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  1. Hey R.ag, seeing as most of the things you do for the clan happen behind the scenes, and you community involvement and interaction is lower than the average Commander, what's the biggest contribution you've made to OD in the past 6 months in your opinion?
  2. This might be the weakest excuse to demote a general I've seen yet, Yikes! If you're this intimidated by someone who needs some personal time every so often just because they have more support and put in more effort regardless of being IA, maybe it's time for some self-reflecting?
  3. It's almost like being gone for a year leaves roughly a year long gap in the resume. I think since her return from IA Sassy has more than fulfilled her roles as a General and continues to be a great Leader and role-model within the D2 division.
  4. Thank you all for the kind words. means a lot to me.
  5. I've recently made the really tough decision to put down my beautiful English Black Lab Boots. 13 and a half years together and it's gonna be a rough one guys. Boots has partial laryngeal paralysis, meaning his larynx only moves slightly, causing trouble with breathing.
  6. Feel free to message me if you need an invite to the Path of Exile guild for OD
  7. I thought something along these lines was standard practice.
  8. yeah you're right, getting infection % and mortality % messed up. H1N1 had nearly a 1/5 infection rating with a 0.02-0.03% mortality rating. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/pandemic-resources/2009-h1n1-pandemic.html the H1N1 still reads out a lot more deadly than Covid-19 though
  9. Sort of ridiculous considering the 2% mortality rate. I don't really remember these kinds of shutdowns for the H1N1 virus, which boasted an 11% mortality rate
  10. Hey You Hope You're Ok :) i'll Come Chat To You Next Time I See You On Discord 

  11. Hey Zak, look forward to playing some Halo with you đŸ˜„
  12. ShortWlf is live with some FiveM coding for the OD GTAV server! Stop in and show some love https://www.twitch.tv/shortwlf
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