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  1. Any song that has the words broken in it 😥
  2. I’ll find my way to you Lauren I promise you darling , this was our song we would sing to each other down the phone when we missed each other 💔💔

    my life has  ended without you  here baby I can’t see a way out this unless we both meet at that rainbow 😥😥😥

    1. v3n0m(OD)


      Stay strong sassy!



    2. Sassy


      I’m trying I really am 

  3. Finally my baby was brought home yesterday going to see her in the chapel of rest this is going to literally kill me but I must do it love and miss you so much lauren , had a butterfly fly into my house today so beautiful just like Lauren was 

    my heart is broken into bits I hope it will mend 💔😥💔😥


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    2. v3n0m(OD)


      It will mend, we're here for you!

    3. SuNSeT


      that's a tough battle, and words don't really do much justice, but I wish you and your family the best moving forward.

    4. Purplez(OD)


      Grief is never ending and the most painful thing I've ever gone through and am still going through myself.  Just know that you have family and friends who can help.  Take care ❤️

  4. I’m missing my baby so much 💔💔


    When someone is broken don’t try and fix them 

    ( you can’t) 💔


    when someone is hurting  don't attempt to take away their pain 

    ( you can’t ) 💔


    instead , love them by walking beside them in the hurt 

    ( you can ) ♥️


    Because sometimes what people need is simply to know they aren’t alone ♥️


    1. v3n0m(OD)


      So sorry Sassy, our hearts break with yours...we're here for you!

  5. Sassy

    R I p my baby :(

    Yeah but it got mentioned so much about me not being active @Ganker(OD) Nick and few these people I’d never ever meet or spoken to me EVER plus I guess they don’t know what I’ve done for OD if they did I guess it be different story ♥️
  6. I’ve never felt pain like this I’m totally heartbroken doubt I’ll ever be the same 

  7. Sassy

    R I p my baby :(

    Thank you frank just might take you up on that
  8. Sassy

    R I p my baby :(

    I see it this morning thank you from bottom of my broken heart Kaitlyn love you to bits too darling
  9. Sassy

    R I p my baby :(

    Thank you guys , I’m finding this very hard to except as I wasn’t with my Lauren when she passed she was on holiday in Tunisia with her family I don’t know full details yet all I know she had some sort difficulty breathing She was due home tomorrow ( Friday) now I have the hardest thing to try and do is bring my baby home from Tunisia and my poor grandkids having to deal with it also is going to be very hard . I’m absolutely broken.... and now to you people that kept on and on about me not being active and not doing much is because I was working and looking after Lauren while she fought hogkins lymphoma cancer so now you have something to chat about me not being active until you know the facts then you have no room to speak , the people that needed to know knew why I was not active now you can jog on and chat more shit about me ..... and to the few that knew thank you from bottom of mine and my family hearts for the support....
  10. Rip my darling caring funny loving daughter Lauren you fought the best fight ever my baby , you was the best daughter I could have ask for, you was the best mummy to Riah & Dylan you was the best sister to Perrie-rose , Bradley & lacey-Lou , I don’t think I’ll ever get over losing you in fact I know I won’t My heart is truly broken in to little pieces and it will never be whole again Lauren I’ll never stop loving you baby my first born I’m totally broken we thought you had this you was doing so well but it wasn’t to be god wanted you more but I did didn’t he understand that 😞 Rest In Peace my sweet baby 😥😥😥😥😥
  11. Welcome my fello Brit nice to have another person from our country on board in OD 🙂 what you uni you off to this summer my daughter off to Bedford we’re are you in the uk 🇬🇧
  12. Happy birthday Logan have a good one 

  13. Just poped on to say hi miss you guys be back Monday - Tuesday having a well earned break to recharge my battery’s see you soon love sas 💕💕

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Sassy


      Hey Brian I’m still on holiday just wanted to pop on show support for Aaron and say hi im back next week 


    3. Sassy
    4. MineNotYour(OD)


      Looks like a low stress level kinda deal there!😄😄 Glad to see it.

  14. I’m on my holidays but I felt I should still post and show my support Great evaluation you have posted Aaron when I first meet you a long time ago now you have always been very very consistent in what you have done even before you joined OD , then that day I finally recruited you , you have still been so active never stopped rushing doing runs pvping you name you did it , you have always been willing to help anybody OD or not I could go on and on about what you do and have done but it take me forever , I knew this day would come because their wasn’t really anybody that has deserved this for a long time now but ah oh you’re here now and good luck 🙂 i believe you are now my 3rd recruit that’s made it to general evaluation so that’s a credit to myself I guess I did recruit some amazing people you as a person are easy to get on with you will go straight to the person if you need to air you’re views and get you’re point heard with no malice or hatred you are a kind heart person and quite funny If they get to know you you do some great drawings and I think I am the only one that’s heard you’re VOICE he he anyways this stopping me sunbath good luck Aaron well deserve my plus 1 if it helps but doubt you need it :)
  15. Just poped on to say hi 

    and to say congratulations @DeathBy(OD) Rob & Danny that’s absolutely wonderful news so pleased for you both 🙂 

    1. MineNotYour(OD)


      HIya, hope you are enjoying yourself!

    2. Purplez(OD)


      Enjoy yourself!

    3. SuNSeT


      although senile and dangerous behind the wheel, elderly still have some purpose


      Hello to you as well, my name is Kevin, we've met several times

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