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  1. Maybe we could do this clan grush on Sunday? It sounds as if we've got plenty of people willing to rush a squad. What we lack now is people wanting to make new characters. Is there anyone on board for that? :)
  2. Hello everyone, yesterday I finished lvling a bumper to 40 hoping that sometime in the next week we could have a clan grush. So far, there is one other from the clan interested in joining in sometime. Is anyone else interested in getting together sometime for a grush? :)
  3. How does 5 pm eastern time sound? :)
  4. Hello everyone. I hope you all are doing well. Here on July the 6th, I was planning on doing a classic walk and was curious if anyone else would be interested in joining in? :)
  5. Freight(OD)

    Team Signups

    Is it possible for me to join the team as an orb/fb sorc? If not, then please put me down as a pure fire sorc :)
  6. Oh alrighty Ray, thanks for letting me know. :)
  7. Hey everyone, I hope all is going well. I was curious if there is still a WoW Division in Clan OD? If so, I'd like to join it :)
  8. I'll make something with you all, plz give me a heads up when you all want to start. :)
  9. I just found out that I'll be working early Saturday morning.. 😞 I won't be able to join ya'll for good times. Please remove me this go if you would. Next reset will be in the winter. Count me in then. :) Please accept my apologies if you would.
  10. I'd like to get on a team if possible. I'd do either orb/fb sorc or summoner/ce necro depending on the make up of the team.
  11. Are there still people in the clan playing StarCraft 2? :D
  12. Welcome to Clan OD Thesius, I wish you the best, cheers! :D
  13. highest rune Ive found is an ist rune. Best item so far would be an arachs. Im not having a lot of luck but I've not been grinding much either.
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