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  1. Sassy


    For my special angel lauren 😥😥
  2. Sassy


    So So True 💖
  3. Absolutely gutted I couldn’t make it I was awake as well just couldn’t bring myself to join because I’ve missed you all so much and I know I’d got upset trying speak maybe the next one I’ll definitely join , ive even become abit of a recluse since my daughter passing with friends that’s definitely not me I love partying but in time I guess sassy will be back seriously miss you all 😞
  4. I totally agree with terra , it will give the other divisions a chance , but saying that will any body even put members names forward or even vote when they are up , sad really they used to be the highlight of the clan coming together 😞
  5. Just passing by to say I’m doing ok things still very hard for me  I have my good days and my very bad days , but I’m back at work to try get some normality back in my life miss you guys so much take care be lucky love SAS 💖💖

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    2. v3n0m(OD)


      We're here for you!

    3. Daterminaytah(OD)
    4. MineNotYour(OD)


      Time and routine will guide you through such a tragic time in life, We care about you and if you ever need to talk please let us know, you have our full support Julie. Miss you

  6. I just want to be this person again happy smiling laughing not the broken person I am now 😥😥


    1. MineNotYour(OD)


      I bet that will take time and healing, I know you will get there.

    2. v3n0m(OD)


      What he said, definitely takes time. It wont ever go away but it will get better, don't be afraid to lean on people! Stay strong Sassy! ❤️

  7. Happy happy birthday to my best friend shon hope you have a great day if I get time I’ll call you but enjoy you’re day shithead 💙💙💙💙 


    thank you for everything you have done for me 💙💙

    1. SuNSeT


      happy bday douche canoe


    2. Dabomb(OD)


      Haha thanks yall just got back from fucking vacation it was crazy idk if my liver is dead or what at this point!

    3. SuNSeT


      Lost 16 pounds in a week when I was in my early 20s after a cancun spring break. Probably closest I've come to internal organ failure...worth it...from the small amount of memory. Hope it was a gooder

  8. Then you should have jumped on this @Aerineth(OD) as soon as he posted because you can obviously see what he was doing I wasn’t going to just sit back and hold my tongue I’m sorry I just couldn’t do that ... It wasn’t to cause a scene At all ......
  9. Just let me grieve plz it’s a hard enough battle every day without coming on the forums to read such shit .. I thought the forums was a form escape for me coming on here now and again until I’m up to being on here everyday like before.. to escape everyday troubles but guess not I can’t even escape for 5 minutes without bullshit being thrown at me , but give it you’re best shot because I will come back both barrels trust me
  10. Trying to grieve not easy at all but grieving for a child of yours is even harder but people still try to give you shit and for others to see just what they are doing and not putting a stop to it just crazy 

    1. TypeReaL(OD)


      Looking at you commanders 

  11. A gift are you for real ? you are one the most craziest person I have ever come across you are not right in the head you seriously need to give you’re head a wobble .... I’m trying to grieve for my daughter and you have to post this SHIT ... cant you just leave without keeping my name out of you’re mouth ? ... Oh no you have to blame someone for you’re leaving I get it and that had to be me and you just couldn’t leave with out making yet ANOTHER seen could you, and to see if I’d bite back so you can now make a long statement to make me look bad but you know what ghostdog I do not care one bit what you or anyone else needs to say about me My time is being spent trying to grieve so please let me do that and keep my name out of you’re mouth ok
  12. I’d love to come and party with you all but I might get all emotional but I’ll try my best to come need to hear my od buddy’s 😞
  13. Any song that has the words broken in it 😥
  14. I’ll find my way to you Lauren I promise you darling , this was our song we would sing to each other down the phone when we missed each other 💔💔

    my life has  ended without you  here baby I can’t see a way out this unless we both meet at that rainbow 😥😥😥

    1. v3n0m(OD)


      Stay strong sassy!



    2. Sassy


      I’m trying I really am 

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