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  1. Will be gone from 12th-19th for family emergency travels.

    1. MineNotYour(OD)


      Wish you well, Your family is In my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Update: Just found out this event is going to clash with Admin/Generals meeting.. so we will move this event to the 17th at the same time.
  3. It's been a hot minute, friends! Recently, Among Us released a new map to play on.. so let's play again! I will be hosting an Among Us game night on Saturday, April 17th at 7pm Central Time! Everyone is welcome to join, but if you could please fill out the poll here or on Discord if you intend to join so we know how many people we can expect - it would be appreciated! Non-OD members are also welcome (one of us, one of us!). Depending on the turnout for this one, I may host another one in May that potentially includes some of the mods that people have made for the game
  4. I appreciate your honest feedback, that's my whole purpose of writing up this eval. You are right, I do dislike bothering others and asking for help but acknowledge it's something I need to start doing going forward. Regarding the social media team and wanting to provide better support, like I had mentioned in our private messages - I am more than willing to have some discussions on your ideas and feedback, just let me know when. I have my schedules out through July currently.. I am sure we can find a time that works for all of us to sit down and have a good chat. I'd actually look forward to
  5. I just want it to be known that I messaged Aerineth and JD very concerned-like about what happened here.. only for @LightningWolves(OD) to inform me that today is April Fool's day. You are all on my angry list today >:C Terra, while you do great work as a commander and I do not anticipate to want your demotion anytime soon - I do want to make sure some concerns are aired from my side and some things I have heard in passing. I intended on nominating you just to air feedback and concerns and hope to encourage the others who have made comments in passing to do the same, so I am gla
  6. This thread was just created to let everyone know some leadership changes and how the team will be divided up (in a sense, we are still all be working together) going forward. I will be messaging you by this weekend about your interests towards the Discord team, just getting fully settled and involved before I move into that 😄
  7. What has noticeably changed is the lack of members in the group and the lack of consistent posting occurring, which is problematic and demotivating to me. I've also had the general feeling of sole leadership for a bit of time now - which has been somewhat difficult in a sense when you are nocturnal. I want to have meetings and I want people to come to me with their ideas and interests - but after several attempts to advertise on the Discord and in community meetings I have been left without much. I've heard from leaders that there are people interested and that they will come to me to discuss
  8. Not the largest fan of that type of music, but my dad listened to stuff like that alot when I was growing up - so I have an appreciation for it in a way and occasionally will listen to it when I feel homesick hah 😛 I'll number your questions, makes it a little easier for my brain if you don't mind 😄 Like I had mentioned several times before, community game night are the best way to go, in my opinion. It'd be lovely to see them done more consistently and potentially more often rather than helter skelter adding them in every so often. We are originally all here to game, so finding g
  9. "The way things are being handled is kind of demotivating.. feel free to call me whiney again for saying that." - Nov. 29, 2018 "Disappointed." - Nov. 19, 2018 "The future seems brighter" - Oct. 31, 2017 "Truly amazing how things work out for others that would never be allowed to for some of us" - Oct. 12, 2017 "How does Rose really feel.. at a standstill with anything she wants to get started. I guess I'm just feeling extremely down today ^^.." - Sept. 4, 2017 "Someday I'll see my name up there ~" - Sept. 1, 2017 "Giving up for a pretty decent a
  10. Heya there 😄 I will start out by saying that you have my full support for the 2* no matter what your answers to the questions I'm about to ask you are. You meet every core requirement of the Major General rank and I see no reason not to support this promotion. Your activity on forums and in discussions has noticeably increased (something I was concerned about in your first evaluation) and your overall activity as a leader in the Diablo 2 division cannot go unnoticed. You are one of the most active folks I see in their voice channels, and I often see several people in there with you.
  11. I would say Aerineth. He was my active mentor while I lead the FFXIV division and helped me learn the ropes as I climbed through the ranks during that time. He assisted me and mentored me in leadership duties and expectations, to which I passed onto Kira (ex-OD, up and coming officer from FFXIV at the time). To this day, I still bother him with questions, sometimes really dumb ones, and he still is willing to help me out and answer anything I throw at him. Other notable members - Terra (oh god) and JD (probably my closest friend in OD at this point). I've had several that stick out to me
  12. I see what you've done here 😛 I've actually spoken to you recently about joining the Discord team and getting properly trained and made up to speed to help alleviate some of the stress on your end and assist in any current plans/future plans regarding the Discord. The plans for that integration onto the team start on Wednesday, so I'm unsure entirely what you are violently tossing me into, but I'm excited to busy myself with the thought 😛 I wouldn't say something is "missing" regarding the Discord team, but having more people involved that know how the behind the scenes of Discord works woul
  13. Thank you for the questions 😄 Social media isn't going to go anywhere if we are so few and if there is a lack of interactions. My first goal is to continue to advertise that the team is recruiting people who are interested in posting content on the Twitter or the Facebook page. I had been posting on forums that we are recruiting, but forum activity as a whole since the move to Discord has been on a decline. This will likely continue especially with the effort to make recruiting more feasible through the Discord and not through the website directly. Because of this, moving discussions,
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