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  1. The hardest thing about being a parent 

    Is watching your child go through something you CAN NOT FIX 😢😢

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    2. Terra


      It is the natural impulse of every parent to want to protect their child from the hardships of the world. Given the option I think we would all spare our kids from ever having to deal with problems or grief. But the truth is sometimes its important that a parent doesn't fix something. Our hardships are what help us grow and become the people we are, and by overcoming them we become a better and stronger person.


      So don't fret about the things you can't fix. Instead, trust in your child and have faith in their strength and their ability to overcome the trials that come their way. It isn't easy, but this too is a part of protecting them.

    3. Sassy


      @Terra thank you for your very kind words means a lot thank you again 

    4. Trysts(OD)


      I miss you Sassy. ❤️

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