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  1. Just found out, that my dad is dying. I really don't know how to cope with since I never really had someone die in my family. I was really close with my dad. I visited him today he was somewhat out of it. I don't know for sure if he even recognized me or not but lately I thought I could handle it. At times tho, I randomly start crying. Maybe due to coming to the realization he will no longer be with me. That I will no longer have a Dad anymore. 

    1. PJPotter(OD)


      I have just recently had someone close to me pass away for the first time in my life. It is hard at first, but it helped me to think positive. Such as saying that they're in a better place, or that they would want you to live life to the fullest and not hold in anything or waste time.


      I also listened to a lot of sad music right after so I got the sadness out of my system quick. Listening to the music helped me let go of the person by slowly pushing away the sadness that comes with it.

      But I am very sorry to hear about your father. That must be tough, and I can only imagine how you feel. Things will get better, because everything happens for a reason. Just keep holding on :)

    2. Terra


      It is, unfortunately, an ordeal that every child must someday face with their parents. There aren't many words that will help, spend a lot of time with your family and cry when you need too. If there is one thing people can say about you, it's that you are pretty capable when it comes to enduring hardships, you've certainly weathered through your fair share here in OD. Your father must have faced similar hardships as this one at some point in his life as well, and he managed to push through it. As his daughter I'm sure you've inherited that same strength.

  2. You played without me spegeeeeeeeeeeeels
  3. I found this very deep and sad....It is very true.


  4. After all these years, I've always been overly shy and sensitive, even up until now. Whenever I do something I'm scared of what the outcome will be. Whenever someone stares at me it feels like their stare is full of hatred and annoyance. I hate it when I feel like someone's slowly losing interest in me. I hate detecting the slightest change in the way people message, talk, or even look at me. I just hate it. Every single day I would just cope in my room and surf the internet, even staying up until 3AM-5AM to make myself feel comfortable and better. I can't be the only one who feels this way....

    1. Terra


      That's a lot of hate.

    2. TypeReaL(OD)


      Dont know you too well other than what you post but it seems to me that your letting your mind start to dictate what the outcome of the situation is even before you get into it, Where I have dealt with / deal with similar situation on most days you really wouldnt tell it from how i am in TS or on here but I am a very heavily depressed person I know the feeling of being the one in the room who feels like everyone is staring for no reason the only thing I did/ do to over come that is a few things I meditate every night before bed, stopped drinking milk ( except in my coffee) found that helped dont ask why LOL, I smoke more weed most days than tommy chong snoopy the fuck dog and doug benson rolled into one so that also helps. But if these feeling persist I do recommend seeing your family doctor because to me it sounds like depression creeping its way in I know how it can just start and take you away I have been in rehab and detox for over a year because of my depression leading to over indulging into alcohol and heavy drugs. So I guess in closing I went on a ramble there just try to not let your pre determined mind let it get you I know it can be very hard to ignore what your brain tells you but after awhile you'll learn that its just a feeling and they pass in time and if you need to talk about anything my inbox never shuts or just get at me on battle.net tyrealOD#1710 but trust me your not the only one going through it probably one of the bravest ones for asking this question  

    3. Moule(OD)


      Thinkn thats most of us, Honestly.   Yup Trees help, and Anxiety is a Fukr but Definitely not alone in This one.

      Diablo Is always been a good wall to lean on...   Escape the Clutter of mess and Chase Drops and JSPn my brain off :happy:

  5. Lol where we can all watch one movie in one room. (I know it might be chaos but it will be fun.) Movies night will be done at 7pm eastern, saturday. Unless stated otherwise. People are free to post suggestions just keep the movies PG-13 and below. I prefer to rotate genres, so people have to pick a film for that week's genre but the film is majority's vote. If you guy's do want a community movie night, feel free to pick our movie night's first genre in poll. I wish to get a bunch of people for our movie night Due to having young adults in the clan, please keep your movies PG-13 or below so that everyone can join the film. No rated R film's. Sorry Ravemore you will just have to watch your X-film in your own time. I have yet to decide how we are all going to watch the movie, somebody can use Rabbit and other if they wanted to, can use their own link and watch at the same time as us. Please make sure if you are the streamer for that film, that you have a legal copy of the film. (ex: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Youtube movies) I am not publicizing pirating movies in Clan Overdosed due to legal use. BTW: Rabbit is a streaming site where one person can stream a movie from there device so everyone can watch. It's free but you have to sign up to use the HD feature, again it's free. PLEASE READ BELOW TO AVOID CLUTTER WHEN POSTING MOVIES PLEASE USE THIS FORMAT This is an example, you may add the trailer, and or summary but it's optional (Below you will find a copy and paste format) : Title: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Length: 2 hours 37 minutes Rating: PG-13 Trailer and/or Summary: -Copy and Paste Stuff- Title: Length: Rating: Trailer and/or Summary(Optional):
  6. but remsem, when you are banned. Your ban is put up so that officers and above can see the reason why you are banned. Shouldn't you at least be able to plead for you case and get a greater understanding for why you were banned. A ban appeal would work the same as a ban except officers+ will get to see your side of the story too and try and put the two and two together to see if the ban was really a valid ban or if it should be discussed further. Otherwise it feels your name is being slander, which shouldn't be the case.
  7. It wouldn't be public appeal it would be dealt with officers an above, bans are already public, kinda (officers and above) so I don't understand why appeal wouldn't be the same case. I don't understand why somebody can not plead there ban when a ban is put up on the forum. That is what a ban appeal does. Not to mention there are people who get banned, not even know what they have done wrong. They should have at least have access to this information if it involves them, otherwise they start to feel lost and lose faith in their authorities.
  8. Why are we talking about my ban? I never brought up my ban what so ever....An appeal system would be in place so that people do not get misrepresented in the community. Also the sad part is they don't try to talk to both parties they just try and talk to one.
  9. Gossip occurs no matter what, when somebody gets banned. A post that officers and above get to see. Its not fair they only get to see one side of the story that is why ban appeal is nice because they get to see both sides. I feel that they should not be misrepresent like this when you don't even know there side of the story.
  10. I agree with this too but sometimes bans can be too harsh or the ban was not clear enough to the person who was banned. Yes but if they feel that they would like the opinions of other officers , they can ask for their decsion. Especially if muliple people would wish it would be reevaluted aftet looking at both causes. They don't happen regularly which some people may not have clear defintions when to put a ban and when to not. Ban appeals are so that both sides of the story can be present.
  11. I think there should be a forum group for ban appeals. This should be where people post either how they feel they have been wrongly banned or accused of something they have not committed. Officers and higher, based on their resources should decided whether the punishment was acceptable or not. Primarily this should mainly used for permabans but it can be used for any type of ban. Officers and above may look at someone's ban appeal, lock there post and discuss it further in there own forum, so others may not see there discussion. They may privately message the individual or individuals involved if they feel they need more information that is not present and use it for their own discussion. Overall, it should be Officers and above who decide whether or not this person, given the evidence of both of sides strongly feels this person should be banned. This is not a second chance for the person but alot of the times evidence may end up being strongly biased. As when someone is ban, only one person usually present to portray the evidence. Most of the time, alot of gaming clans do have a ban appeal where people can voice their opinions or apologize for any mishaps. This allows higher ups to reopen their case for reevaluation. Take league of legends for example, people may end up getting banned but are usually able to reopen there case and present further information. Officers and above may look at someone's ban appeals and question whether or not the ban was valid or not. A ban appeal should be kept in a civil manner and failure to do so may result in the ban appeal being removed. The pro's of having a ban appeal. 1. It makes the person that has banned, feel they have somewhat of a say of what goes on and that they may voice their side of opinion or present evidence to which the banner did not. 2. It allows for both sides of the story instead one that is being presented. 3. Facts have a tendency to be left out in both cases, and with this it allows for people to developed their own interruptions and investigations. 4. Allows for a greater understanding of the subject, and removes any type of miscommunication. The con's for having a ban appeal. 1. It can create unnecessarily drama. 2. It can create a divide in people. 3. It an question authoritative powers. Overall, a ban appeal forum should be used for people who feel they have been wrongly banned and want further information and understanding into the subject. It also helps to know that their voice is being heard and people are trying to understand them. Instead of feeling that the party is agreeing and assuming one side of the story. Most of the type people can be misrepresented in a harmful ways for future accounts. All I wish is to better the community as whole. With that said, please post any comments or regards to this. If you feel ban appeals should be governed differently, please post you opinions. ~Lena
  12. Also there's a typo here " Sorry that I could be a better leader in front of others. " It should be "Sorry that I could not be a better leader in front of others" That's embarrassing, if anyone can fix this that be much appreciated. I don't know how I missed that even though I revised it 20 times.
  13. I'm sorry. I know to some of you that this statement may not have any meaning. Also to clarify this is not a resignation but an apology since there's alot of mixed feelings about me out there. I want to point out I try my hardest to fit in and act normal for everyone. Sometimes I slip and it can be hard. So I'm sorry for not being stronger and able to maintain my composure. I also wanted to point that nobody told me to make an apology but I felt the need too. Since I felt I have wronged many people in the clan. I just wanted to come out an apologize for the actions I have done, in the past and leading up to the events now. I may have been rude to some of you to which I am sorry, I could not confront you like a proper person. I have always been bad in social settings and talking to people normally. I do not have the social constructs that people have but trust me I want to fit in and I want to be noticed by my peers. Most of the time I assume individuals don't want to be my friend which cause me to shrug them off. So I am sorry for anyone I came off on the wrong foot or said something to harsh. I know you may not forgive me but don't let me be the reason why you can't enjoy your time. I'm sorry for my actions. I was always getting into trouble and picking fights. Which if you look at me now it somewhat hasn't changed, sadly. If you have known me, you know playing League with me can be scary with my quick nature of switching from happy to rude, in a matter of seconds due to my competitive nature. I'm sorry for this, I am working on keeping it under control. That's why when I play League, you may have noticed I get super quiet when playing. 1 because I'm super focusing and 2 because I know if I say anything it might lead to bad mannered behavior. Sorry for making people leave our division because of me. I know I have a bad habit of saying things that come to mind or talking way to quickly. Not to mention I can be very impulsive from time to time. Sorry Chrishodge for letting you down as a leader and sorry for the people who had to sit and listen to us argue in WoW division. I really wish you guys can come back because Triny is an amazing leader and was everything I was not. Sorry that I could be a better leader in front of others. I wish I could change my behavioral problems with a switch of a button. I really do wish I could be a normal person but I know that this is what I have to cope with for rest of my life. So thank you for those being patience with me. Lastly to which everyone can agree with, sorry that I am hypersensitive. I get very passionate about the things I love and when I see something I love getting attacked. I just can't stop myself from getting really heated and uspet. I have always had this sensitivity problem and was never able to take bad news with a grain of salt. If I knew how to get a better grip of my sensitivity problems, it would make life so much easier. I probably won't have any of the mood issues I listed above. I always remind myself constantly when I am getting sad or upset is this "something I should be getting really upset over" before I continue on with the conversation but even that isn't enough sometimes. I constantly I have to control my temper or try to keep myself from breaking down in tears. I'm sorry about the people who have had to listen to me cry or fuss over things. I really wish I didn't, but it just happens, even if I try to stop myself. I'm sorry that this is long but I just thought I post of aplogy for those who I have wrong or said something rude. Sorry (People I want to apologize to and to whom this topic is dedicated to) Badboi Chrishodge Bahafresh Arineth Triny Xayj Terra Onee Leppy Tachikoma Sinnypie mmrdudedude Bones Truechill Redvaine AnkleC Azhriel Monaday Eric Nappycat Lastly sorry for the Diablo people who came over wanting to try our game then I scared them away. Sorry for anyone else I have wronged, with my improper behavior to which that I did not list above. Thank you for taking the time to read this. ~Lena
  14. What are you up too for Saint pattys day my brother from a different dad is half irish idk what that makes me
  15. I thought I start recruiting on the WoW forums and other sites. I am pretty good when it comes to media stuff. Eventually we can make a WoW Clan Overdosed facebook page if you guys want too. If you have anything to add feel to tell me and I will try and incorporated into the statement. Since I cannot edit it. I will just repost it below. Clan Overdosed is now recruiting for active, alliance players on Stormrage. Clan Overdosed has been well known for awhile but this is the first we have set up a WoW guild because of this, we have a strong pride in our name. We have people online everyday to run mythics and have set raid times. Although our guild is fresh, we strive everyday to improve it and we could use all the help we can get. All player types are welcome. Our playerbase is a mix between hardcores and casuals. If you enjoy mentoring others, or helping people out then our guild is right for you. We have patient raid leaders ready to help people out and lead raids while teaching others mechanics. We strive to achieve a friendly environment and to make sure everyone feels welcome and noticed. We have an active teamspeak, to which you can find most of our players on. Right now we are getting players geared, learning mechanics, so that eventually we do nighthold as a guild. If you wish to be recruited, feel free to message Luvlu (Battlenet: Yuuki#1990) Chrishodge (Battlenet: Chrishodge#1465) Triny (Trinity#1920) What is Clan Overdosed?: " Since its creation in 2001, OverDosed Gaming has been working to create a "safe haven" for all players to come together as community and enjoy a chill environment. We also emphasize on the enjoyment of playing with friends as much as possible with events, public TeamSpeak server, and various competitive groups. All of these things and our overall community make OD one of the best places for you to call home. We invite you to take part and join our community. We do not tolerate BM (bad manners) players who are unable to respect each other and/or the game. Our goal as a community is to help enrich and enhance the gaming experience of all of our members. We have many ways to get involved on a friendly but competitive level with our community. " -Commander Badboi(OD) Raiding Times: Tuesday, Wednesday (8pm-10pm EST) Website: http://www.overdosed.net/
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