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  1. I have never heard of this game in OD.. Someone might have just made a guild named it out of luck, but who knows maybe someone here is lurking
  2. 23.. Feels no different

    1. Terra


      When you get to the point where you don't want it to feel any different, that is when it starts feeling different.

  3. A ps4 purchase will be necessary in March... Cuz this is so exciting ;-;
  4. This makes me happy, we should play something sometime 🙂
  5. Got this going on Twitter now ~ Apologies for the late response I just woke up 😛 Blizzard really did good this time around on a side note though
  6. Been playing Archeage with the peeps.. Its been nice to play with yall again ❤.. And NOW DIABLO4 YAAAAAAS LETS GET PUMPED

    1. Terra


      Get back onto Archeage. We need someone to inherit my old house.

  7. In terms of next times, would Nov 16th work for everyone?
  8. Uh, no one showed up haha.. Just my outside of OD friend group, we played a game together and then called it quits since no one was here. One of the people I was expecting started a game with other OD people a few mins before the start of the inhouses, and no one responded on Discord. So unsure.
  9. Keep Dallas in your thoughts tonight - severe weather has definitely taken its toll on many locations..

  10. I suppose we will reschedule - will provide new date and time later tonight.
  11. No stress! There will be more in the future - I hope everything is okay? 😞
  12. Just a reminder that our first inhouse/group gaming adventure will be tonight at 8pm central ~ We will be hiding in Discord. Invite any of your friends - this will not be OD limited. I will say that we will be enforcing the no BM behavior rule, this is intended to be a fun event. Make sure to add me in game (DarkMelodies) and I can add you to the OD club. Looking forward to seeing you all tonight 🙂 Discord Link: https://discord.gg/5MCv7eK <-- This will direct you straight to the League of Legends text chat in the OD discord.
  13. I look forward to seeing you in Saturday at 8pm central! We will be in Discord, so make sure to invite your friends 🙂
  14. I was going to write out a super well thought out and long response.. but Terra hit several nails on the head for me it seems. You say you work 50 hours+ a week with 4 jobs, have a full class load, and somehow may still have time to game and perform clan tasks - which is clearly not the truth when looking through past logs and overall activity on forums in general.. Your list of things done are things that could be done outside of the General rank, things Officers and such can do.. maybe some console things are limited but many of the other areas can be done outside of General. You list that you would like to develop an OSRS section within the clan, but if you do not have time to do normal tasks how do you anticipate to lead a division of sorts? You seem like a nice guy, but I feel like perhaps the general position is not ideal when you are unable to participate in the capacity needed for the role with all of the busy-ness in your life currently. My opinions are not exactly necessary when it comes to evals as I am not a general, but I think dropping down at least temporarily until life calms down a little might be good 😕 Overall activity in logs when searching, only 6 results are in this year: https://prnt.sc/pkbn50
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