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  1. I'm gonna be honest here, GhostDog. I can tell that you have a very real interest in bettering the clan. I can further tell that you see issues in the way the clan is run. However, I think you have fallen in to confirmation bias. You have already decided how the clan works and what problems it has. When presented with evidence of how the clan is run, you attempt to align it with your view instead of align your view with the evidence. You accuse the administration of providing poor answers and this thread of seeking validation. However, based on your reactions to the answers you have received it is clear that your questions weren't asked to find the truth but to find affirmation that your current view of administration is correct. The answers you have received were not in line with your view. Presented with this, you either attempt to find an interpretation that brings it in line or just drop it altogether saying that it was pointless to ask because we'll never change. None of this is how discovery is done. You don't seek the truth to affirm a view, you seek the truth to find the truth and only the truth. If you are unwilling to see administration in any other way than the way you have unilaterally decided it is, then yes this thread is pointless for you. If you refuse to earnestly and charitably take our answers to your questions to heart and use it to reevaluate your view of administration, then both of our times are being wasted.
  2. You make it sounds as if we have some power of coercion that forces people that have joined ODG to stay in ODG. People are more than welcome to come and go as they please. However, the platforms of ODG are maintained, and where applicable are paid for, by administration for the benefit of ODG and not other communities. For that reason, we do not allow advertising of other communities on our platforms that are explicitly trying to pull members away from ODG. I would argue that comparing ODG membership to job employment is false equivalency. A job does have a power of coercion that keeps you there. This power is called a wage--money. If whispers of layoffs is spreading, it weakens that power of coercion and therefore employees begin seeking other opportunities. (The same happens if an employee is approached by a recruiter promising higher wages.) ODG has no such power. We are a community that you join to socialize and spend leisure time.
  3. "Edited 20 hours ago by Triny(OD) Do not recruit here" There is a reason given just below the byline for the edit on Hectic's post.
  4. I saw the original post prior to editing. Triny removed advertising that Hectic had put into his resignation. The advertising was to the effect of trying to pull members from OD to another gaming community.
  5. Complete misunderstanding on my part. I apologize for that.
  6. Given that this is the only post that Purplez made on your eval, I fail to see how the PM you have posted directly contradicts it. It seems to me like you view the world as binary--black and white with minimal, or no, shades of grey. Someone is either on your side or against you. Purplez's PM is clearly meant to show she is still on your side while her post on your eval is clearly meant to show that you do have something you need to work on. However, no where do these seemingly antithetical stances actually contradict each other. Her PM states that she feels you deserve a promotion and that you do a lot for it. Her post stats that you are an active member and both contribute to and participate heavily in the D2 division and the forums. However, her post says that you can, at times, be argumentative and hostile. Her PM echos this by saying "...but at times your comments have been difficult." Her PM states the objective of her post is not to be confrontation. The end of her post presents an opportunity for these critiques to be turned around in a positive light by you. Her PM is in no ways at odds with her post on your eval. I would say that you truly feel that it is then I advise that, instead of lashing out at administration, perhaps some internal reflection is necessary instead. This post has not been made with any hope to convince you of anything nor to try and prevent your resignation. I simply don't like watching false statements like this being thrown around.
  7. Updated Sheet Failstacking sheets are likely to evolve over the next few weeks as more extensive testing is done. This new sheet is from this reddit post. Important takeaways: (1) failstacks have both softcaps and hardcaps. For armor and weapons, there is a softcap at 70% chance to succeed and a hardcap at 90%. Accessories are also hardcapped at 90% but it appears that the softcaps change (become lower) as the accessory becomes further enhanced. (2) White-grade gear (reblath armor, militia weapons) have the same rates as boss gear. Green gear, when set to durable enhance and when enhancing to +15-and-beyond also has the same rates as boss gear but for anything below that, even on durable, green-grade gear has a higher chance to succeed than both boss gear and white-grade gear.
  8. For a T8 horse you want Sprint, Drift, Instant Accel, and S: Instant Accel. From there it splits based on whether you want just a T8 or plan on going for a T9 (Dream) horse. If you plan on just staying at T8 (most players) then you want a high speed stat as well. High qualifies as somewhere between 155-160% speed though ideally you want 160%+ (these very rarely get listed on the horse market). If you plan on going for T9 then speed stat isn't important as it'll get reset to level 1 once it becomes a T9 horse but to go for a T9 horse you need a T8 Courser (denoted by a gold horse icon when viewing stats). It should be noted that going for T9 is a very late-game goal as it'll probably cost several billions of silver to obtain and quite the time investment. You don't want caution as a skill. Buying a horse with caution is fine just make sure to buy a skill deletion coupon from the loyalty shop and remove it.
  9. My guess is yes, these are the same rates as on the live server. Based on the limited testing I have done and seen, it appears that, yes, these are the same rates we have on the live servers. Live or not, these rates are subject to change as you and I both know that the devs have no qualms with changing enhancement rates on the fly on the live server.
  10. The tables aren't meant to be a method. Those are for showing what your chance is at each failstack as these are the true enhancement chances as revealed on the global test server. The patch exposing these rates will eventually make its way to the live builds of the game and it'll be then that people will begin analyzing and min-maxing failstack building. As of right now, however, they are not meant to serve as a guide for how many failstacks you should have when enhancing but instead are a reference to show you what your current chance is to succeed. It should also be noted that those tables are for specifically boss (yellow-grade) armors and weapons.
  11. Editted Vell time to the correct time.
  12. Grinding does get more difficult and level definitely slows down later on. The amount of exp needed to level follows a pretty extreme exponential curve past 55. lvl55-56 takes as much exp as it did to go from lvl1-55. From there it doubles every level until 60. From there it increases 5x every level until 69 and from there it increases 20x every level. Basically, grinding optimally 24 hours a day, the universe would literally enter the black hole era before you reached level 90. As for difficulty, it starts to ramp up once you hit the Mediah region of the game. It jumps up more in Valencia and then again in Kamasylvia. True end-game PvE grinding involves grinding in ancient ruins which feature the most powerful enemies in the game outside of world bosses. These difficulty jumps have more to do with gear than with level, however. (Though level is important 'cus for some reason accuracy and evasion are stats in a full-action combat game...) In terms of level that means you won't start to find enemies that aren't just trash mobs that get 1 hit until around level 50.
  13. I disagree on the point that peace is a destructive force. The existence of conflict does not generate unity in a group. It is the existence of an external conflict great enough to supersede internal conflicts that generates unity. Unity does not degrade to division due to a lack of conflict, it degrades because internal conflicts that were never settled come to the forefront in the lack of a greater external conflict. I would argue that true peace has yet been attained by humanity, there are only times when the greatest problem is external and times when the greatest problem is internal.
  14. I highly recommend recruiting as basically all of you will have access to the Olvia servers for 30 days after you login and right now you'll have the best way to get new people to join by leveling them to 56. Realistically, following a guide and having someone power you, it can take just a few hours to hit 56. I'd help with that but, unfortunately, I won't have access to the Olvia servers unless I refrain from logging in until the 12th.
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