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  1. CompFreak(OD)


    Sorry to hear what you and your trial have had trouble with... I'm curious to hear more about how / why your trial was "cheated" (if there is something we can do to remedy the problem so it doesn't happen again to someone else), and what you are referring to when you say that this community "isn't willing to change"? I have not heard any suggestions from you on how we could change for the better? In any case, I too would like to stress you to reconsider, as things aren't going to magically change because of what you think, they will only have a chance to change if you voice your thoughts (we aren't mind-readers). I would really like to hear some of your ideas as to how to improve our community, so if you want, send me a PM and we can discuss them! Either way, I respect your decision to leave, and wish you well in the future 😉
  2. Sorry 'bout that... the game dev's didn't really give us much choice on that one... can't say i've even logged in the game in the past 6 months or so, and stopped my sub last august pretty much when the division died out...
  3. This song has served me well in the past... Hope it brings meaning to you @Sassy 😥
  4. Happy Birthday Buddy!!

    1. PoPs(OD)


      Mr. Dave.....HAPPY B-DAY old man 🙂

    2. Dave(OD)


       thank you

  5. Julie... Words cannot express the sadness that ensues from the loss of a child... My deepest sympathies for your loss, and know that we are here for you if you need us.😥
  6. Moomoo, Thank you for the quick response to my questions. Although I echo the need for a general to be able to speak up in voice chat, and there really isn't any legitimate reason as to why, other than your own personal choice ( I've seen decent mics on amazon for as little as $25) . There is something with text chatting that is inherent, which is that no matter how hard you try, it is highly likely that there will always be someone that misinterprets your meaning when read what you say vs. hearing it. Other than that, I see very little in the way of you becoming a general, and offer my support to you, wishing you luck in phase 2 .
  7. Although I was one of the individuals that nominated you for this eval, I can appreciate and respect your honesty @Hari(OD). Thank you for taking the time to post here, despite your declination this time around. I will save my questions for you, when you are ready to make the jump back to General!
  8. Sorry for the delayed post, typing one-handed for now due to my recent surgery has some drawbacks like pressing the wrong keys once in a while😉. Anyways, here's my 1st question post: Hey @MooMoo(OD)! Thank you for taking the time to post an evaluation for Brig. General! As we've spent many hours playing D3 in the past together, i know your willingness to help others and your friendly demeanor while gaming- first hand. That said, there are a few areas that I would like to ask you about... In reviewing What is generally expected of a Sr. Officer, one merely has to search the site logs and can they will find that you are doing a "better-than-fine" job as a Sr. Officer. You are an active part of D3 Leadership, actively awarding clan medals to members, voting on promotions, attending admin meetings, [I know that you] actively communicate with at least one other General, and I've heard [from other parties] of you resolving or helping to resolve the occasional minor dispute or two. That said, I do have a concern that most of your forum activity resides within the D2 / D3 / gaming sections, compared to the very few posts making your opinions and "voice" heard in the administration section (such as the "Officer's" or "Division Admin" boards), and thus it is a bit of an unknown on where exactly you might stand on some of our recent or possible future issues brought up by members... So here's my first question: If promoted to Brig. General, do you have any plans on increasing your administrative posts on the forums, "making your voice heard"? As most of us have understood, the shift from Sr. Officer to Brig. General is a milestone achievement, both in recognition in the community for past work, and in responsibilities to our members moving forward. The change into the General ranks includes more console powers, global moderation powers in the forums and in ts/discord, etc.. As such, all of our current Generals have the responsibility to probe new potential Generals for their thoughts, ideas, and what they bring to the table, before the community votes on the promotion. My 2nd question for you, is: What are you bringing with you to the table? Do you have any thoughts, Ideas, or advice that you can share here, that you think may improve our members' experience for the future in OD? A General is our community's "go-to" to resolve things all the way from simple member re-enablements/set-ranks to de-escalating sensitive topics and argumentative disputes between members. As others have stated, being without a mic is a huge disadvantage in a community as big as ours, yet I've heard of you being able to resolve some issues brought to you. Could you maybe share with us (without naming names) a particular issue that was brought to your attention, and how you were able to resolve the issue without the ability to speak in voice chat? Were any punishments involved in the resolution? If not, do you think you could make such a decision fairly and objectively, even against those you regularly game with and call friends? I thank you in advance for taking the time to read this post, and I look forward to your responses 😉 !
  9. Welcome to the family @Larocque(OD)! As @MelodicRose(OD) mentioned, we hold community-wide events every so-often such as "Cards Against Humanity" nights, "Drunken Rocket League" night, Chess Tournaments, etc. - So be on the lookout for them on the main website's "upcoming events" calendar, "announcements" section here on the forum site, and sometimes even as a channel near the top of our teamspeak as the event nears! Again, welcome, and we look forward to gaming with you! No matter what game you like to play, chances are at least some of us play them as well, even if there isn't a division / squad for it yet !
  10. You haven't really missed much... Just more of the usual "spend more money on this game" bs, and low-to-no activity in the division... Some of us may still play for a bit on occasion, but other than PvP and World Bosses, there really isn't anything to do other than grind in the endgame... No real group activities or dungeons, except maybe scroll runs? This is what I consider to be one of the bigger downfalls of the game.
  11. That sucks man, hope they will give your $$ back or send you a new one at no additional cost.... A newer feature of some brands of video cards, is that they will have a "silent mode" for their fans to stop completely when the card is below a certain temperature (this is the default fan curve setting on such cards). You can fully adjust the fan curve to your liking using a program like "MSI Afterburner" (free to use / download, and works on 99.9% of video cards). Once downloaded, you can use the program to temporarily set the fans to 100% to diagnose if they spin up properly (not recommended to keep them at 100% for extended time periods due to noise and possible premature failure in the future).
  12. Divisional meetings would be better scheduled for Saturdays, simply because Admin and General's meetings are usually on Sundays... That said, there is nothing scheduled for this coming weekend (June 8 & 9) that I am aware of.
  13. LMAO... if you open up the internals of a PS4, you will see that it's running (i believe) a quad-core amd processor and parts from a $500 budget PC from 7 years ago! What @DBZ(OD) is referring to is the newer "1900-AC" wireless routers, that have a throughput of 1900 mbps, which is actually faster than 1000 mbps, or "gigabit" ethernet "hard wire" connections. Where it becomes a factor, however, is the latency, or "ping" between the unit and the router. More expensive routers usually have a lower latency for the connection.
  14. First things first, if the 'connection' light isn't on / blinking green when a cable is plugged in, it could be one or more of the following issues: 1. Cable damaged or went bad 2. Adapter is turned off / disabled with windows 3. There is a driver problem with the adapter causing windows not to recognize / "see" the device 4. Adapter / motherboard has been damaged by power surge 5. issue with modem/router combo unit due to power surge or other reason I would suggest going through the list above, starting with the cheapest / easiest solution first. Check your windows settings to re-enable the ethernet adapter (if disabled), and if adapter is already enabled, reset it by disabling it and re-enabling manually. Open your device manager and manually check to see if windows has any conflicts / errors in starting or recognizing the device driver. If necessary, "remove" the device and restart the PC, allowing windows to automatically re-install the device upon the next boot up (Wouldn't hurt to do this anyway). Visually inspect the cable going from your router to the computer for any damages, including "pinched" or extreme bends. Ethernet cables have 4 twisted pairs (total 8 small wires) inside them. even if 1 of those small wires is severed, the cable will no longer function correctly (replace cable if necessary). Inspect modem / router combo unit, including "burned electronic" smells (it is a very distinct smell). Also try a different port on the router if you can. After a known power surge, I always make it a point to Unplug the device(s) from the power source, wait 5 minutes (for any capacitors to discharge), while checking for any smoke / "burnt electronic" smells (or visible "scorch marks" on the board), and if all seems okay, then plug back in to start diagnosing what damages may have occurred. Many of today's motherboards have built-in ESD chips that are designed to absorb / dissipate any electrostatic discharges and small surges, but it takes time for them to slowly dissipate the charge, meaning you must unplug the computer for a small amount of time to allow them to work. Some even have been known to purposely route the extra discharge to certain areas of the motherboard, in order to try and protect more expensive components like your cpu, gpu, etc. Hope this rough guide can help to troubleshoot your issue, and if the device is "fried", I agree that purchasing a cheap pci-e ethernet adapter may be the best solution, but first try the above things, as it may not be the onboard ethernet that was damaged, but the cable or modem, in which case spending money on a new adapter won't solve your problem. It is also possible that it's an issue with the modem/router combo unit. Like I said, try cheapest / easiest solutions first. start with software side, move to checking cables and connections, then start replacing parts. if you need further assistance, I can do my best to walk you through it on teamspeak or discord via your phone.
  15. Welcome Nitro! Our community is one that has withstood the test of time since 2001. We do our best to provide a fun, game filled place for our members, where lasting bonds of friendship can be formed, no matter the game you play. If you need help, be it in game or otherwise, feel free to reach out to the community, and chances are many people will offer their assistance. I, for one, pride myself on being able to help members using my computer engineering background to diagnose / troubleshoot their computer issues, my accounting background to answer U.S. Based tax questions, and life experiences to offer advice where applicable. Will there be episodes of "drama" on occasion? Sure, but what community as large as ours doesn't have at least some? There will always be someone that doesn't get along with someone else, and the like, but we try our best to investigate and mitigate issues that arise, with an open-mind and as unbiased as possible. If you happen to play a game that we don't currently have a division for, we welcome you find others that also enjoy the game, start a squad, and if you garner enough members willing to switch their "main game" to it, you could become the next division leader! I highly suggest you dig around our forums and fully utilize all the wonderful information we have to offer! Thank you for your interest in this thread, and again, welcome to the community!
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