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  1. i made a little snowman as perfect as can be 
    i thought id keep him as a pet 
    and let him sleep with me 
    i made him some pyjamas and a pillow for his head 
    but last night he disappeared and pissed my fucking bed..........

    1. Skribbzz(OD)


      Julie where ya been? Miss ya 😁. Hope all is well with you and your fam. Cant wait to see you back in games and on ts. Have a good 1 😁

    2. Sassy


      Frank I’ve just had lot on with my daughter I have been on ts I’ll be game at the weekend frank 🙂 miss uou too but come Saturday il be back 

    3. Skribbzz(OD)


      Ya i know take care of her she more important then a game right now hope she's doing fine. Cya soon

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