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  1. yeah you're right, getting infection % and mortality % messed up. H1N1 had nearly a 1/5 infection rating with a 0.02-0.03% mortality rating. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/pandemic-resources/2009-h1n1-pandemic.html the H1N1 still reads out a lot more deadly than Covid-19 though
  2. Sort of ridiculous considering the 2% mortality rate. I don't really remember these kinds of shutdowns for the H1N1 virus, which boasted an 11% mortality rate
  3. Hey You Hope You're Ok :) i'll Come Chat To You Next Time I See You On Discord 

  4. Hey Zak, look forward to playing some Halo with you đŸ˜„
  5. ShortWlf is live with some FiveM coding for the OD GTAV server! Stop in and show some love https://www.twitch.tv/shortwlf
  6. Not me, but ShortWlf just made affiliate and is live right now on Twitch.
  7. Could probably add a link for a basic Loot Filter, and maybe one to poe.trade or some other trading resources, maybe the poelab. Otherwise looking good!
  8. Hey GD, I pm'd you on the main site. Feel free to come speak with me about this at any time on TS.
  9. Not being in the guild undermines the integrity of the Event. If anyone needs an invite to the OD guild on PoE feel free to message any of the PoE members WO+.
  10. This is a Soft Core league with the ability for everyone to trade and group up. Any groups to finish a challenge together just split that particular challenge prize. As many as we need. It's an interval of 10 though. Probably 20 for this event unless I get a headcount higher than 20. Just leave your PoE account name or make sure to contact one of our PoE guild officers to get an invite to the Guild on PoE and you'll get an invite for the League start.
  11. of course, I'll toss you on the list to send invites to. All invites will be sent a little under 24hrs before the league start to solidify the amount of spaces we'll be getting for the league just to keep things organized! Look forward to seeing you participate!
  12. It can seem like a bit much, all FG and prizes will go through Triny and her JSP, but we can double all the prizes that way! awesome! Its 10 whole days! 4/19-4/28. Some of the "First to" challenges may be done the first weekend but there's still good reason to compete! It'll be all OD members on the private league and we'll be there to help everyone out. At the end, everyone who participates should have made at least a decent character that will be converted back over to the main league after the challenge. That means everyone can all play together after and polish of the rough ones thrown together during the comp! Hopefully we get at least one or two people streaming bits of it for some cool highlights!
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