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  1. Sassy

    Sassy is sick

    I knew you would be there hailey ❤️
  2. Sassy

    Sassy is sick

    I’m a she 😞 Guys and girls please please stay safe this really is bad it’s like a elephant is crushing ya chest 😥😥
  3. Let’s see who knows these films 🙂
  4. Sassy


    Welcome was nice to chat with you in channel yesterday 🙂
  5. Oh that’s what you was talking about to me thanks for posting this Logan 🙂
  6. Sassy

    New Guy

    Was a pleasure to recruit you Dustin 🙂 been fun gaming with you also 🙂
  7. JD it’s so nice to see you doing another evaluation ❤️ I seen just what you have done since you’re return you really have pushed the boat out yet again I have no questions as you’re action are speaking volumes good luck with the rest you’re eval you get my plus 1 ❤️❤️
  8. No it wasn’t the same couldn’t see my kids due to the virus my son drop my flowers on the Saturday but couldn’t stay , miss my lauren so badly on Mother’s Day also her kids were so upset was just shit day all round billy and thank you
  9. Yes always in March 🙂 and thank you very much
  10. Beautiful flowers from my son
  11. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in OD even though you don’t celebrated the same day as us in the uk
  12. Welcome to the nut house lol Few things to get you started great information there by one of our great commanders terra if you ever need anything give me shout Sas 🙂
  13. Shit about to hit the fan 

  14. Sassy

    hello <3

    My P I C this really is sad to see but I get it I’ll always hold the special moments close to me and the support you gave me when I was sick and all the laughs we had together on ts and game il miss you Ashley for sure love you lots and GET GOOD stonker and how’s ya father lol 💕💕 tell jimmy he’s still the best boy
  15. Welcome to the nut house straight jackets to the left of you , great to have you il post few things here for you Sas 🙂
  16. Sassy

    Cya guys

    Very sad but fully understand had great time working with you Jared sad day indeed 😞 Is there someone you would like to disable you most do 🙂
  17. Sassy

    A jokes thread

  18. Discord gone wonkey 🙃🙃🙃

  19. Sassy

    A jokes thread

    Sorted 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  20. Sassy

    A jokes thread

    Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha
  21. Today is a shit day 

  22. Happy birthday Kyle 🙂 

  23. Nice to see you can enter this event Hailey 🙂
  24. Drink eat drink little sleep drink some more then a bit more get few hours gaming in drink drink and guess what drink 🥤
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