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  1. well folks quite soon i will be here a lot more. due to the fact that i am about to lose my job. i think after getting up at any hour in the night or in the day i am going to sing the jonny paycheck song to my boss. i will stop being a decated electronic technision. i will become a video game player. i bet you wonder why this is happening i got my first job in sept of 1967 well i been at it for a few years but soon i will be gainfully unemployed. i will be back then.
  2. i was wondering what every one thinks the best beverage to drink while gaming. please specify item and brand.
  3. is there a reson that this post doesn{t show up
  4. https://freetrial.finalfantasyxiv.com/na/ come give it a try, if you are on pc or ps4 , try before you buy . Too good of a chance to pass up. server; aether , world; farie , we are waiting to see you. dave(OD)
  5. Dave(OD)


    rag i would be happy to take the blame, but i forgot where i put it . see what happens when you get old , but i still play video games , so i guess 68 is not too young.
  6. Dave(OD)


    rag it was just a joke, my odd humor.
  7. Dave(OD)


    i would like to post a complint. someone done took one of compfreak stars. if the thief would just put it back, then nothing more would be said, and no charges would be forthcoming.
  8. on faerie there is only me, unless some one wants to make a od free company there. i tried to revive the fc's on Marlboro and jenova then i gave up and deleted all of my toons on the north American servers. and re-started on faerie. this way i can say i am a faerie. if anyone wants to start a FC for od , all i can say is go for it dave
  9. well this is my ff14 update . currently i am playing on cerebues and Farie . all other toons have ben deleted.
  10. gee all of the qualities of a division leader.
  11. Happy Birthday Buddy!!

    1. PoPs(OD)


      Mr. Dave.....HAPPY B-DAY old man 🙂

    2. Dave(OD)


       thank you

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