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  1. This all seriously made my week, thanks for the laughs. Look! Someone not as crazy as me! Winning. "Trapper keeper", LMFAO. I'm dying.
  2. I was quite literally going to post that same picture but didn't. Lol.
  3. Are you talking about that squad post and the one in the General Discussion area? My theory on it is that someone saw the first post and was emboldened by it so he decided to ride on the anger and drama wagon so he could get his 5 minutes too. I've been around for a long time and I can assure you that this is nothing compared to the past. All in all if these are isolated posts this is a pretty drama free time to be in OD. Keep your chin up, you seem like a very nice person and I always enjoy reading your happy, chipper posts. It's always nice to have a positive person like yourself around.
  4. I'm beginning to think Terra is the Obama of online clanning: everyone blames her for things she didn't even do.
  5. Interesting analysis, those really are some numbers worth thinking about. Best wishes for your mom's recovery too.
  6. AOL


    Welcome. Man those Diablo guys know how to keep a steady flow of manpower coming in. Lol.
  7. Happy birthday to everyone's favorite OD D2 lady!
  8. Welcome. Yeah D2 does seem to have an addictive quality to it, its one of those games that still has quite a following after so many years. So many games have come and gone since it's release, so it's a testament to the quality of the game for it to still have a loyal fanbase.
  9. MelodicRose that's what I was saying before, they cry and whine about mental health and having officers at the schools, but refuse to fund healthcare or give teachers enough money to get by as it is, do we expect them to actually implement this stuff? I don't know, but I think a few more of these shootings is going to really light a fire under people's ass and the right wing won't be able to stop it. The silent majority who is apathetic is slowly waking up, in my opinion.
  10. Terra, pretty much what you said above is spot on as to what I have thought and how I feel, but we have a significant portion of the population unwilling to even talk about or consider what you mentioned. The only "compromise" you might get people on board with are the officers in schools in my opinion. Is it the best option? Probably not. Is it one that could help? Maybe. I guess it's a better than nothing sort of thing in my opinion. Although I am seeing the winds of change coming through. If the younger generation continues to be shit on, called "liberal scum, leftist commies" and other derogatory names these kids aren't going to grow up voting for Republicans. Who would under the circumstances? It'll eventually resolve itself as I mentioned above, when or how is the only question.
  11. Republican leaning individuals are shooting themselves in the foot with this whole school shooting debate. This issue will resolve itself eventually, with or without Republican support. Republicans have done an excellent job on Facebook and other outlets not showing an ounce of sympathy, care, or understanding. Just imagine if you or a loved one had this happen, you are naturally going to be upset, angry, and want something to change. If you are met with replies like "go to hell you leftist scum, liberals are retarded, you are an idiot for talking about guns" and other insults without even an ounce of empathy or sympathy to the people affected by this tragedy, you are not going to win. I sure as hell wouldn't go out and vote for the party of the people insulting me and spitting in my face. The lack of civility and inability to have a calm discussion, even if they disagree, is likely going to make a whole generation of voters hate them. Good.
  12. AOL

    Hey Everyone!

    Old school Blizzard really made some amazing hits back in the day, they still do pretty well these days every now and then too.
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