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  1. Figures that when I get a weekend off, and a three day weekend at that.. there's a fun event that comes up here.. But I've already made plans with some college peeps for zoom drunk karaoke 😧 Depending on when that actually starts, I'll come linger before it though ❤️
  2. I'm usually the kpop fiend who posts here.. but I jumped on the "trending" bandwagon today. This song is lovely: But, I like this version better:
  3. Whenever you're ready buddy 😛 You'll have to like the FB page and then either DM your email associated with the FB account or add me as a friend on FB. The twitter regards sharing the login with you - also another discussion to be done via pm 😄
  4. We are looking for people who know the ins & outs of posting primarily. Content of all sorts is welcomed as long as it is following OD's rules (no BM, inappropriate content, etc). The goal is to provide content that pertains to our divisions/squads and potentially upcoming games that members may be interested in. This can be in the form of posting division accomplishments (i.e., WoW's raid nights), funny memes, member's streams, etc. When I say "experienced," I say this as basic posting knowledge and knowing how the two social media sites work.. because some do not use Faceboo
  5. Comp, I think what I appreciate the most about you as a high ranking general is your willingness to still interact and show your face around the community. One of the common things I've heard regarding our higher ranks is that they seem to be hidden and unreachable/unapproachable. As a 4* general you've bounced around generals more than most of the general+ ranks that I've seen in my lurking, and you've attended community centric meetings & events - which ultimately shows your interest in getting to know the community and learning how to better it. You're one of the generals I know I can g
  6. Assuming I'm not called into work, I will be hanging around for this one! I've also posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord announcements for you as well ❤️ Looking forward to hearing topics and seeing all you lovely humans!
  7. The main reason that I wanted to see an evaluation from you is that you're kind of the mysterious being people do not hear from. I have been here for 5.5 years now and have heard from you maybe a handful of times but people have all these kindhearted words and such for you. I wanted to see what you were doing, since most of your work is behind the scenes.. and I'm the type of person who would like to see more community involvement from our highest ranks. That being said, your work behind the scenes assists in keeping the clan running and without that work the clan would likely hav
  8. Raged, I have no questions to ask you. Your presence and activity has shown that you are working well within the clan and within the divisions.. and your activity in the generals/officers forums has been lovely. Keep up the good work ❤️ I support your promotion.
  9. At this time I will vote for you to remain at 3*, and then see how things progress over the next quarter 🙂 Best wishes as always pops ❤️
  10. Hello Triny ❤️ At this time, I do not have any questions regarding your eval. I think your thought process for your IA's taken over the past year and how you've worked to return is extremely valid. People do not just jump into working on things when they return, they need time to see what has changed and what they need to work on.. time to get reacquainted if you will. I see you as one of the few people in the Generals+ ranks who actually interacts with the community and works with people's individual thoughts and needs in mind. It's one of the things that makes me really glad to s
  11. I really hate this Pops, especially now. But as someone who supported the push for your eval this quarter, I would like to air my concerns and ask a couple of questions to you. I understand that this year has been tough, I have been through it and I know I can say the same for a good chunk of the member base in OD. The fact that even while you were going through the shitter, for lack of nicer terms, and not fully as involved as you would have liked to have been.. your division still can note your presence and leadership skills - this is a testament that you are a wonderful leader a
  12. Just a quick reminder that we are still looking for folks with experience with Twitter & Facebook! Shoot me a DM here or on Discord 🙂
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