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  1. Thank you @Rich(OD) for taking the time to answer my questions earnestly! One thing that stood out in your response, that I feel should be answered: Sometimes it takes a particular skill set to produce the change requested, and as we are all volunteers here, it can take away from time / efforts already devoted to fixing or updating other more important matters... Of course, it is highly dependent on what changes you are talking about, and whether it relies on one individual or many people's efforts. It is also a possibility that the proposed changes won't be necessary once we are able to complete other tasks at hand... While it may seem or feel like administration is "indifferent" about a proposed change, I assure you we are not. It is more like we are either waiting for a response from people involved in producing the change, or we have to prioritize what fixes / changes happen first (due to our very limited resources). Just discussing whether or not to make a change is only the first step, then comes discussing which solution is best, then comes determining whether or not it is worth devoting our limited resources towards it, and whether to prioritize changing it asap, or holding off on it until we are able to finish other tasks at hand. Each of these steps can take as little as a few days or a week to finalize, or it can take as long as many months or even years to accomplish, all depending on what the proposed change is. The important thing we must remember is to be patient, and realize that not all of us have unlimited 'free time' that we can donate towards the cause 😉. On that note, I've noticed that the last response from you on this eval was over 5 days ago, despite multiple posts from others, and I haven't seen you in discord lately (Hoping all is okay with you). I'm well aware that balancing work, family, gaming time, and OD admin work is a bit tricky, but Generals need to be able to at least find time to post their opinions on various topics, as other generals have had to learn the hard way in the past... All in all, I find myself echoing some of the recent statements made by my General peers... You aren't afraid to speak your mind (no matter how harsh it may be interpreted), you've been active in voicing concerns in our admin meetings pretty consistently, and I believe you will make a fine addition to our General's pool. +1 from me, and best of luck in phase 2.
  2. @Panda(OD) I also enjoy playing: Rocket league - I'm definitely not great at the game, but have my moments when drinking - You should definitely join us when @Terra hosts our "Drunken Rocket League Nights"! (keep an eye out for announcements on forums / website / discord / social media) CS:GO - I used to be decent at it back in CS:S days... Not so much now, but I usually end up having a positive KDR by the end of the match... I tend not to play too many rounds in a row because I'd rather play games to relax, and FPS games tend to aggravate me after a few rounds... (glass-top desk = bad idea lol). D3: I don't play hardcore for similar reasons as FPS, so you can usually find me on SCL most seasons (I used to main a monk, but this season started a DH). I also have recently enjoyed turn-based games like Civ 5 and the like, but I'm really just still looking for an MMO I can really get into... Steam: Compfreak(OD) Battlenet: FullmetalJKT#1814 Add me if you want to play together sometime!
  3. You know... I would like to think that has been asked of me in a past eval, but nevertheless, nobody is perfect, though we all try our best at it - myself included! While I know that I have many flaws that I continue to try and improve on, I consider my greatest weakness to be that no matter what I am tasked with, I am passionate to the point that I'll either give 110% or nothing. I have learned that sometimes taking a step back to wait and see what others can contribute first, can be a better approach to some things (only stepping in to build upon their efforts when I feel it necessary, which is something I've witnessed you do most of the time 😉 in the forums). In addition, I've been noticing that the older I get, It is exceedingly difficult for me to arrive at a balance between the two, but I can definitely appreciate the value of it in a community such as OD. Thanks for the good question!
  4. Thank you for the support, and yes, I agree with you there, depending on conditions 🤣
  5. I don't do apple products... Everything about them is just stupid because apple likes to control everything rather than letting the end-user have control over their own property...lol 1+1 could be 11 if you ignored the addition symbol... I've already posted on their evals what my opinions are, and if I haven't yet, be on the lookout for when I post on them 😉 . That would require more than twice as much work, effort, and time in order to accomplish rather than writing 10 evals 😉. Ah, but if all you do is ask questions on an eval without providing your opinion post, then say "reasons in eval"(if / when it goes on to phase 2), you wouldn't have provided any reasons... Only questions. Indeed you did well in recruiting and then training me as a division leader. I do try to lend a hand in helping new leaders around different divisions find their "sea legs" if you will, but for the most part, my efforts are supplementary at best to the generals in their division guiding them. As far as 'training a replacement' for me goes, there can really be only one 'Compfreak'... Otherwise I fear the balance of OD couldn't take it hahaha!. In all seriousness though, I do have a few members that I spend a little extra time in chatting with and help to guide them on their journey, but do I consider them to be "trainees"? No, more like friends that I try to help them grow and mature into their own. Not that it takes a Commander to start a new division, as you are well aware, but like I've said previously in this eval: while I do enjoy playing many games, I'm still looking for the "right" one for me, and when I do come across it, I would be more than happy to get a division started for it. Depends... After a long day at work, when I get home I might enjoy my glass of Scotch, neat with 2 rocks (any more would just water it down). If I'm not at home and have to drive afterwards, I'll likely go for either a vodka tonic or whiskey & ginger... Nope, definitely learned that lesson a couple years ago! Since then, I've even refrained from posting anything in the forums or doing any administrative work once I've started to drink... Funny how it somehow ends up better in the long run for all, if you just wait till the next day when you are sober instead of feeding fuel to the fire 😉. Thanks for the questions man!
  6. Hey @Lostmariner! Glad to see you've found your way to our forums! Lots of good info in here to check out. Welcome to the community, and if you have any concerns / questions, feel free to reach out!
  7. While I may not personally agree with your reasons / motives for wanting the star back, something important to note is that obtaining the rank of Brig. General is not for recognition of hard work and efforts only - that's what our medal system is for. Being a General in OD represents being one of the leaders of our community that others look up to, and since you have so much experience with these evaluations, I'm sure you know that becoming a General isn't just a "reward" for what you did in the past... It is more like just the opposite, in saying "you work hard and do good work for the community, so here's even more work we trust you can handle...". As you found out the hard way last time around, it only adds to the work & efforts expected. You have definitely shown that when you put in the time & effort, you can be a great asset to the community (especially these past few months). If you feel that you can keep up the activity and effort levels that you've been putting in lately (despite the busy schedule), you have my +1 vote to return to the General ranks, and I look forward to working with you again at "the big-kid's table" .
  8. Thank you Trin! Always working on improving and adapting yourself is one of life's real struggles, and you of all people would know that. Thank you for the kind words & support .
  9. That specific link will direct new members to the D2 voice channel ONLY, which shouldn't be used for non-D2 members! If you are inviting a new member, please have them go to " discord.overdosed.net " with their browser, log into discord via the browser app, and it will add the OD server to their discord account so they can access our server via the desktop application. Otherwise, please use this permanent link to direct them to our Rules page when they connect: https://discord.gg/QP57wVh
  10. It being easier to manage permissions, perhaps we should go the route of only having separators for the different sections instead of each division? ...Meaning to have bars only around the "Welcome to OD", "Divisions", and "Squads". Would that help with managing permissions @Xayj(OD)?
  11. Wow... less than 24 hours with the bars implemented before we have a suggestion to improve on it... hahahaha All seriousness, I was actually thinking about it myself today... I think we should limit the bars to signify the "end" of a division's channels only (half as many bar-separators, still distinction between divisions), for example:
  12. Welcome to the Communtiy @Mattie(OD)! Be sure to check out the "guide to everything OD" that Purplez mentioned, and if you ever need some assistance or find yourself playing some D3, hit me up: FullMetalJKT#1814 🙂
  13. Some good questions there my friend! I shall try to answer them as best I can... Some of the things I do In order to improve my visibility of the time & work I put into OD, is to try my best in posting and keeping active in the forums (be it in Generals / Officers boards, water-cooler topics, tech support sections, or administration boards), am constantly jumping around different channels in ts/discord, and joining in and playing different games with various members, and despite not being tied to any specific division - when I see someone I've had the pleasure of chatting / gaming with, I will cast my votes on their promotions (I don't vote on members that I haven't had the pleasure of getting to know). I also try to at least post a welcome message when new members join & post on the introduction section of our forums - This helps to 'bridge the gap' not only in getting to know new members, but also in opening up lines of communication so they can get to know me. Letting them know that no matter the rank, they can reach out with any issues / concerns they may have. While we usually rely on the 'chain of command' mentality, it is important to me that members feel comfortable enough to have the 'option' of reaching out to our higher ranking members, instead of feeling like we are so high in rank that their opinions don't matter, when in fact it is just the opposite. As a matter of fact, I believe that the higher rank you achieve, the more we should strive towards doing everything we can to address the concerns of all our members, and make an active effort to do so. The fact remains, when it comes down to it, we are a GAMING community, and that is the "culture" we have adopted (so to speak). There are some members that are only here to game with each other, and others that focus on administrative accomplishments within our community: If leadership only focused on gaming, nothing would ever change for the better, and we would be completely disconnected from division to division. When games come and go, we wouldn't have a chance to retain members nearly as much as we do, our forums would be a random mess, donations wouldn't get updated, and our community would eventually dissolve. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if all leadership ranks did was administrative duties, there would be a complete disconnect between what is done around the community, and what our members need or want. Leadership wouldn't have the foggiest idea of the best course of action or direction the community was going, because they didn't game and spend time with and around the community members. Again, the community would eventually experience a 'mass exodus' and dissolve. Finding the balance between the two, yields the best possible outcome for OD. We have maintained throughout the years because our "pool" of Generals has been a balance, between "gaming" Generals and "Admin" Generals. As we Generals move up through the ranks, it is designed to help us find the balance within ourselves as well, eventually culminating at the rank of Commander. Understanding this, is one of the first steps towards making sure our community really lasts.
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