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  1. Thanks for the kind words and support Aerineth!
  2. Thank you for the support! I do usually try to jump around and at least say hi every once in a while πŸ˜‰
  3. Thank you for your input and kind words Dabomb, and I certainly plan on continuing to work on improving myself in order to better serve the community! To be honest, this really both surprises and humbles me. Thank you for your insights, and no matter where this eval takes me, I will continue to work towards bettering myself (including not overthinking problems and under-thinking solutions to them), and what I can offer the community, as best I can πŸ˜‰. It was my pleasure! I hope I was able to answer them sufficiently for you, and if you have any further or follow-up questions, please feel free to reach out to me via TS, Private message, etc., and I will be happy to oblige.
  4. I've struggled to come up with some questions for you this eval period.. I would firstly like to thank you for nominating yourself for this eval. That said, posting your eval on the 11th hour of the deadline, then waiting 3 days (till Saturday) to respond to any questions asked, with our General's votes due Monday (today), leaves very little wiggle room with having the necessary time to ask our questions and have them answered, and frankly is a bit surprising considering you nominated yourself, so one could say that you planned it that way... However, you mentioned that you had some unexpected turn of events this past week, so we'll chalk it up to that... πŸ˜‰ In any case, I find myself echoing some of the concerns brought up by others here, and think that for now, making you aware of some things we feel you need to work on is sufficient (because knowing you, you will strive towards rectifying them). I don't feel that you've done anything in particular that would warrant a demotion, and as long as you work on improving your contributions, I feel that your remaining a commander will benefit the community more than otherwise at this time. That said, I do have some optional questions for you: Do you have any concrete plans in regards to turning our current decrease of activity / memberbase around? If so, care to share them with us? Statements like this lead me to asking, do you wish to remain a Commander? And if roles were reversed, would you vote for someone with your background and actions over the past year, to remain a commander? Thank you for taking the time and posting this eval again!
  5. Yours is one of the more difficult evals this period for me, not just because it is a "stay or demote" option, but because there is very little to actually base my decision on, so I am essentially reduced to comparing what I've witnessed, the logs, and your contributions to discussions, as your performance over the past year with what is expected from our Brig. Generals... Reviewing the expectations of a 1-star, as posted in the "Guide to Everything OD": Given your lack of activity both in the website logs and on the forums (even if we were to exclude the past 4 months), the only expectation that I can viably attest that you've met, is the part about voting on General evaluations... The other expectations such as being a pillar of your division, actively being available for your division members, and helping Officers within your division, are all things that are questionable, but none are really addressed in this eval as something that you list that you have done over the past year, so am I left to assume you haven't really met those expectations? Attending meetings is not something that by itself is a demotable reason, as we all have busy schedules, and some have differing time zones, but an overall lack of participation at the very least in topics that arise in the General's board in conjunction with missing the meetings, becomes quite concerning (again, even if we were to overlook the past 4 months). You mention the opportunities that being a General in OD offers, yet your actions (or lack thereof) have shown that you aren't taking advantage of them, as addressed by Terra. Something I've come to learn quite well, is that actions do speak louder than words, and in your responses to Aer's questions, you list things that you have plans to do starting in 2020 Q1... It is great to have aspirations and plans on helping to grow the community, and I certainly look forward to seeing what you can bring to the table! As far as remaining a 1-star General until then, however, I feel is unnecessary for you at this time, and isn't something that is required for any of your listed plans... What we strive for in all of our leaders, and one of the main reasons we promote them, is for their participation and contributions (and I'm not talking monetarily) to our community, which is why you were promoted to 1 star a year ago, but since then, has been severely lacking on your end. What we must practice (similarly to what JFK said many years ago to the American people), is to "ask not what OD can do for you, but what you can do for OD", and put things into motion that will work towards nurturing and bettering our divisions and overall community. Us Generals must constantly work on this, and constantly prove to the community that we are deserving of our ranks, as we are currently the only ranks that can be demoted for our lack of performance. I have much respect for all that you are accomplishing and working towards in life (juggling a crazy hectic schedule like that - in and of itself is a superior time management accomplishment, and you should be applauded for it!), and I offer my support if there is anything I could potentially assist you with... I see quite a lot of potential in you moving forward, and would like to see another eval from you in the near future, once you've had some time to put some of your plans for OD into motion .
  6. Congrats to all the winners! A Big Thank You to all that nominated and voted on these awards! Also, a shout-out to @Purplez(OD) for hosting them!
  7. Badboi, I thank you for putting yourself up for eval, and owning the accountability portion of your rank. I realize it is a bit late to have any questions answered before votes are required to be in, so I will voice my +1 for you to remain at rank ahead of time... As you have mentioned earlier in this eval regarding your "lagging commitments" in the Rules Committee, what steps do you have in mind to spark more activity in the committee?
  8. Thanks for asking! I'll try to answer as best I can... I have reached a balance of constantly being overwhelmed in most of my life aspects, which comes hand in hand with everything I find myself involved in, with OD and outside of OD... I would say that at this current point in my personal life, no, I do not feel overwhelmed, simply because I know for a fact that it can always be worse / more complicated... Somebody, somewhere, always has more things to deal with than you do at any given moment. Because I fully believe that this is the case, my answer to your question is no, I do not feel overwhelmed, and do my best to just focus on the task at hand... As much as I deal with on a daily basis, be it business, personal, or OD related, there is always going to be somebody out there that has it 10x as complicated or worse than me. I don't delve into feeling "overwhelmed" at all. Even during the first half of the year, when I find myself spending 100+ hours per week at work, only to come home to helping people with computer builds, or if I'm helping friends & family with car or home repairs sometimes, I tend to focus on the moment and do what I can, when I can. If I ever feel like I can't keep up the pace, I do have a select few that I may rely on to vent my frustrations of course, but in the end, it is really up to the individual to decide on how to continue moving forward. One way or another, you either end up laying in a fetal position on the floor, or you stand up and take control of your future... I am one of the latter group (though I have been known to use Scotch as a crutch on occasion, but therein lies another balancing act in and of itselfπŸ˜‰ ). On a constant basis , every year from roughly February to May. As an accountant, tax preparer, and business owner, the first half of every year comprises of me spending anywhere from 90-110 hours per week at work. That pretty much consumes the entirety of my week, other than sleep, to working. How I'm able to do this, is by leaving my personal, gaming, and OD time, to sundays, which I set a personal boundary for, because I refuse to work on a Sunday. As much as a necessity it is to dedicate time for things you NEED to do, it is important to set aside time and boundaries for things you WANT to do as well. Otherwise, I have found that you can become "burnt-out" too quickly, and too often. For some people, you may need just 1 day per week set aside that you can relax, other individuals may require two, and others may require multiple evenings after work, throughout the week, in order to have their balance. Everyone has a different required balance, but I've personally found that I can function effectively as long as I have at least 1 day per week away from work responsibilities. πŸ˜‰ Having a team of 3 or a team of 20 individuals doesn't differentiate between the quality of those that are donating their time, and no matter how much money you throw at something, it will only be as effective as the least involved individual, as I've come to learn in my experiences... We are a community of many people, playing many different types of games, and as such, the more people involved in trying to help the community (whether it's recruiting, hosting events, resolving issues, helping to code website updates, or helping to create an inviting atmosphere), the more effective it will be. That said, if you told me that "we have $500 to spend, and 3 dedicated members willing to donate a minimum of 10 hours every week, what should we spend it on?", my first question would be how their skills measure up, because we could definitely use that much more help towards improving & updating our website, forums, and overall web-presence (after @R.agnarok(OD) vetting them of course), which would help improve our Quality of Life factor for all members, and in turn, our overall health as a community. I guess the real question is the skill-set of the members that are volunteering their time and effort toward the cause? Monetary donations are truly more of a factor towards "keeping the lights on", which I have, and will always support, and there will always be something else that people may want to donate towards, as is the purpose of the "donation emporium" that @Terra led the creation of. Thank you for the great questions @snicker66(OD)!
  9. Short but loaded question... I like it! Like I've stated, it is difficult to resolve community wide issues due to the inherent bureaucracy that comes with a managing a community such as ours, but at the same time, it is due to this bureaucracy, that we often reach the best compromise between differing ideas to solve the problem at hand. A necessary evil, if you will... Where I feel we fall short sometimes, is when we have leaders that are either "too busy" to post their opinion / ideas, or they feel that their opinion has already been represented by someone else, so they don't care to speak up - as exampled by some posts in the General's forum where it was required that some of our more "silent" generals post before other, more vocal members were allowed to weigh in. We can definitely improve on our communication between each other, and in turn, with the community. In contrast, I feel that with our current group of Generals, we are quite proficient in resolving matters between members, and this has had a huge role in reducing the amount of "drama" that I've witnessed in the community - That doesn't just go for our Generals, but many Officers / Sr. Officers have had a part in this as well, which definitely puts a smile on my face πŸ™‚. Thanks for the good questions! Since I've been a member of OD (roughly 4 years now), I pride myself on being able to offer my help and experience with building / troubleshooting computers to all members, because I enjoy it, and it is my pleasure to help out when I can. πŸ˜‰ I think that all Generals should make an effort in order to better serve our community, and as such, should post an eval whether they are required to do so or not, at least once a year. Even though I'm not sure on how such a rule change would go over with my General peers, It would keep us Generals "on our toes" a bit more, rather than getting "comfy" once we've obtained a rank. I believe it would also serve to motivate us to constantly work towards doing better, not just for ourselves, but for our community. As far as seeming "stand-off-ish" with my peers, I don't recall a particular instance in which I intended a personal attack, and if there was, I do apologize... If you have a specific example in mind, I could maybe offer a more direct explanation, but I've tried to be the one usually pushing for attacking a problem, not an opposing debater (ever since I've learned that lesson in the past, the hard way). When an opposing idea is presented, I try to work through their viewpoint, taking note of any flaws I may see, that a more nefarious / devious member could take advantage of, and try to propose some type of compromise or (what I may think to be) a better solution. I realize that it may seem to come out as being "stand-off" with them, but I assure you, that it is unintentional probably 95 - 99% of the time. We all have the common goal of doing what we think is best for the community, and I do my best to keep that in mind. We ourselves may sometimes be blinded by our own thoughts towards unintended repercussions of our ideas, and I feel as though I would be doing a disservice to the community if I didn't raise a concern when I see an issue with one. That goes for my own ideas, and try to take any constructive criticisms noticed by my peers, as well. The thing that irritates me the most about other leaders... hmm... I'd have to say that the lack of activity on topics presented in the General's forum by some of my peers, is one thing that grinds my gears. It is an easily rectifiable problem to have, yet still occurs because of one reason or another. I deal with this by being that much more active myself, trying to "lead by example" if you will, and picking up the slack if need be. This community is much bigger than 3 or 4 individuals, and as such, should require that much more to help guide and nurture it. Every opinion matters, no matter how small, but if you don't speak up, your voice won't be heard at all, and it could be construed as not contributing anything. I am not one that "fears" too many things in life, but one thing that many people fear is death. I too fear death, but of the community. As such, do as much as I possibly can in order to help the community grow and succeed. This is probably my driving force for all that I do for this community, because it has always been a place for me to "come home" to, and I want it to keep moving forward... Over these past four years, I've been able to form bonds of friendship all throughout OD, and can only hope that I have impacted some people in some shape or form, the way that many of you have impacted on me. I guess the one person that has impacted me the most, would be my recruiter, Dave(OD): Without whom, I would never have known this great community to begin with. Because he recruited me and introduced me to this wonderful community, I could say that every impact after joining, was inherently his doing, so thank you @Dave(OD)! πŸ˜‰ This question could be one of the more difficult questions for me to answer... I would have to say that learning how to work in a team comprised of all very different personalities, with all different kinds of viewpoints, and differing opinions - is one thing that sticks out in my mind as pretty high on the list of importance. Without the ability to do so would cause a collapse, so it is really a necessity for us Generals to learn to be proficient in looking at things from different perspectives in order to reach the best possible solution to a problem. No one person has all the answers, so we must rely on each other in order to work towards our common goal of solving the issue at hand with a collective "best solution"! Thank you for the thought-provoking questions Badboi!
  10. Thanks for the kind words DaBomb! To be honest, I put myself up for this eval with the intentions of just keeping my 3 star rank, and because of the fact that I haven't done an eval in a year... That said, If my General peers and the community feels that I am deserving of a 4th star, I won't say no, and would be happy to accept it. However, when I think of a 4-star General, I guess I just put it up on a pedestal to the point of me not feeling like I've done enough to earn it, especially with my limited activity during this past summer (due to my hand injury).
  11. Hey Sincker66, thank you for submitting an eval this period! You certainly have quite the workload of different work responsibilities and obligations outside of OD, which was pretty much anticipated during your previous eval, but I do have a few questions for you... This is not in the website logs (during the past year), could you please elaborate? According to the logs during the past 1 year, your console activity consisted of just 1 password reset, re-enabled 2 members, 1 trial member denial, and voted on 6 member promotions. Could you please elaborate more on what you meant when you say that you "acted as a console for members"? During your last eval, you emphasized on wanting to become more involved with the administrative side of the community, being available for helping members with your knowledge, and socializing more with community members. Your busy schedule is in dire conflict with most of these goals, and as such, it is difficult to say, from a 3rd party perspective, that you've made good on any of them over the past year. For someone that puts so much emphasis on wanting to be or actually being more involved, your activity shows the exact opposite of what one would expect to see... What things would change if you were to remain a General of OD, especially considering that your schedule is so packed? I'm curious, which theories have you learned in Law and Finance that would apply to OD? How would you apply them to propose bettering the community?
  12. Thanks for the questions Sunset! We all have flaws, there is no denying that. Some we are aware of, and some escape our knowledge. I am no exception to this... One flaw I have learned that I have, is that I constantly think about how things could go wrong, trying to anticipate and adjust preemptively, rather than being patient and take the "let's try this that way, and wait and see" approach (which most people tend to do). It has served me well for some situations, but it is important to keep a balance in everything (something I have always struggled with, and am constantly working on, as noted in my previous evals). Learning from your mistakes and flaws is what separates us from insanity (doing the same things the same way, over and over again, but expecting a different result), so it is important to always be on the lookout to recognize, self-reflect, and keep an open mind when others are kind enough to help you recognize some of your flaws with their constructive criticisms πŸ˜‰. This is one reason that I actually enjoy these evals, because it can be very useful to open your own eyes as to how you are doing and what you can do to improve yourself - and not just in the community. As others can testify, things that we can learn in a community such as ours, we can, and have applied to our daily lives and life experiences, not just here, but through many aspects of our lives. To answer your 2nd question, I believe that we are experiencing a "downturn" in OD right now. If you'll review some of my responses to others' questions above, I have spent much time in thinking of ways to approach our current situation, and have come up with trying to improve certain aspects of the R & R Committee. Taking some first steps in order to swing the tides back in a favorable direction by working to include more members, and trying to improve on ways to make it easier / more appealing to members in having a greater involvement in the community. This is how I intend on approaching this problem, but I am but 1 of many people working on a solution. Just as I believe our situation is caused by many factors, I believe it will take many approaches and different ways to course-correct, and it will take the efforts of many members of all different ranks working towards our common goal, in order to really succeed.
  13. So sorry I'm not one that enjoys "stirring the pot"? lol, That is to say, unless I feel a sense of urgency to resolve what I feel is a major problem, as I have been known to do so in the past... But I like to think that I've learned from my past mistakes at the very least, and try to take a bit longer to reflect and work through things before reacting... Perhaps some good questions will bring some controversy or thought-provoking ideas? I look forward to them! Thanks for the questions DBZ! It's difficult to speculate why exactly we've experienced a drop in membership, but if I were to guess, I'd say we've recently experienced the perfect storm of 3 main factors: Back to school time (historically we always have a drop in activity & membership this time of year) , a significant lack of new / exciting / popular games to play, and a few of our key recruiting members being IA due to personal reasons (including some of our most historically successful recruiters). All of these things contribute just a little bit to a drop in activity / membership, but combined, we're experiencing some of the lowest member counts we've had in many years... Some things we can all start doing to grow the community again, is leading by example in making ourselves available to other members regularly (in game and in ts / discord), and taking the time to guide / help new players in our games. In my experience, helping someone level or gear up in a game, will make people more receptive to joining a clan/community - creating a 'shoe-in' for us to pick up the slack in recruitment efforts that we've experienced. This is not to say that some leaders haven't already been doing this, but bringing it out in the open could spark an influx of new recruitment efforts. Some great questions MooMoo! I'll try to answer as best I can, but I'll apologize for the lengthy response ahead of time... πŸ˜‰ To clarify, when I stated my goal to "Try and spark a new interest in the Recruit & Retention Committee, in an effort to boost activity and growth for OD.", it was not intended as trying to get people to join the committee, but rather to spark an interest among the members of our community into contributing something. When I first started the R & R Committee, my thoughts were more towards trying to get members to collectively help struggling divisions with recruitment, and provide a place to bounce ideas to help keep members active and stick around, in order to help give the idea the best way to succeed. I've since then, come to the realization that: Division leaders can be hesitant to request help to begin with, and by the time they reach out to anyone, it becomes a race to get new recruits to revive the division, before they drop below the minimum 10-member requirement to stay a division. It is difficult to find members that have a specific game for a division, that isn't already a part of it, or has the means of investing both their money in the game and their time to try and help with recruiting, with little to no recognition for their efforts. As far as the retention aspect of the committee, it has been pretty difficult to get people to open up about what they'd like to see happen to either help to retain members, or changing their minds about leaving us. However, there has been a few successful things that the R & R Committee has aided with, such as "Cards Against Humanity Nights" hosted by me, and a couple instances of "Recruitment Contests", hosted by Dave(OD). I've also come to the realization that when a member wants to host an event or hold a contest, going at it all alone is a very daunting task that requires much effort for one member to accomplish. Scheduling, promoting, getting prize approvals, setting rules / dates for the contest, then actually hosting the event are all things that goes into hosting / preparing for an event... I feel as though the Retention part of the R & R Committee, would better serve OD as not just focusing on retaining our members, but also as an aid or helping-hand, open to all members, as a "sounding-board" for members of the entire community to bounce their ideas off of. Helping to get approvals for rewards & prizes, helping advertise / schedule events, helping to create a place to host them (i.e. ts / discord channel creation), etc. - are all things that the members of the R & R Committee can help our OD members with. Be it hosting fun activities for the whole community, having recruitment contests with prizes, or any other idea that someone may have, I want to make bringing it to the R & R Committee, is to bring your idea to a place you can post and get some feedback from other like-minded members to make it better or more successful. Whether it's helping members to schedule their event so that it doesn't conflict with other events on the calendar, or if you want to offer rewards & prizes (like OD T-shirts or personal temporary ts/discord channels, rank promotions, medals, etc.), or needing the generals' approval to offer such prizes, the committee can offer the means to request them and help to make your idea become a reality. Participation will be open to any and everyone in the community, so if you have an idea or event proposal, or if you need a place to bounce your ideas off of, speak up or post in the committee board! In order to "spark" this fuse, I plan on getting in touch with some of our social media leaders to not only help advertise and promote the interactive direction of the committee, but also to work in conjunction with the committee for events & contests that members would like to host. With some luck, this will help to maintain the member-driven friendly atmosphere that I think of when I think about OD - a place that people want to contribute towards. I expect that OD as a whole, has, and will continue to evolve with the times. As long as there are members willing to contribute their time and efforts, I expect we will continue on for many years to come. Along with adjusting with the times, which most people are all for (including things like updating our website, modifying our expectations for different ranks of members, etc.), comes inherent issues such as finding / vetting members with the required coding skills that are willing to volunteer their time and effort to help modernize our website / VoIP, or be it navigating through the bureaucracy enacting changes on a community-wide scale (which is a scaled constant in any non-dictatorship, that as the number of people affected increases, it becomes more and more difficult to affect change, no matter if it is a gaming community, a town, or an entire country). We as leaders, must not only weigh our own opinions when discussing such changes, but be proficient in adjusting our own thoughts / ideas / perspectives, to try and include the needs and wants of as many members we can, all while trying to accomplish what's best for the community as a whole. That is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in my opinion - no matter how good of an idea we may have to fix a problem, you can't make everyone happy, and there will almost always be some sort of differing opinion or opposition on how best to resolve an issue. Some hurdles we have overcome in the past, and some we will continue to face moving forward - such as the dips in activity and member counts associated with time passing / games losing interest / drama between members (not everyone will get along all the time). The thing that separates us from any other clan that I've witnessed, is that OD isn't limited to just one game or another. As I've stated before, games will come and go, but the friendships and bonds we create by interacting regularly with each other here in OD, will help us continue to persevere. Are we or will we ever be a perfect community? Probably not, but we don't live in a perfect world, and you can't please everyone. We can only do our best to weather the storm (*see above response to Dbz's question), and continue to provide a place where people all over the world can come and interact, play games, and have fun together. I hope I've answered some of your concerns, and thank you for taking the time to post on my eval!
  14. I recently downloaded POE to give it a try: Account Name = Compfreak(OD) 1st toon name = Comp_Bow I am working on a ice ranger currently, so hit me up in game or on TS if you want to run together or have any tips / tricks for me πŸ˜‰
  15. Thank you for hosting the awards @Purplez(OD)! Just out of curiosity, what what the final tally of nominations received?
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