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  1. Bitcoin mining has really died down over the past year, mostly due to the fact that the hash calculations required to gain any bitcoin now has gotten so complicated that even GPU's trying to run the calculations take longer than what is feasible (electricity cost wise). If you want to mine bitcoin these days, you need to purchase a specialized ASIC card. People are starting to wake up to this fact that if they have to pay for the electricity they use to mine bitcoin, they can barely mine just enough to break even. This is why the used GPU market got flooded last summer, from miners that "woke up" to this fact... Perhaps some will try to use the newer generation GPU's to try mining again, but realistically the cost still doesn't outweigh the benefits... Current ASIC cards can perform roughly the same mining calculations as a 1080TI, but in 1/4 the time and using about half the electricity in the process. Bottom line, if you want to mine, get a few ASIC cards. If you want to game, get a top-tier GPU. Yea, I am having very little issues gaming at 2k resolutions at ultra detail & textures with my GTX1080, running between 60-80 FPS, and I occasionally turn down some settings on games that higher FPS is needed (like First person shooters and games like d3 where split second decisions decide if you clear the rift or not haha). What processor are you running to be worried about "bottlenecking"? Even the 2080TI doesn't bottleneck with an i7... I see people on youtube running even dual 2080ti's in their rigs with no bottlenecking issues even w/ the newer ryzen & threadripper CPUs, and the I7 9000 series are just as (if not more) capable when it comes to gaming. Hell, I'm running an i7 6850k @ 4.4 ghz and it barely gets to 30% utilization while gaming on 1 screen, watching netflix on a 2nd screen, having 4-5 chrome tabs open on a 3rd screen, and watching others stream on discord on the 4th screen. My GPU is pegged and screaming at me, but the CPU doesn't break a sweat! hahaha 😅
  2. I already posted this in the thread below (yesterday) 🤣@Raged(OD) 🤣, but thanks for reposting :
  3. As have I... I was a bit discouraged to find out that this "free" 2fA app from square-enix requires permissions to 'make/receive phone calls'... Kind of intrusive to privacy, but is (according to square-enix) "necessary to synchronize the app to square-enix servers". I would have preferred the option to use my own 3rd party authenticator like "authy" or "google authenticator app", etc.
  4. In addition to expanding the trial, FFXIV is currently having a 50% off sale! (Complete edition for $29.99 USD includes base game, Heavensward, Stormbolood, and Shadowbringers expansion packs, along with 30 days of subscription)
  5. Your code seems to be missing a few lines... Anything multiplied by a constant '0' is still '0' no? 😅
  6. Frank, yours is one of the more difficult evals to truly gauge this period... In knowing that you are known as the "gaming commander", you stepping into the POE division (being one of those "self-sufficient" divisions) seems like a perfect match for you! While still difficult to predict which direction the division will go, due to an admittedly "bad patch" by the game's developers, I have faith that with @Triny(OD)'s recent return and your guidance, we have yet to see the peak of the division. As for your performance since your last eval: There were maybe one or two occasions where I felt your input (or shall we say increased attention) may have been more beneficial to various topics that have come up over the past year, but was found lacking the classic "badboi touch" I became accustomed to over the years. Instead, I've witnessed you becoming more and more withdrawn in your posts, taking more of a "back seat" if you will... Knowing that our votes are due by midnight tonight, and the past year has gone largely without incident or reason to demote you from the "charmanders" pool, I will vote for you to remain as Commander at this time, but would like to hear your thoughts on this either here or in private .
  7. @Aerineth(OD) The level of detail you displayed in your answers to my questions was certainly befitting someone at the rank of Commander, and I am of the opinion that while we all have our struggles / vices, you have made leaps and strides in working on yours. Despite your decision to 'step away', you've come back almost seemingly "with a vengence" in not only what you used to provide for the community, but have taken on new tasks as well. You have my support in remaining a Commander, and I look forward to working with you in making FFXIV a successful division again! With that, I do have one final question for you though... Before you resigned, we had a conversation regarding you "taking me under your wing" so to speak, and in your resignation, you had the following message for me: Considering that I haven't had any opportunity for the other commanders mentioned to take on that request, am I to understand that you are 'willing and able' to fulfill it now that you've returned?
  8. I thank you for your honest responses to my questions Kait! I'm certainly glad you were able to find a connection back to OD, and look forward to your additions / opinions in the upper administration levels moving forward... Hope you are up to the challenge! +1 from me .
  9. @RadarRick(OD) I appreciate your efforts in posting this eval, but I too would have liked to see a response to my questions or at least a response to someone else's questions at some time in the past week... As @Aerineth(OD) has stated, I also would like to see some "new blood" in the general's ranks, but where our opinions differ, is that I feel there isn't much to be gained by artificially bolstering the generals ranks with members that aren't able to contribute to discussions in a timely manner. At the General level, this can be threads as simple as "I did this admin action and this was my reasoning / explanation", or can be a heated debate that could shape the future of OD for the foreseeable future - Without the opinions of our generals, we limit ourselves in how we can improve all of our members' experiences. At this time, I hope all is well with you, and would like to invite you to reach out to me when you can, but cannot offer my support for your promotion. Keep up the good work, and I hope to see better communication from you moving forward .
  10. @PoPs(OD)... I am aware that this is a very busy time for you IRL between work and health concerns, let alone all the "D2 drama" that has become a regular for you to handle. That said, I wish you could have found time to make even a "I'll respond to questions as soon as I can" post in here, or even reached out to myself and others that have unanswered questions, privately. As you are quite aware, we Generals regularly have issues that come up which require reasonably timely responses (a week or sometimes less). With that, I am all but forced to vote against your promotion to 4 star at this time, and hope all is well with you. Please feel free to reach out to me any time my friend 🙂.
  11. It seems you have done quite a bit of maturation both in your RL and within OD since your last time around. You have my support for your promotion to 1* General, but know that attaining this rank (and higher) means more and more work / time into the community. I look forward to seeing what you bring to the "big table" and wish you the best of luck in phase 2!
  12. By no means am I faulting you for stepping down from the position of General in the past - "RL and family comes first" isn't just a saying around here 😉. That said, I am willing to support your promotion back to the General's pool, but find myself echoing some of @Terra's thoughts about it being a "revolving door" for you... I look forward to being able to work with you at the administrative level again.
  13. Thank you for your honest response @Terra! I believe that your contributions and performance since your last eval has proven your dedication and drive towards making OD a better place for all in the coming months. With that, I see no current reason why you shouldn't remain a Commander. Thank you for all your hard work, I approve .
  14. JD, I'd like to thank you for your thorough responses to my questions. As Others have stated already, we all have our flaws we need to recognize and constantly strive to improve on. I feel your sincerity in doing this already, as I've witnessed your transition to the "bullet style" responses and posts since it was brought up. I'll keep this 'short and sweet' - You have my support in being promoted to a 2* General, and wish you the best of luck in phase 2.
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