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  1. Poké Catcher Not sure if we could have it work in a certain channel but I think some people would find this fun to play.
  2. https://www.ownedcore.com/forums/world-of-warcraft/world-of-warcraft-general/wow-instances-raiding/98045-guide-hit-rating-spell-hit-expertise.html
  3. So it is happening. Hope to see more people. I would love to get some help on Ashkandi on building a good team.
  4. This guy is nasty in nm and hell. Taking the waypoint to inner can be deadly.
  5. Interesting stats for poison damage 4% mana ring at level 9?
  6. Doesnt even say the ED% Nope you cant buy mana pots!
  7. That was a terrible thing. Heres a pic of an amulet. Check out the level req. I will post more as time goes along.
  8. I am going to be exploring ways to play these versions of the game. I was thinking VPNs and also thinking of getting a server made to play it as well with ladders and such. I have original discs. I will not share my CD Keys as you must have your own. But I Can share the ISO file somehow. The issue is in the past I have had troubles using CD emulators. Maybe someone can help me with this?
  9. I am a person of not many words. I know pops is a good person. I am not able to give a negative vote or an over the top positive vote. This is mostly because I am not very active around the areas that he has been. At times I am in my own zone playing world of warcraft classic. But Pops is active. And he is helpful. I am new to being and officer and need to work a little more at that. With us loosing Julie (Sassy) it also makes this a little more difficult for me to give more thought. Along with other personal things that are going on. Best of luck to you Pops.
  10. Much love. I wanted to visit her. I will hope to visit her still in the future. Huggs to everyone. MY fiance and I really loved Julie alot. I Really want to pay my respects to her and your family. My Email is Mr.Leochase@gmail.com
  11. I understand how you guys feel. I want the same thing. It Just does not work with this type of thing. People like diff styles of gameplay. Maybe we could do a PVE and a PVP server.
  12. I am working on personally preparing for it. I am looking to see who has any interests in it. Please leave a response to what interest you have if any. Also again I want to pull everyone together so that we can grow together as a division. Please note the type of server you want to be on and if you are horde or alliance. The plan is this time choosing up to 4 different servers. 2 alliance 2 horde. Pve and pvp. I want to be smart. Lets choose ones without long lines. Personally im expecting the same long lines as classic vanilla. Also I want to have some prep work for ev
  13. Not much. Today I will be making some gold in the morning. Then off to work on my enchanting with my DPS warrior. What about you guys and girls? Lets show some activity here. Representing Overdosed in Ashkandi Horde PVE.
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