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  1. I barely have the time to game at all these days, so I would rather offer it to someone that would get the most use of it... Thank you though @SalinePandora(OD)!
  2. I must have really traumatized you with some spreadsheet or another at one point...hahaha😂! Of course there is MUCH more to life than spreadsheets, but spreadsheets can help you to enjoy THAT much more of it, as @Blind is aware 😉.
  3. Has been updated, and Congrats on the promo!
  4. I've actually posted my setup back in 2017 here: Although, I have had a few upgrades over the past 4 years, namely the chair (secret labs Titan in black suede), 3 monitors (now 27" Predators @ 1440p), keyboard is now a Gskill 780 rgb w/ cherry Mx reds, swapped the mouse for a logitech chaos 900, and added another samsung 1tb m.2 drive just for games, and added a samsung 2.1 surround sound bar for more immersive gaming, but all in all it's pretty much the same setup as the above pics 😉 PS: Bonus points if you can name the PC case I'm using! hahaha
  5. I feel like I can make that shift, and have somewhat proven that I can participate as a general (and in admin duties) while also bouncing around in a more social (gaming?) aspect. I hope to be able to further prove that going forward as I jump back into activity with the Outriders squad and potentially try my hand with Ark. I try to always make myself available, make sure I'm visible on Discord so that people know that I am here and will likely respond to any questions or concerns they bring forward. I have no intention on changing that or making myself less available unless something tragic h
  6. Quite the eval you got yourself into here huh? Some great questions, some great answers, some books... Yep, it's a Commander's Eval alright... haha. Jokes aside, as one of the few members still around that witnessed your rise from the perspective of being a new recruit to the community myself, watching as you rose from Sr. Officer through to where you are now, I can definitely appreciate the comment you made during my last eval, in regards to "seeing you as my equal". While I admire your tenacity and logical thought process, we've certainly had it out on the forums more than a coup
  7. First of all, I'd like to thank you for your quick reply to my questions, and for your candor. As I've said to you privately, even though you may not have given much thought to future goals if promoted, there's something to be said for the ability to own up to it and accept our collective judgement. Owning one's shortcomings is only the first step however... The real trick is to learn from it and move forward. As Aerineth so eloquently said, your biggest strength also happens to be your biggest weakness... However, I have faith that you will continue to do your best to move forward
  8. Radar, in your time as a 1*, I've witnessed you maintaining your standards in helping those around you to learn and grow, in addition to your increased activity / participation on the forums, using your console more often, and continuing to help other D2 members in discord. It was the right decision to give you my +1 on your last evaluation, and you have blossomed as one of D2 division's Pillars. Well done! While it could be said that you either meet or exceed most of the new core expectations of a Major General, there's a few things I would like to see from you moving forward, in
  9. April 2021 Meeting recording has been added thanks to @Zakspeeeed(OD)!
  10. Me too R.ag! Thank you for the kind words 😉. Indeed we haven't really had much in the way of interactions since your return, but that is one of the things that I know I normally do better at... This tax season has really enveloped most of my free time that would normally be dedicated to getting to know members around the community such as yourself. Given your history in OD and your recent taking up becoming the *original* Lead for our WoW division (I really liked your divisional update this month by the way ), showcases to me that I haven't been able to give the ne
  11. Wow... A whole week gone by since anyone posted on your eval, so here's my first question: Nervous much? lol 😉 Your input and contributions to various topics both within and outside of the General's forums can certainly be described as one of your strengths since becoming a General, and you shouldn't sell yourself short there. Despite your work / IRL responsibilities resulting in more of a "behind the scenes" role in OD, you always seem to find a way to be available for members via text chats in discord. I for one, can appreciate and commend you on your efforts in that respect . No
  12. JD.... You certainly have checked most, if not, pretty much all of the boxes when it comes to the listed expectations of a 3 star, and your efforts have definitely been felt across the various divisions of the community. Your being nominated for the rank of 3 star is no surprise to me, given your efforts and contributions thus far. I think it's pretty safe to say that being evaluated for a promotion, no matter what rank you are going for, almost always forces the one being evaluated to self-reflect on their performance / contributions to the community since their last eval (if any
  13. Thank you for the question Matt, but it is exactly for the reason that I don't feel like I've improved enough since my last eval, that I am declining this opportunity for a promotion... Like I said, I think that I've been able to maintain the standards of the 4-star rank over these past 3 months, but because I haven't been able to improve and address some of the concerns brought forward last time, I do not feel that I should be up for a promotion at this time. Thank you for the question! I appreciate your perspective Terra, and thank you for taking the time
  14. Fair enough man 😉. Much appreciate the love & support Ash! Looking forward to the questions~ 🙂 Indeed it was a very difficult decision for me to make, but in an effort to maintain the highest standards of OD's highest rank, I feel like my work over the past 3 months might have been enough to retain the rank of Commander if I had been one already, but I just don't feel it's been quite enough to get there this go around. Thanks for the support Shon! Thanks for the kind words and support man! That Warren Buffet guy is certainly one
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