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  1. Happy to see you're back around here. I didn't interact a whole lot with you back in the day (shy potato SilentMelodies at the time) BUT I recognized your name immediately in discord. Looking forward to having more weather chats with you, that was fun :). Also looking forward to seeing what your plans are, the ideas you've shared thus far are exciting :3
  2. You.... I need you to take my haunter and kadabra feed each a rare candy return as their evolved formsΒ 

  3. Yay you look beautiful in blueΒ 

    I always had so much faith in you and I knew you would pass phase 2 and I also know you will be a great general love you loads kait πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

    1. MelodicRose(OD)


      Thank you Julie T_T...

      Blue is my favorite color.. I think it fits well @.@...

      Love you bunches ❀️

    2. Terra


      I didn't know you would pass phase 2, I thought you were totally screwed. I'm glad to see I was wrong though. =P

    3. MelodicRose(OD)
  4. Hey! I just spoke with Purps and went ahead and re-enabled you. Let us know if you'd like a name change (only mentioning this as your forums name is very different from your OD name). Welcome back & make sure to keep your DSL low πŸ™‚
  5. Why is Hamilton so good 😞

  6. You already have me added, but looking forward to playing sometime πŸ™‚
  7. I'M NOT EXCITED, I'M DEFINITELY TRYING NOT TO MAINTAIN COMPOSURE. *This is exciting and kait is very excited and looks forward to playing with you in the future*
  8. I am glad to see that you're back and look forward to seeing your face around here again πŸ˜›
  9. if I die in this heat you and @Sassy split my worldly possessions

    1. Sassy


      Omg Scottie you do make me laugh πŸ˜‚Β 

    2. Terra


      Nobody wants your pot plants.

    3. TypeReaL(OD)


      But baby kait


  10. Good Afternoon πŸ™‚ I'd also like to make amends, no reason to hold onto bad blood and as I had mentioned several posts earlier - I would not like to keep holding onto such negativity and have wanted to work on resolving things that happened in the past. I thank you for your feedback and will use it to move forward. Regarding your question about mentorship - while I was leading FFXIV, I was working on raising KiraMiramoto up to officer standards and teaching him what I was also learning from Aerineth. In the end, he ended up not sticking around in OD (for several reasons). My intention in Minecraft was to also support SalinePandora in his leadership qualities and assist him/advise him when necessary - but this has been put on hold due to IRL struggles on both parties sides.. and now the changes in division leadership that are happening behind the scenes. The future will only tell how that unfolds. Hi Pops πŸ˜„ I definitely feel responsibility for the decline of FFXIV, but I was also firmly opposed to forcing people who join the Free Company (equivalent to a guild/clan/etc) to join the website. I wanted to create a positive gaming environment as a whole, and if the members wanted to join - then that was even better. My goal was to create a welcoming environment that would paint OD in a way that people would be interested in joining on their own, without forced membership to play with us. I will forever think that and wish that, and it makes me happy to see that the current squad revival is still operating under that idea. Regarding why I feel guilty, I had been away for a long period of time due to school and did not adequately delegate tasks out to my fellow leaders to help keep things lively and interactive. Things basically fell off while I was away, people left the community but kept playing the game. I came back from that break for school to see.. nothing really left. So in the end, I do hold a lot of responsibility for lack of proper leadership & delegation towards the end of FFXIV's lifeline, and if anything it has been a learning point for me. I tried to do it all, and in the end it simply doesn't work, especially when life steals you away.
  11. Thank you for your comments and positive words, I honestly appreciate them quite a bit - especially with those words coming from you. I think I can manage sticking to my current path, I've surrounded myself with people and environments that are bit more positive and tried to continue to work on being more productive with my unhappiness towards topics and situations rather than post a snappy comment without much thought. I hope I can continue to strive towards the potential you see in me and continue on a path that would make others see the same.
  12. Please keep the amusing stuff going on Evals T_T" It's so refreshing to see ya'll joking about stuff on these LOL Type, you never fail to impress me with the things you request from Aerineth XD *don't smite me for my off topic post, figured if the others can, I can too >:C*
  13. you kept me up for 30mins waiting πŸ˜› my poor stomach from the monster I consumed

    1. MelodicRose(OD)


      My game crashed and now it won't launch even today. Battlenet is beginning to piss me off. If I have to reinstall this game I swear =.="

    2. TypeReaL(OD)


      hmm try the bnet repair option

  14. Heya Comp, I'll start with your questions first πŸ™‚ I'll be honest, it took the help of some others to convince me to join their channels and try to get involved clan-wide rather than hiding in the channels of the divisions I was so used to. Sassy took me into the D2 channels sometimes and introduced me (I was intimidated by the shear amount of people in their channels, and they were often the only ones around in TS3, at the time, and Discord for a good chunk of time). I also realized that OD has been a large chunk of my last several years, I went through the entirety of my college life with OD and if I just sat back and left that all behind I would have felt that I was missing something. So instead of hiding and debating the possibility of calling it quits, I decided to try to stick it out and dig my head into something that would keep me busy and interactive as much as I could. Work in progress but I have no wish to leave. I'd miss too much of the community we have here. While it's not related particularly to OD, I have held ranks that require such tasks to be done with staffing on games. In some ways, I think that not knowing either party can be seen as a positive when alleviating conflict or trying to understand what's going on - it eliminates a concern for bias πŸ™‚ Jokes aside, I feel confident that I will be able to handle the ban hammer should the situation be deemed fit for it, I can't really prove it until I am put into a situation that requires it. I'm someone who would like to try all means available to disengage a problem before throwing around the ban hammer, but should the situation arise that requires it - I would know that it is necessary and would do so responsibly of course. I've had a large interest in what goes on behind the administrative lines for a good period of time now. I would like to be able to contribute to those discussions at some point. I feel like I spend more time watching what goes on rather than gaming itself as of lately and I'd be intrigued to see what else I can dip my toes into when it comes to the General ranks. I think I am ready to take that leap and I'd really like to experience the discussions and contribute more to them, but I know I have areas to improve upon that others have brought up - so if the chance does not happen this time then I will continue to work hard and attempt the general shenanigans another time. I hope these answers suffice πŸ™‚ Terra, onto your questions: I've learned that being passive aggressive in status posts and overall demeanor is not going to do much of anything other than make people think you're childish. In order to want to be included in discussions or be taken seriously in general, you need to not give up after a bad interaction and keep trying to persist and discuss. My statuses were childish, obviously, but they got me no where and sitting there and acting like a child will continue to get me no where. Sitting down and bringing up my problems or concerns to people and working on a resolution that has a positive outcome was a better choice and one that I have continued to do more of with the people around me. If either of you would like me to elaborate more or have further questions, feel free to ask more πŸ™‚ My eval has been quiet lately - it's nice to see some life return πŸ˜›
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