from ODS (rotation C), just wondering if any of you guys know if that is indeed accurate? I've been running ODS (to 20 mins) as often as I can to get the Nova Systems, but all I ever seem to get from there are T1 Keys. T1 keys as look from ODS seems like a total rip-off Also speaking of rotation....do the loot tables change if you are on 40 mins versus 20 mins. I wouldn't think so but I don't know for certain. Thanks
  5. Excellent! thanks for the forum
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