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  1. Sassy

    Name the sport

    Yes my son-in-law will be watching as he is Indian
  2. Sassy

    Name the sport

    Yeah I took pics for hari he loves cricket lol Will you be watching it hari
  3. @Hari(OD) what sport is this lol
  4. @TypeReaL(OD) scottie I found this for you lol
  5. Are you just trying to bait people ????
  6. I’d stop before I stop you that’s no joke ..

  7. Jr who did get offended ? Not I and I posted that pic in reference to myself being short and fun so if I want to get offended by stuff then I would not have posted in first place would I like you say this is the water cooler 🙂
  8. Let’s get one thing straight here that pic above was about myself as I’m short it was not posted to cause harm to anyone ok and I was the general that posted it .. And why do you feel to tag @SuNSeTwith a quote ? I believe you are just trying to cause a fuss please tell me we’re on this thread offensive things have been posted ? I can assure you if any thing was offensive in this thread a good few people would have mentioned it not once in this thread as any one used the N word ok if it was I’d deleted it .. Plus I’ve been waiting for yourself to make a comment on this thread as you mentioned it on ask leaders thread
  9. Junior make a game free few days after reset and watch the savages come out it’s so funny they chase you around town I got recruits from doing it you won’t stop laughing
  10. That’s about right 🤣🤣🤣
  11. Well it’s good night from him and it’s good night from me 

  12. Julie imagine getting knocked out by having a potato thrown at your head while you're on the couch.

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