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  1. Thank you for the question Matt, but it is exactly for the reason that I don't feel like I've improved enough since my last eval, that I am declining this opportunity for a promotion... Like I said, I think that I've been able to maintain the standards of the 4-star rank over these past 3 months, but because I haven't been able to improve and address some of the concerns brought forward last time, I do not feel that I should be up for a promotion at this time. Thank you for the question! I appreciate your perspective Terra, and thank you for taking the time
  2. Fair enough man 😉. Much appreciate the love & support Ash! Looking forward to the questions~ 🙂 Indeed it was a very difficult decision for me to make, but in an effort to maintain the highest standards of OD's highest rank, I feel like my work over the past 3 months might have been enough to retain the rank of Commander if I had been one already, but I just don't feel it's been quite enough to get there this go around. Thanks for the support Shon! Thanks for the kind words and support man! That Warren Buffet guy is certainly one
  3. Congrats to all the winners, and thank you for hosting the tourney @lilg(OD)!
  4. Thanks for your support, and if you had those questions lined up, as I stated in the OP, I welcome them, and would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have (although tax season is still in full swing, I've been able to go home when it's still light outside for the past 2 days so far this year! lmao).
  5. Thanks @Purplez(OD)! (did you notice I added the purple font color? lol 😁)
  6. Welcome to my 2nd evaluation for the opportunity to be promoted to Commander! Let me start off by first thanking everyone that nominated me for a chance to be promoted to OD's highest rank once again. Also, I'd like to thank everyone that participated showing both their support for me, as well as areas for improvement during my last evaluation 3 months ago. In self-reflecting upon my performance in OD over the past 3 months, it is blatantly obvious that I have been engrossed with tax season / work, and honestly feel that I have not had the necessary time to showcase som
  7. I echo Terra in that as long as it doesn't impede / become a nuisance to our members, I don't see a problem with adding bots like this to our discord. However, we must be vigilant in protecting our members' security and properly vet any bots that we invite to our discord... Many of the "free" bots out there will compromise identities / IP addresses / etc. of our members with hidden "fine print" of the usage agreement / permission settings. Perhaps our resident "discord guru", @JD(OD), would be kind enough and willing to look into / vet this particular bot for us before moving forward?
  8. Careful now... You might end up with a wet noodle upside the head too for using that word! hahahahaha 😆
  9. Since you used the word first in the OP, I get to slap you back with the same wet noodle! hahahaha 😂😂
  10. Congratulations to all the winners, a thank you to all the voters, and a big thank you to @Redvaine(OD) for hosting the awards!
  11. Meeting Attendance: Late Arrivals: - Badboi(OD) - AWildZac(OD) - Smoken(OD)
  12. Hold on here.... I seemed to have missed the part where we aren't wearing any clothes...Why we gotta be naked again?
  13. Just because you've disallowed me from proposing the utilization of spreadsheets, doesn't mean it's a a bad idea, nor does the restriction state someone else can propose it! hahaha
  14. Unfortunately, I have to work this weekend and will be unable to make it to the next tournament... I wish you all the best of luck, and look forward to joining the next one!
  15. Although I was a bit late to the start, I had a great time and look forward to the next one!
  16. I'm always up for a game of chess (when I have the time...) 😉
  17. ** COMMUNITY EVENT: "CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY" NIGHT - Immediately following the Community meeting on Feb 20th, hosted by Compfreak(OD) ** - Hope to see you all there!
  18. Welcome to the Community @JodyRollr(OD)! Feel free to reach out if you need any assistance or have any concerns / questions, and the Guide to everything OD can be found here on the forums:
  19. Welcome to the community @Gates420(OD)! Be sure to check out our "Guide to everything OD" thread if you have any questions, and feel free to reach out with any concerns, we'll be happy to help!
  20. @Dabomb(OD) The poll has been fixed to allow for multiple choices for the first 2 questions already, please re-submit your votes if they were restricted originally 😉
  21. Enough to enjoy it, but not so much that you just pass out... the virtual equivalent of drawing with sharpie on your face may occur... 🤣🤣!
  22. Welcome to the Community @icey2323(OD)! Be sure to check out our "guide to everything" HERE . Feel free to reach out if you have any questions / concerns, and we'd be happy to help! Happy gaming!
  23. Welcome to the Community @AkashaGrey! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions / concerns, and we'd be happy to help! Happy gaming!
  24. Free to play, no downloads, all are welcome, BYOB... what could go wrong... right? 🤣
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