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  1. Oh yeah for about a week lol nah never good luck billy with the rest of you’re eval 🙂
  2. Billy thank you for posting you’re very first Eval. we have become very good friends over the years may that continue. I have seen nothing but the best from you , always pushing you’re self you will always help anybody no matter what division they belong too if you couldn’t help that said person you would always find a way to get them the help I remember when you would always come to me to get things done on the site because you never had the power but you eventually got the power there was no stopping you and that has continued going up in rank I believe you bring a lot to OD and you have so much more to bring good luck with the rest you’re eval you definitely get + 1 from me. For my question -did you really think you could ever beat me in recruiting lol 💙
  3. Sassy


    Thank you hari but I would need a couple of months away to get my family life completely settled with my grandkids if I could IA for that amount time then I’d do it but I’d rather resign then come back
  4. I’m sorry nick but life took another direction hopefully only for few months 💙
  5. Sassy


    Kev I wasn’t surprised to see this coming after our chat the other day , we sure had fun while it lasted I’ll definitely keep in touch with you because you’re such great guy with no ducks given take care chat soon 💙
  6. They are hiding from you mike lol 😂 good to see you back just as I was leaving 😢😢 but I’ll still pop in now and again
  7. Really I’ve always found about 2 in there lol kerp hunting then lol
  8. Kait I will never lose touch with you ever sweetheart I totally mean that , did I want to resign absolutely NOT but I just could not see another way out of it , my grandkids need me but you never know I might come back when life has settled down but I’m doing to much at the moment . I wish you nothing but the best either if anyone deserve it you do darling promise me one thing you’re gain more stars in the general ranks and show everyone what amazing person our little treasure Kaitlynn is love you girl 😘💗😘💗
  9. God you had to be the one that brought tears to my eyes I’ve sent you message on fb mike. thank you for such kind words Cookie 💙
  10. Thank you to each and everyone that’s taken the time to post means a lot to me . i can not see another way out this without me being away for a month or 2 , I don’t know if i can take another month or 2 ia .. getting my grandkids settled one in school one in child care and getting new hours at work in place so im not burnt out and can still game or maybe just come back in a couple of months who knows , but at the moment I’ve gotta think of my grandkids thanks again it’s much appreciated Sas 💙💗 1 request though can @Badboi(OD) frank disable me please when my 48 hours are up 😞
  11. It’s with such a heavy heavy heart that I must do this , I never thought this day would come but it has I have to hang up my SASSY boots I know a lot people will be shocked and upset to see this I’m heartbroken to do this , yes I could have put ia in but I can’t be bothered with the crap like before that in it’s self was horrible to deal with ... life taken a big change on my life 2 of my grandchildren have come to live with me so it does not give me much time to do what’s needed for the clan I absolutely love and has played big part of my life since 2014... Over the years I have made some really great friends and they will be friends for life I shall never forget the good times the bad times the laughter and tears oh and drunken times I’ve had With many of you ... i am going to miss each and everyone of you dearly BUT I will pop on here and discord to say hello and have a chin wag I just couldn’t not keep away forever ... it’s been an absolute pleasure recruiting each and everyone MY recruits 3 which have made it to generals ( hope I make it to the hall of fame as OD best ever recruiter with 314 recruits behind me ) that’s one thing I really will miss is recruiting for my second family ... I know pops is so against me leaving but life has really changed for myself I can’t see any way juggling both at the moment maybe in couple months il come back but who knows .. few people to mention that helped me along the way @Badboi(OD) frank the biggest troll going but most level headed bloke there is great friend had many a laughs with and his beautiful wife mel I shall miss dearly and he loves FOOTBALL @Terra you played big part my journey in Od wether it be to tell me off or give me great advise il be forever grateful for that @CompFreak(OD) he always helped me when I needed it even if I spelt things wrong or didn’t make sense he got it lol @Aerineth(OD) I’ll always remember the day I called you cookie because I couldn’t say you’re bloody name and for listening to me on fb when I needed someone to talk to and I shall never forget you always saying LOL on ts or discord @JD(OD) for never ever judging when I went to you to rant or just get things off my chest or just to talk to you about everyday things that happen in my life I’ll will forever be grateful for the friendship we have also @SuNSeT this dude right here << with no fucks given always loved our chats was a lot like me said what we felt but could get us in trouble by saying it but that’s were the NO FUCKS given came into play Kevin I am really going to miss you dude we become great friends always had each other’s back I won’t ever forget you kev ever keep being who you are don’t change for no fucker 🙂 @ZBTtarget(OD) Justin what can I say apart from thanks for always being there and still being there @Daterminaytah(OD)mike one my longest friends not only in OD but game we been best friends for over 10 years I will definitely miss him and his family @MelodicRose(OD) Kait I always had faith in everything you do I’m so glad that we became such great friends forever keep doing what you’re doing darling love you to bits always will sweetheart thank you for being there for me 💕💕 @PoPs(OD) left you to last because we really have been on a crazy journey together there’s been ups downs but we got there together because we was such team a team I shall never forget you have always been there for me no matter what situation it’s been you even become friends with my old man tony lol I feel terrible to be leaving you this is the hardest bit for me leaving OD because of you but I know you got this you have great people around you I’m going to miss you dearly James 😢😢 My last thank you to great friends made along the way @Triny(OD) @Froggie420(OD) @JR(OD)@RadarRick(OD)@BayButcher(OD) @Purplez(OD) @TypeReaL(OD) this is very hard trying tag everyone tears starting to roll down my face so il say my good byes now sorry to everyone I missed tagging 😢😢 just seen my bestest buddy SHON @Dabomb(OD)been re-enabled so I must leave him a message also well my journey into leadership started with this wanker and what a journey it was boy did we have some UP’S and DOWN’S but we never gave up we carried on through it all he gave me the encouragement to never doubt myself but I always did he was a shoulder to cry on when shit hit the fan with real life stuff he was there with me through my bad time suffering from breast cancer he always picked me up when I was down he truly is one the best friends I made in OD I’m truly grateful to call him my friend much love shon 💙💙 @Sabby(OD) hailey I know you still read the forums but no longer in OD with all what was going on posting this I forgot you . You really are one of a kind too not shy to say how you feel you truly are such amazing person sure knows how to game girl I love you to bits girl keep being who you are dont change for no one 💗💗 Dont ever forget the mad Brit I’m going to miss everyone dearly but I will pop back now and again love you all Sas 😘😘
  12. Aww @Dro4Sho(OD) that’s so sweet Thank you yeah it is a great place to be , atm im not in good place so not been about 💙💙
  13. @JD_FKA_Xayj(OD) to post on discord he’s our discord king 🙂
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