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  1. would anyone be interested in doing either wild or standard tournaments within hearthstone. We could get together anyone that is interested and have them brainstorm ideas about what they would like to play and if there is someone that wants to take the reins and formulate a play style within this meeting would be the place! Any ideas for when this meeting should take place or what would work best for you, feel free to reply.
  2. i may or may not be here idk i doubt it though its hunting season. Good luck guys
  3. I am free on Fridays so that would work great for me, and I would love to see a good turn out to this event i think that it will be a ball for both new and old players
  4. Also Any new members can also add me i would love to play with you guys!
  5. I would like to ask all members and general players of Hearthstone to contact me while i am on TS or through this with any concerns or suggestions regarding the squad. I would also like to ask that members contact known players, such as friends/ co-workers ,outside of the clan and ask if they would like to play with us, this does not mean that they must join the Clan they can feel things out first Thank you, Tehe99(OD)-Taylor
  6. I am sorry that you are not happy with how things are being run but i am constantly looking to see if people are on the game or in the channel. It is difficult for me to be on with others sometimes because of time zone differences, school, or taking care of my disabled mother, I also do not want to force people to come away from their main game to play. It should be a choice on their part. Any suggestions you may have are welcome and if you know someone wanting to play that is on TS or a member of Clan OD and if you are busy send them to talk to me. But you have to realize that people do not always want to pick up a new game. So if you think you can get people on board by all means go ahead and if they ever want to play with another person send them to me in the channel i am in and i will happily leave to play with them.
  7. I as commanding officer of the Hearthstone squad would like to see it prosper and I am willing to walk people through strategies and thing like that and hope that in the future we will have an OD game night and i would love to host a tournament night. I will be discussing this with a higher ranking person possibly on Sunday
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