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  1. Away. Grandmother passed this morning.

    1. MineNotYour(OD)


      I am sorry Rose, Thoughts and Prayers

    2. Purplez(OD)


      So very, very sorry of hear of your loss Kait.  My prayers are with you and your family.



    3. SalinePandora(OD)


      Rose, I am sorry to hear about your loss, I will offer a short panikhida for her tonight. If you need someone to talk to our just a friendly ear  to listen my channel is always open.

  2. Hey, your setup is still cool. I'm assuming the thingies on the front of your tower are fans.. and I am super mega jealous of how freaking beautiful they are
  3. Nice to see another familiar face around hereee! My brother is still playing on Jenova (Aether datacenter). I'm paying for his sub still and once I move in June I'll probably be hopping back in as well. There's a squad still but has been pretty quiet as of late. Most of the old ffxiv players still hang around on the Discord channels - you might have better luck lookin for peeps on there 😄
  4. Per the request of Miss @Purplez(OD).. I present Sassy (white and gray) and Tink (black and tan).. the only real OD mascots
  5. Captain is still classified under the Officer rank, so you've got the correct rank! Gratz on the promo though 😮
  6. Weirdly enough.. I do know a lot of Metallica songs. My dad loves them (and also plays drums.. so..), so I basically grew up on it 😛
  7. I don't have any questions to ask you, but major respect for you on being open and honest with us! I look forward to your next eval once things caaaaalm down Comp! ❤️
  8. While I have some.. feelings about your responses to my questions - I do not see a reason particularly to demote you from the commander position. So I will vote for you to remain as your administrative activity is something that is necessary.. But, I will say that if generalized activity within the clan and bouncing around in terms of participation and chatting with the community is something that can be judged upon other general's and be used as grounds for a neg vote, I would expect the same from our commanders - especially as they are the people who are to be maintaining the we
  9. After reading through the pages here, I have no questions to actually ask you. But I do have a comment. I hope that you do continue to delegate your tasks to others so you can have time to function and game - you seem much happier now that you've started doing that with the Discord team and it is good to see you in channels and gaming again. I support your promotion fully. You are a wonderful mentor and leader and OD is much better off with you doing that 😛
  10. Citizen Queen is an acapella project put together by Pentatonix's Scott Hoying. They have lots of great stuff, but they just released this song a few days ago.. and I love it.. so I share it 😄 https://www.citizenqueen.com/
  11. Thanks friend, I appreciate it ❤️ To start off, thank you for the kind words Purpz ❤️ The past year has been quite an eventful one and it seems 2021 doesn't want to let up. It is unfortunate, but we will get through it someway, somehow. You don't realize how much you will miss that family support.. or just being able to go see your family.. until you are not longer able to do it because it requires a 12-15 hour drive (yikes!). I've been lucky to have support here in OD, and that has somewhat held me together for the time being. Regarding my eval, I am glad you were h
  12. I just arrived back in town and will be home for the foreseeable future. My grandmother is still extremely unwell, so if I have to be taken away again to continue to deal with such things, I will provide another update. For now, I shall answer your questions! Compfreak: You asked this question shortly after the announcement was made for the Among Us night on the 17th. As you know, since I dm'ed you, I couldn't attend anymore and Skooma thankfully was able to lead the game night for me as I was travelling. The next potential dates are either the weekend of May 8th/9th, or Ma
  13. first it was sunny, then windy, then it rained and now its snowing.... what did you do to the weather

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