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  1. Kait: SW-4349-0001-2148 @TheOncelor and I have all the fruit options available on the island and bamboo now as well - still in the process of growing. We are also a northern hemisphere island 😄
  2. Gonna bump this again since I have now seen the light and feel like everyone needs this cute and addicting game.. Anyone else other than us have it? Anyone wanna be friends?
  3. Hello, this is your reminder that we love you many bunches miss julie ❤

  4. You know, I was going to just come on here and roast you because that's what good friends do.. but it's been a while since I've actually commented on one of these.. The one thing that stands out to me since you've returned is how you've dipped your toe in a little of everything. From assisting me with ideas in social media (we need to have a talk about this btw buddy), working your tail off on Halo AND getting Saline set up with Minecraft, getting Discord set up for the clan transition finally, and many other things that I could list for a while.. you've really jumped back into the deep end here. With this jumping back into things, I have some concerns/questions/comments, however you wish to label it: How will you stay afloat and balance all of these Clan OD responsibilities while also handling your IRL responsibilities? How will you manage a balance of leadership and gaming so you do not burn out/stress yourself out? I know why you left the first time round, and I am more than elated to see you back and hang out with you again - you're a great human with a lovely personality.. I have no doubt that you would make a fantastic general (again), but I don't want to see you step back down again. I want to see you kick ass because I know you can do it. Also, you suck at Minecraft and I'm a better miner than you and I have the best shiny blue rocks known to mankind and you can't have them.
  5. Ah missed this in the other messages on forums.. If anyone who doesn't already have a group wants to group up, shoot me a pm here or on discord 😞
  6. I'm unsure if I should be shocked or purely amused that you have a fridge dedicated to beer.. I think the latter.
  7. Sleep, sleep.. Sleep. Game some. Maybe get to watch the weather happening on TV instead of having to stress myself to a maximum with the weather while I am at work. It'd be nice to enjoy the weather again.. My employer is debating having us work from home at this point so we will see.
  8. I've never heard of Animal Crossing until the hype with this game started.. I'm being told to get it but I still have no idea what it is lmao.
  9. Oh hello, its been a while

    1. Sassy


      Oh hello sweet rose 🌹 missed ya 💕😝


    1. Sassy


      Thank you darling yes I did have a great day ily too ❤️❤️

  11. Arizona strawberry kiwi juice.. Mixed with some vodka when I am not working the next day 😛
  12. I'd be free tomorrow, I was summoned to work tonight (weather people love snow storms.. not). My boyfriend likely will be on also as he is off work too. We are both super active on Discord, so if you ping me (I'll force him to join OD discord), I'll respond even if I'm at work 😛
  13. I am interested, could bring some friends along too (non-OD, they think its too official... Pfft).
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