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  1. Happy birthday archieeeeee have great day 🙂 

    1. Ray(OD)


      Wow I can't believe you two share birthdays!

  2. I didn't include em cause one crystal requires 800ish Mil to make.
  3. The things we need include Galley blue gear.
  4. Since we might be going for a Guild House soon, I thought I'd just bundle up some information I found. For the guild house, I will be quoting a player: "The guild house lasts for 2 weeks, and the minimum price for a guild house i believe is half the amount of the previous bid. So if someone won the house for 2 billion then the minimum bid is 1 billion. Your guild can bid 3 times on a guild house, however you need the silver in your guild to bid as it will be deposited immediately upon bidding. You can also not see how much silver other guild's bid on it, so it's all a guess really. The bidding phase lasts for 24 hours. If you win the house, you will also in addition to the bidding money also spend 5% of your bidding money on maintenance daily for 2 weeks, so if you win a house for 2 bil, then you'd need to pay an additional 100 mil every day for the two weeks you owe it.' This means if we intend to bid on a Guild house for 2 bil, we will need another 1.4 bil for the total tax. Factoring in payouts, wages and the money we'd spend on making the gear, we are looking at a whopping total of 2 + 1.4 + 0.5 + 2.3 = 6.2 billion. Now the question arises, what do we do when we do get it? The following will be a list of materials we would need to make the ship, I'll have the material required followed by the materials required to make 1 of them. These materials can be made by processing while in a guild house, so we should begin to accumulate them for now. 200 Guild Clearance Permits - Made using [Guild] Ink, [Guild] Parchment, [Guild] Wax, [Guild] Seal. Ink : Processed Coal x2 , Blackstone Powder x2 Parchment: Ox Hide x2 , Blackstone Powder x2 Wax: Pine Sap x2, Rough Ruby x2 Seal: White Cedar Timber x2, Rough Translucent Crystal x2 60 Ficy Workshop Special Bronze Ingot Box Purchased from Guild Wharf Manager 50 Sticky Glue Lobster (Gathering Huge Oysters underwater) Sulfur x10 2 Sea Horn Nineshark Horn Fragment x10 Ocean Stalker's Skin Sturdy Timber Squares x10 Trace of Origin x10 4 Goddess' Tear Crystal Bought from Guild Wharf Manager 16 Special Iron Ingot from Calpheon Workshop Shiny Golden Seals (Calpheon Trade) x10 = 1 Ingot 80 Sandy Ingot Black Rust Jawbone x2 Ocean Stalker's Skin Vanadium Ore x100 Trace of the Earth x10 120 Trent Treant Plywood Purchased from Guild Wharf Manager 40 Crude Decoration Giant Pearl Oyster (Underwater Gathering) Cone Snail (Underwater Gathering) 50 Cloudy Timber Ocean Stalker's Skin 100 Palm Timber Trace of Ascension Candidum Shell 150 Lavania Finest Flax Cloth Bundle Purchased from Guild Wharf Manager 250 Tough Silk Thread Silk Thread Weeds Power of Crevice 50 Stormy Rope Flax x100 Hekaru's Spike x3 Ocean Stalker's Skin x3 Trace of Despair x10 And that's all you need! Easy enough right? Game Sucks
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  8. Happy Birthday archie :) 

  9. My Zephyr jet stream build used with Tonkor to make grenades blow on impact.
  10. General Frost build, you could Forma again to change the polarity of the Aura and use Corrosive Projection, but its whatever.
  12. Archie(OD)

    EV Trin Build

    My EV Trin Build, works pretty well.
  13. Archie(OD)

    Slowva Build

    My Slowva build. Useful in missions where there are a lot of choke points (Mobile Defense, Defense, Rescue, Law of Retribution.)
  14. Archie(OD)

    Speedva Build

    My Speedva build for reference. Useful in defense missions which you want to finish fast i.e. Akkad.
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