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  1. That sucks man, hope they will give your $$ back or send you a new one at no additional cost.... A newer feature of some brands of video cards, is that they will have a "silent mode" for their fans to stop completely when the card is below a certain temperature (this is the default fan curve setting on such cards). You can fully adjust the fan curve to your liking using a program like "MSI Afterburner" (free to use / download, and works on 99.9% of video cards). Once downloaded, you can use the program to temporarily set the fans to 100% to diagnose if they spin up properly (not recommended to keep them at 100% for extended time periods due to noise and possible premature failure in the future).
  2. Divisional meetings would be better scheduled for Saturdays, simply because Admin and General's meetings are usually on Sundays... That said, there is nothing scheduled for this coming weekend (June 8 & 9) that I am aware of.
  3. LMAO... if you open up the internals of a PS4, you will see that it's running (i believe) a quad-core amd processor and parts from a $500 budget PC from 7 years ago! What @DBZ(OD) is referring to is the newer "1900-AC" wireless routers, that have a throughput of 1900 mbps, which is actually faster than 1000 mbps, or "gigabit" ethernet "hard wire" connections. Where it becomes a factor, however, is the latency, or "ping" between the unit and the router. More expensive routers usually have a lower latency for the connection.
  4. First things first, if the 'connection' light isn't on / blinking green when a cable is plugged in, it could be one or more of the following issues: 1. Cable damaged or went bad 2. Adapter is turned off / disabled with windows 3. There is a driver problem with the adapter causing windows not to recognize / "see" the device 4. Adapter / motherboard has been damaged by power surge 5. issue with modem/router combo unit due to power surge or other reason I would suggest going through the list above, starting with the cheapest / easiest solution first. Check your windows settings to re-enable the ethernet adapter (if disabled), and if adapter is already enabled, reset it by disabling it and re-enabling manually. Open your device manager and manually check to see if windows has any conflicts / errors in starting or recognizing the device driver. If necessary, "remove" the device and restart the PC, allowing windows to automatically re-install the device upon the next boot up (Wouldn't hurt to do this anyway). Visually inspect the cable going from your router to the computer for any damages, including "pinched" or extreme bends. Ethernet cables have 4 twisted pairs (total 8 small wires) inside them. even if 1 of those small wires is severed, the cable will no longer function correctly (replace cable if necessary). Inspect modem / router combo unit, including "burned electronic" smells (it is a very distinct smell). Also try a different port on the router if you can. After a known power surge, I always make it a point to Unplug the device(s) from the power source, wait 5 minutes (for any capacitors to discharge), while checking for any smoke / "burnt electronic" smells (or visible "scorch marks" on the board), and if all seems okay, then plug back in to start diagnosing what damages may have occurred. Many of today's motherboards have built-in ESD chips that are designed to absorb / dissipate any electrostatic discharges and small surges, but it takes time for them to slowly dissipate the charge, meaning you must unplug the computer for a small amount of time to allow them to work. Some even have been known to purposely route the extra discharge to certain areas of the motherboard, in order to try and protect more expensive components like your cpu, gpu, etc. Hope this rough guide can help to troubleshoot your issue, and if the device is "fried", I agree that purchasing a cheap pci-e ethernet adapter may be the best solution, but first try the above things, as it may not be the onboard ethernet that was damaged, but the cable or modem, in which case spending money on a new adapter won't solve your problem. It is also possible that it's an issue with the modem/router combo unit. Like I said, try cheapest / easiest solutions first. start with software side, move to checking cables and connections, then start replacing parts. if you need further assistance, I can do my best to walk you through it on teamspeak or discord via your phone.
  5. Welcome Nitro! Our community is one that has withstood the test of time since 2001. We do our best to provide a fun, game filled place for our members, where lasting bonds of friendship can be formed, no matter the game you play. If you need help, be it in game or otherwise, feel free to reach out to the community, and chances are many people will offer their assistance. I, for one, pride myself on being able to help members using my computer engineering background to diagnose / troubleshoot their computer issues, my accounting background to answer U.S. Based tax questions, and life experiences to offer advice where applicable. Will there be episodes of "drama" on occasion? Sure, but what community as large as ours doesn't have at least some? There will always be someone that doesn't get along with someone else, and the like, but we try our best to investigate and mitigate issues that arise, with an open-mind and as unbiased as possible. If you happen to play a game that we don't currently have a division for, we welcome you find others that also enjoy the game, start a squad, and if you garner enough members willing to switch their "main game" to it, you could become the next division leader! I highly suggest you dig around our forums and fully utilize all the wonderful information we have to offer! Thank you for your interest in this thread, and again, welcome to the community!
  6. Check your PM inbox here on the forums... This is not the place for them. 😉
  7. I would have to say that my single, greatest error I've made in OD, happened about 2 years ago, where I acted on impulse in a drunken frustration (about 3/4 liter of scotch in me), "lashing out" on my General / Commander peers. About 8 hours, when I woke up the next morning. After reading what I ended up posting the night before, I immediately realized the error in judgement, and PM'd all the commanders, expressing my apologies, and readiness to face the consequences of my actions. Luckily, this happened in the General's forums, and did not affect the rest of the community. It only hurt myself, in how my peers viewed me. Like I mentioned in my answer to the first question, my reasoning for making the post was out of frustration and drunkenness. This action was brought up in my July eval of 2017 (link HERE), and have learned my lesson well. Since that incident, and still to this day, I continue to refrain from making any posts or using my console once I've started drinking, and will instead defer to my peers. I have run into such situations quite a few times since that incident. But instead of taking action, I reached out to one of a select few administrators I trust to make the right call, to take the appropriate action(s) if necessary, waiting until the next day (while I'm of a clear mind) before doing anything myself. Alcohol is never any excuse for why you did something wrong. I had to learn that one the hard way... I would like to specifically point out an excerpt from my above linked eval, where the mistake I made was discussed: The best piece of advice anyone can give: Mistakes can, and usually will happen, both in life and in OD. How well we learn from our mistakes can play a large role in starting to make up for them. Take responsibility for them, learn from them, and continue moving forward.

    Hell Id watch it

    1. CompFreak(OD)


      o.O hope they don't royally fuck it up... lol

    2. TypeReaL(OD)


      UNTIL I see Rotta the hutt as a jedi master it will always be fucked up

  9. Technically, @Triny(OD) is not a commander, nor a 3 star....lol but anyway, to answer your question: So far this year, my biggest difficulty has been having and making time for all the shenanigans OD has to offer, mostly due to me being an accountant and owning my own firm, and the recently tapered off tax season. In addition, I've recently taken on starting to build a house with my own two hands and some friends and family to help when needed (this past month alone I took down 9-200+ ft trees, some as large as 4ft in diameter at the trunk, to clear the area on my lot for a house!). So yea, I'm a pretty busy guy and do my best to maintain my duties and responsibilities, both in life, and here in OD. How you ask? Very carefully designed time management skills, and prioritization of importance. On occasion, attention to some areas of my life may start to wane when focus shifts to other areas, but then I take a breath, allow myself to delegate tasks that can be handled by others willing to help out, and in the grand scheme of things that need to be done, I do my best to try and keep the balance of the juggling act that is life. Thank you for the great question @Membership(OD).
  10. Ah, thank you again... I knew I remembered reading it somewhere recently...hahaha
  11. Oof... I've fixed it. Good catch, and thank you!
  12. If you would refer to our published rules page on the main website (link HERE), Community Wide Rule #6 states: Respect the decisions of the Generals at all times. If there is a disagreement with a decision that has been made, follow the following process : Report to another General beyond the one who made the decision. Appeal to them and plead your case. If he stands by the decision made, and ONLY then, take your case to a Commander and repeat the process of appealing your case. If the Commander stands by the decision, then there is no further appeals available. This is not the place to discuss a particular member's case. However, as far as I am aware, @Ray(OD)'s case has already been reviewed by a Commander, and It was decided that his demotions remain. Instead of accepting the consequences of his actions, he chose to do what he did. To be clear, Ray left our community on his own accord, and what transpired during his resignation does not necessarily bode well for any "bid" for a return with rank restoration. Just as in life, what we do is one thing, but HOW we go about doing them is a whole other thing. From my own perspective, the entire situation makes me think of the book "Lord of the Flies" for some reason...But enough about that, this thread was created to answer questions about the community and it's leadership, let's try to keep it on track here. Typically, any issue can be brought up during the "open floor" at the end of every monthly Admin meeting. If you or any community member would like a topic brought up for discussion during said meetings, you should contact your division Leader(s) or any Officer+, and if it is a matter that affects the community as a whole, chances are they will invite you to speak at the meeting. There really isn't any 1 person deciding what matters are "important" or "trivial", which is probably why your "meeting study" shows that over half the time is spent on what you personally deem as "trivial". We address ALL matters brought to our attention, "trivial" or not. "One man's trash is another man's treasure" right? What you or I may think is trivial, might actually be a very important matter to someone else. Only Generals+ have the power to re-enable other members, and can only disable / set-rank members that are up to 2 ranks below themselves or below (excluding Commanders, who have the ability to set / disable any rank). The powers and responsibilities associated with being a General are indeed vast compared to even the Sr. Officers ranks, which is why we have our current evaluation and two-phase approval system for someone to become a General. If you review almost any 1-star evaluation that we have in our evaluation storage locker, you will find that how the member handles disputes or issues brought to them is at least touched base on. Why do you suppose that is? I would venture to say that how they answer this question can be indicative of how they would handle themselves and their new powers if they were to pass the evaluation. I can only speak for myself, but every single evaluation thread that is posted, I do my best to handle objectively, doing my best to not allowing my personal feelings towards that individual sway my decision. I try to let their actions and how they respond to my and other member's questions during the eval speak for itself, and only then will I compare what they have showed vs. the rank expectations, in order to make my final decision. I am pretty sure that there are contingencies in place for members of the community to call for an evaluation of a General, if they feel that General is not upholding the responsibilities of their rank (which should be noted in the "Guide to Everything" under Generals Promotions, but I am having trouble finding it myself). If there is not currently such a contingency on this, I would personally agree that there should be. Perhaps one of our Commanders can elaborate more on this @Terra, @Aerineth(OD), @Badboi(OD)?
  13. The bigger question is, would something like that be in the best interest of the community as a whole? What would be the cost / risk of implementing such a system, and for what rewards? All of these types of questions must be asked and answered before we can make even the slightest change to our community or how we do things. Once these and other questions like these can be answered, we can then make an informed decision on which way to steer the community... Most members have no idea what goes into affecting change in a community as large as ours, and just how much effort and time goes into it. We, as administrators, have the huge responsibility of the entire community on our shoulders, and we must first do the "leg work" of trying to answer these types of questions before we even start to formulate what actions would best solve the issue at hand, or even whether it is a real issue that needs to be solved. Depending on the severity of the issue at hand, some changes can take less than a week to implement, others could take months. You see, it's not just whether or not you have a solution to a problem, it also takes communication and input from the people involved in the solution. We would need input from them to say "yeah, we can do that", or "yeah we can do that, but it will take xyz amount of time to implement, and we have other priorities at the moment that need to be fixed asap, but we can put it on the list" (remember they also are 100% volunteers with their time and knowledge). So is it possible? Yes, anything is "possible", but the ideas we have must be researched thoroughly, weighed first in importance, then in cost v. reward, etc., and then brought to a vote in the appropriate forum. I know I've gone a bit in-depth in the process of how to affect change in a community such as ours here... But we do appreciate the input, and will do everything we can to make our community a better place.
  14. A very similar question was answered on page 3 of this thread, asked by Atrayas(OD) and answered by Ghost and Terra... The OD Community "division" was created for those that don't happen to play a specific "main game" that we have a division for, or those that hop around from game to game, division to division, playing a bunch of games, but with no specific division they call 'home". Yes, it is true that many members can be overlooked that are OD Community division, but it is up to them to socialize with others, make themselves known around the community, etc. If they happen to stand out, or go 'above and beyond' what would be expected for their current rank, perhaps someone will put them up for a promotion. If a member feels as though they've "slipped through the cracks" when it comes to promotions, perhaps they should adjust how or how often they interact with others, the way they interact, etc. I've often been hearing much about people getting or not getting promotions, but so and so did, and how come lately, and to be blunt about it, promotions are not "automatic". Contrary to popular belief, most things around here are NOT "automatic". They happen because someone put the time and effort in to earn what they have, and others have put in the time and effort to reward them for it. Like many others have said already, we are ALL volunteers here, from Staff Sergeant, all the way through Commander, and many of us have limited free time to do what we can to help others, answer questions, respond to PM's, and so on. If you feel like someone has "slipped through the cracks", I'd first get in touch with their division leader (if they have one), to make sure they are okay with promoting that member (i'm sure they will tell you why, if not), and put them up for promotion yourself (with valid reasoning) . If that member has interacted with other members, they will vote for or against them. Those of us in the Officer+ ranks are where we are because at some point throughout our OD Gaming careers, someone (or many people) decided that "hey, this person is really fun to chat with, game with, and is helpful to others, recruits into the community, etc., and I want to see them rewarded for their efforts". Obviously, reasons can be much more in depth than that, the higher they are in rank, but I think you get the idea. It should not be up to a select few R&R committee members to pick up the slack of the entire community when it comes to promotions. We have many more W.O's, Officers, Sr. Officers, and Generals that are perfectly capable of keeping "a watchful eye" on members that they think deserve a promotion. This is a duty of all ranks above Enlisted, in my opinion, and if it has come to asking for a committee to be a "backup" for people that haven't received promotions but think they should have received one, perhaps we should start demoting members W.O. and up, for not "upholding" the expectations of their ranks, like we do for Generals? I'd be surprised to see that go over well, but is that what is necessary?
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