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  1. happy birthday hari :)

  2. Happy birthday Trent hope you have a lovely day -night  Sas 🙂 

  3. i can vouch on this ^^^ i did it yesterday to mike inbox on fb :)
  4. I’m going to add my bit here WHEN things are brought to me since I came back I have always acted on it right away and I have always got back to the persons concerned if I can’t find out what’s needed I will go ask like to do with things with bots etc because I know nothing about bots
  5. I have enough shit going on In my life LEAVE me the fuck outta this bull shit NOW stop mentioning my NAME ffs drop me out 

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    2. Sabby(OD)


      Who is messing with my julie  https://i.imgur.com/sabompX.gifv

    3. TypeReaL(OD)


      no one anymore because im a psychopath with a lot of money and bad impulses

    4. Sassy


      @Sabby(OD) omg hailey thats so funny lol ❤️

  6. Mirgraine from hell 😞 

    1. Chanter(OD)


      Sorry to hear that, best wishes for a speedy end to the headache!

  7. Mike just checking in to make sure you’re ok and wifey 💙💗

  8. What a lovely introduction zac nice to finally see you posting one lol I wouldn’t believe what some say either lol well no point saying welcome thanks again for posting I won’t add the discord link because you are already on discord with us
  9. Mike I’m thinking of you and wifey plz plz let me know if you need or want anything love you & wifey 💙💙 

  10. Thank you for taking the time to post on my evaluation @CompFreak(OD) thank you for you’re kind words .. 1 the whole experience wasn’t a very nice one because I felt I’d let my peers and the community down as a trusted 3 star general and I’ve had to get done trust back mostly with my fello generals , because of what could have happened if that says person went on a rampage with my powers I had on the forums so lucky they never and of course it would never happen again not for a picture . 2 I don’t have to have that star back to do what I go for my second family I love each everyone with or with out that star I’m keep doing what I’m doing for OD , but I have had it so it not a must to get it back , but do I deserve that star back who knows but what ever the out come with my evaluation I’m here for the long run ... 3 I know I lack on the administration side of things and you guys just get a few lines from myself on topics in the general board but if I’m honest I get very embarrassed About it I’ve been taking a lot with @JD_FKA_Xayj(OD) about this he’s helped me to try over come the embarrassment if I miss words out or I don’t understand the topic so I tend to back off from taking part but I will try and get more involved with the topics even if I misspell or forget to add words to my reply thank for the questions comp tried to answer as good as I can Sas thanks again for posting 💙
  11. Happy 4th July hope you all have a great day -night much love Sas 

  12. Can I add to this that back in December I did post an induction to the new members that was asking who was Because they not seen or meet me just do they got to know me before my full return 💗
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. Kait thank you for such kinds words and constant support since we both been in OD you never once let me down always there for me always had my back and has always been such a darling friend to me yeah it does feel like i had never left but im back now and i'll carry on doing what ive always done since day one in OD thanks again sweetheart kait ❤️ zach thank you for your lovely kind words means alot and it means alot that you have taken time to post on my eval, i do try my best :) thanks again zach
  15. That right there 


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