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  1. H a p p y b I r t h d a y 

    A A R O N have a good one 

    and can I have one them boots lol 

    1. Sassy


      Did you have a good night ? How many boots did you have 

  2. Why when I was having such a good day within a second I’m absolutely crying my eyes out missing my baby wishing she didn’t have to leave me 😥😥😥😥

  3. I’d spend some money on a big BLUE mansion for kids to go to when they have lost a mum or dad to help them get over their lost to help take their minds off of things 😥 the rest would go to cancer research and all veterans that are homeless 💙
  4. My pleasure hun I’m enjoying doing it 🙂
  5. Thank you @Sil3NtKilL(OD) for letting me help get music for the radio 🙂 I need to project to get my teeth into and I love music so this right up my street 🙂
  6. Sassy

    This person

    Aww thank you 😊
  7. Sassy

    This person

    I've H A T E D this women Actually, I've not loved her at all most of his life. I've fed her lies and told her she wasn't good enough and have allowed others to tell her she isn't good enough. I've allowed her to be broken. I've allowed others to treat her disrespectfully. I've allowed her to run through brick walls and battle for others who won't even stand for her . I couldn't stop others from abandoning her but I've seen her stand up and be a light for the world and love others despite all that. I have stood paralyzed by fear while she fought battles in her mind, heart and soul. This women has failed many times as a daughter , as a sister , as a mother and as a friend because she didn't think she was worthy of self love or the love of others. She has a stubborn streak, she has scars because she has a history. s he has so, so many scars... Some people love this women , some like her , and some don't care for her at all... But she is who she is, regardless. she has done good in her life she has done not so good in her life. Every mistake, failure, trial, disappointment, success, joy and achievement has made her into who she is today. You can love her or not---but if she loves you she will do it with her whole heart. She is dramatic and sometime she is scatter-brained. she will not pretend to be who she is not. she will make no apologies for who she is. Never will she again. This women is a WARRIOR. she's not perfect, but she has a lot of WORTH. She’s UNSTOPPABLE. Gracefully broken, but beautifully standing. SHe is LOVE. SHe is LIFE. SHe is TRANSFORMATION. SHe is GRACE. SHe is BRAVE. ... and she will never stop learning,dancing or moving forward... She is ME .........
  8. You have broken my new friend with that crazy hands up in the air song lol 

  9. Omg that’s another person that likes deep house meeee too but I like soulful house funky house also I have over 1500 house tunes on my phone lol
  10. Some people are quick to label you a shitty friend with no clue how broken you are and instead of understanding they just call the friendship quits

    There are many people that have a night out planned, or arrange a coffee with friends and suddenly the 4 walls they inhabit seem the only safe haven because it's the only place they don't have to pretend they are ok, so they cancel. Or when they are invited out they tell them how terribly sorry they are but there already booked up that weekend, when they are actually just really busy holding it together in there safe box. And so the first problem starts, all by itself. People stop asking them and the isolation that at first wasn't true becomes there only truth.

    Please don't give up on your friends. Ring them, go round, even when they don't want you to. Because they really do, they just don't know how to say it.

    1. JR(OD)


      ring ring ring ~

      hello julie! :)

    2. Sassy


      Hi jr  lol 😂 


    3. Purplez(OD)


      I so totally agree Julie.  I tend to wall myself up too, but my friends keep persisting and trying to draw me out.  Isolation can be very enticing at times though.  ❤️

  11. Nice to see the older members return I feel old here but only been here since 2014 @Panda(OD) Wonder if you was here with @TypeReaL(OD) he’s been here for ever 🙂
  12. Hey welcome to the nut house im from uk London were you at , wow that makes 2 of us now lol I play poe also but mainly d2 can’t wait to meet a fellow Brit 🙂 I’m julie aka Sassy 🙂
  13. Welcome to the nut house straight jackets to the left of you lol was nice meeting you in Channel yesterday enjoy yourself whist with us and have lots of fun SaS 🙂
  14. @Rich(OD) now that’s out the way myself I personally think you should been up for eval a very long time ago for the amount time you have been in OD but you would never really do anything to warrant it until I kept telling you do this do that because I knew you could do it you had it in you to get this far why you didn’t do it before I don’t know but I’m glad I had a hand in helping yet another member get there and I know you will be good at it but if there anything thing I’d like to see from you and that’s start to recruit not saying you got to do it all the time but at least show willing and if you want to do it the old fashion way so be it at least you’re doing it 🙂 and Try and not be so rude to members on you’re non od accounts because that don’t sit well with new members that don’t know you or you’re humor but I have faith in Jason I know you can do this you get my support on this and if you need training in recruiting I’m ya gal lol good luck for the rest you’re eval #1 from me 🙂
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