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  1. Heya MooMoo! It's nice to see some friendly people moving into the higher ranks and I find you to be rather deserving of this - but I feel inclined to ask a couple of questions ~ Over the short time of playing Diablo 3, I found it to be moderately difficult to converse with you while in game and on ts3 (especially when we are in a group of people on ts3 who are not in game) as you do not speak in ts3. Is there any plan in mind to try to improve some of that communication in large groups, and how do you anticipate to inject input in meetings when, often, the chat discussion is fast moving and written out responses are not always regarded or read for recording or the group? I have some words regarding the promotion situation you listed above and how that was handled, but I will edit this post with that once I figure out how to word it in a way that won't be taken wrongly <.>
  2. *blue is better*
  3. Hey! This is a really in depth guide.. well done! I've shared this on our Twitter with credits to you 🙂
  4. After some small time to myself, I am back and feeling better ~ Let's get this shiznit on the road again..

  5. I adopt two kittens to curve my loneliness, finds out my oldest kitty at home is not doing well and my dad is trying to get help to fund cremation so we can keep his ashes.. there is no winning is there.

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    2. Terra


      If your aim is to win against time and death, then no, there is no winning against that. You can't stop bad things from happening, but you don't need to let them be the focal point of your life. Losing your older kitty will be sad, but the best any kitty can hope for is to grow old living a fruitful life with a loving family, and now thanks to you there are two other kittens that can have the same.


      The passing of old pets, friends, and family, will always be hard. But it is not symbolic of losing, it is just symbolic of life.

    3. MelodicRose(OD)


      This is very true. My fluffy boy lived a good life with us and was doomed from the start with his terrible lungs.. 8 years with him and trying to keep him healthy and happy as possible. He passed on a few hours ago while I was at work, I think the part I am struggling with is that I am 900+ miles away and didn't get to hug him a last time.  He is in a better place, we need to make sure our other 17 babies at my parent's house stay healthy for a long time too (they are rescues). I have my two babies to worry about now and ensure they are healthy and happy just the same as him.

      It is what it is.. it's just hard when I don't get to have my closure and hugs  I suppose. He's in a better place - thank you for the kind words ya'll 🙂

    4. TypeReaL(OD)


      hes chilling with Stark and Patches right now, patches probably got them so fucked up he was the craziest of all my cats that patches or maybe it was stark either way Rip Tonks!

  6. Heya! So as some of you know, I recently started my career as a meteorologist - in doing so it required a move to Kansas. I have been alone out here for a couple weeks now and it hasn't been great for me mentally.. So we needed to change that! Meet Tink (dark kitty) and Sassy (white kitty). Sorry Julie.. The shelter named these babies LOL. They are siblings, the rescue I work with took the babies out of the kill shelter and bottle fed them until they were able to be sent to homes. They are 3 months old and wild cuddlebugs.. They are super cuddly when they're tired but when they wake up.. Holy hell (Tink is currently trying to crawl on my face, and they're both trying to bite my hands while I type so I give THEM this attention). I lived in a house with 18 rescues for most of my life, so adopting babies from a shelter seemed like a good place to start ~
  7. Hi 😮 I vaguely recall your name.. Then again I was super quiet and didn't associate back then. Welcome back to OD~ what games are you playin now? Been looking for some League people (especially now that TFT is out). D3 division is also doing really well.
  8. Welcome to the community 🙂 not a diablo 2 gamer, but if you attend community events (hint hint @CompFreak(OD)), I look forward to chatting with you! Friendly bump at this.. We have social media pages if you are interested in following us - our team works hard to post clan-wide updates, events, and community streamers. It's a good place to get info about some of the fun happenings ~ you can find links in my signature or there are buttons on the top right of the forums homepage (or the very bottom of the page depending on which forums theme you are using). OD is.. Hiding everywhere 😛
  9. Got the new expansion.. and game time for FFXIV!

  10. Hoping to adopt a kitty or a puppy once my boyfriend moves out here next month.. ❤️

  11. https://drive.google.com/file/d/14WY-wNwzaiVL3Zdam76GUMlR52gKq9Ak/view?usp=sharing Let me know if you can't access it.. it took me 4 tries just to upload it to Google.
  12. Officially alone in Kansas..

  13. Central time is wierd..

    1. TypeReaL(OD)


      just because it is different does not make it weird .... wait yes it does nvm carry on

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