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  1. Happy Father’s Day to all you daddy’s in OD hope you have a great day , happy Heavenly Father’s Day to all that’s fathers are no longer with us including mine 💙💙
  2. Nick Shhhh you so you noticed I’m bored as hell ha ha ha
  3. It’s hard to get a good pic of all the pond from above
  4. It’s so nice to see the ducks and geese walking across the road all in a single line lol il take picture Thursday when I’m back in work from above so you can see the whole pond and what an amazing sight it is 🙂
  5. Love it outside my work place seeing all these ducks and geese & Swans and their babies nice and calm place to go sit and watch world go bye whats outside you’re work place post you’re pics lol
  6. I’m now watching 

    when they see us on Netflix true story 

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    2. JR(OD)


      i was just telling some1 bout Orange is the new Black. was a good show. 

      why u laugh at Animal Kingdom! that show is dope! not actual animals pouncing around its an American drama series. I enjoyed it.  :)

    3. Sassy


      Orange is the new black love that but not watched it lately I have just got to find things that I really like then I’ll sit and watch it if not I can’t keep still lol 

    4. Sassy


      And I like watching animal things lol 

  7. @Raged(OD)Billy I think d3 has missed you but the guys are doing atm they are brilliant 🙂
  8. Sassy

    A baby bully

    Nooooo @v3n0m(OD) wouldn’t be fair me working I don’t believe in putting dogs in crates no way he knows s absolutely adorable
  9. Sassy

    A baby bully

    My pit I’ve had years but my 2 bulldogs I have are rescue bully’s macie I rescued in February and Millie 7 weeks ago , but spud is for sale of our friend that breeds bully’s I just can’t no time to give spud all my attention because of work etc etc the other 3 dogs older so don’t need to worry when I go work it’s not to the puppy being left while I’m at work 😞 so it’s a noooo gutted though Yes he’s to cute but he will grow lol
  10. Who spotted the bees 🐝
  11. Sassy

    Hey all

    Welcome to the nut house that houses from all over the world 🙂 nah jokes aside welcome duke
  12. Sassy

    A baby bully

    Shall I or shouldn’t i his name is spud been given first pick if we want him but that means 4 dogs my heart saying yes yes yes but my head saying no no no not yet what would you do ??
  13. @Froggie420(OD) nick could you understand the guy from Scotland because I can’t understand a word they say 🙂
  14. jr if you can watch it over there you must watch Chernobyl I just watch a 5 part show omg brilliant show indeed just come out so hopefully you can get it there 

    1. JR(OD)


      Yea i just started watching it. Based on true story. Finished eps 1.  Theres 5 eps? Ill finish it 🙂

    2. Sassy


      Yep I watched all 5 yesterday  and yes it’s true story but there was a lot that wasn’t spoke about you will like it 

  15. Least you got to hear another Londoner rather then me ha ha ha have a great time nick 🙂
  16. I so hate doing evening shifts 

    1. SuNSeT


      Rule # 76, no excuses, play like a champion

    2. Sassy


      I am lol I’m in work again now morning shift 🙂 

  17. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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