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  1. Glad you can be you, friend! Hopefully, I can find you sometime in discord and we can catch up!
  2. Goodbye overly crowded Admin Meeting Channel! I'll miss ya! .... This feels like the end of an era... and I haven't even been around that long....
  3. Aerineth, you were always the approachable commander, all the way back since I first joined. The way you carried all the responsibilities while still being approachable even to the Sergeant 1st class who wanted to know you wanted to run Infinity Shard... well, that is something I will never forget. Best of luck to you. I hope everything works out for you!
  4. Azhriel(OD)

    Bit of fun

    Crusty Spunkbubble..... O-O
  5. HHappy birthday 🙂 

  6. Welcome back! Good to see you recovering!
  7. I know they do... It is a division after all xD. They usually gather on discord, so your best bet is jumping on there and talking to Xayj
  8. @raged i changed it at the end of 2016
  9. When I want to laugh at myself, I link people to the post I made about terra and ARK lol. I was such an idiot. Still am, but less so (i think) xD.
  10. I was recruited into the clan as Terciel(OD)
  11. Here is a topic for debate. Fortnite vs PubG. Dizzy please be pro FOrtnite and Altros be pro PubG, you have 4 hours to research xD
  12. No ones gonna kick you for having this opinion lol. People might disagree and you might lose a few pints in thier books, but as long as you dont break the rules, which this post doesnt, you are fine
  13. How about this? You be the good one and hop down and meet them. One of the games that gets played a lot in the gamers lounge casually is Rocket League; buy it, download it and come play and talk to those people. Your attitude is extremely self centric and arrogant;;, the commander needs to go meet you, the commanderneeds to put in the effort so you are pleased ,the commander needs to be the one to leave their channel. You seem to forget this is a gaming clan, and it is well within the right of ANY member to quietly play games with whoever they choose. That said, you also are a new member and enlisted at that without access to either the general boards or officer board. You accuse without evidence. Also, you seem to misunderstand the job of a commander. A commander is responsible to the clan before a division. They still can do both, but duty is to clan before divisions. This commander's responsibilities are not to be leading a division, but to be protecting and bettering the clan,. They do not include meeting every member or being everyone's friend. Do tell, what is the workload of someone in the gamers lounge? How about you also tell me what I have done to deserve Sr officer? Do you even know me bruh?
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