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  1. I have been enjoying Tower of God immensely and I am hoping that season 2 is announced in the near future. Even though season 1 diverges from the webtoon I believe it is still performing well. I think that the characters are fun and interesting but I would definitely like to see them more fleshed out as in reading the webtoon itself I have found many of them are quite deep. The world itself has some fantastic possibilities as long as they take the time to build it and show the viewers what it is all about. Shinsu and forming contracts is something I am really interested along with the top Princess of Zahad. So I was just curious what are the opinions of others who have watched the show, tell me what you think of season 1 overall.
  2. Excuse me Semiwammus, you don't get to dsl out sir, so pls log back in 😞

  3. Hello everyone I would like to talk about one of my favorite shows for this season. Overlord is the story of what happens when you take a salaryman and leet gamer, transport him into a world similar and yet different to his favorite game and remove the log out option. Now some of you might be thinking oh god another Isekai anime and you would be right, except that this one stands out amongst its genre peers. The salaryman must figure out the new world in which he finds himself but there is a catch. He must employ strategy and cunning to figure out this world without asking any direct questions so as to not reveal his title "Supreme Being" is a facade. The anime builds a rich world through story telling and allows us to follow along as this normal guy becomes the truest form of his name sake the overlord. As of right now the show is wrapping up its third season and will hopefully continue for many more. So come join in the fun so you too can see the magnificence that is AINZ OOAL GOWN! Btw for anyone already watching please feel free to discuss the anime here as I am curious to know your thoughts.
  4. I have always been interested to see what kind of openings other anime viewers really enjoy. An opening as everyone knows is important as it can setup a potential feeling for what the anime behind it will be like. Also an opening can have an effect on your mood going in, as an up beat opening may get you hyped and ready to watch. So I want to know what are some of your favorite anime openings? My favorites include: Shakugan no Shana - Joint, Serment, and Prophecy Joint and Serment have the kind of rock vibe while Prophecy creates hopeful sentiment. Twin Star Exorcists - Re:Call Re:Call has a nice mix of voice talent Fate Stay UBW - Horizon The way Horizon starts and builds to the cresendo makes it a treat to listen to. Gundam Seed - Pride Pride is definitely an in your face opening that definitely fix a action opening. Ao no Exorcist - In My World This song perfectly sets the mood for the protaginist Rin as he feels very much alone in the world of man. Bleach - Ranbu no Melody This song starts off a little slow but gets so nice when it hits the cresendo and then follows it up with a soul foul ending. Air Gear - Back On Up beat gets you hyped for the show and may have you playing air instruments. My Hero Academia - The Day This song really fits the intial start for the main character quiet and sad but with a need to be a hero near the end.
  5. Spice and Wolf: A classic in my opinion Highschool DxD: I watch for the "plot". Seriously though the ability to combine elements of all religions with a cast of mostly likeable characters and fanservice so prudes beware. Overlord: Ainz Ooal Gown! Escaflowne: Another fantastic anime where the love between two people and one BA Dragon Heart powered mech may just save the world. Yu Yu Hakusho: This story is one of the primary examples of how to show a main character gaining in life experience and how it changes his outlook on life. Also cause Demons... Inuyasha A half demon, the reincarnation of a priestess, a lecherous monk, a fox spirit, and a demon slayer walk into a bar? Gantz: So many ways to die thanks aliens. Psycho Pass: I had a thought yesterday. Sir you are under arrest please come with us. Air gear: You wish your rollerblades were this cool.
  6. This would be awesome, I love sharing my vast library of anime knowledge with kindred spirits and listening to their feedback, so I can approach shows from whole new avenues.
  7. Works for me. Also I can do stuff on Saturdays just have to start around 9pm est.
  8. I am at this point going to play a KFM. Not sure yet on race but probably Yun or Gon.
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  10. Overdosed name (if different from forum name): Summoner name: Bahafresh Season 4 rank: Solo/duo queue = Silver 3 (Silver I was my highest) Ranked 3s team = Gold V (Gold 3 was the highest we got) Are you looking to be a a core member of a team (who is not a captain), a captain, or a sub? Please explain why. I was looking to be become a core member of a team. I have wanted to be a member of a 5s team since I started playing league, so that I could improve my skills alongside friends and team members. Unfortunately I have not had access to a player base such as the one that being an Overdosed member provides me. I have tried forming teams and as you said managing 5 people with very different schedules was incredibly difficult. I think being a member of a community like Overdosed may even afford me the ability to run a team of my own. Right now I would not feel comfortable in running a team as I still have many things to learn even about the game itself. Please explain your experience/ability regarding roles: I can play multiple champions in every role, that being said my weakest position would be jungle. I prefer mid or top but I am willing to play any role. Mid is my most played role and I have been playing it for a year now and I am always aware of my lane and I am proficient at roaming to support other lanes should the opportunity arise. Is there any roles, should you be assigned them, that would keep you from playing ranked 5s? If so, which? (example, I would not play jungle for a ranked 5's team) Honestly I just wanted to be part of a team that plays regularly and improves together in a constructive manner. So while there are roles I would prefer, I wouldn't quit no matter where I had to play. What are you hoping to get out of playing ranked 5's? Or why do you want to play ranked 5's? As I said I have much to learn about the game. I want to join a team that will help me improve my game play and help me take it to the next level. I want my teammates to share their perspectives about my play as I may not notice all of the mistakes I make, though I will endeavor to do so. I dislike all of the negative people who, because someone on their team made a mistake, they tear that person down. As a player you should help that person by informing them that they could have done something different and achieved a better result. Mistakes are a learning opportunity and therefore are chances to improve. I want us to all improve as a team so that as a group we can raise our collective abilities and perhaps achieve ranks that we have not achieved on our own. Lastly and maybe the most important, please give a schedule of expected availability on a weekly schedule. Please take the time to be clear regarding this question as it will be a key component to maintaining play times. I do work full time currently so I am available starting around 7:00 pm midnight eastern time everyday of the week. Also I am a member of another Overdosed Division namely Aion, however there have been no set times established for the game so it is possible that my availability will change.
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