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  1. well folks quite soon i will be here a lot more. due to the fact that i am about to lose my job. i think after getting up at any hour in the night or in the day i am going to sing the jonny paycheck song to my boss. i will stop being a decated electronic technision. i will become a video game player. i bet you wonder why this is happening i got my first job in sept of 1967 well i been at it for a few years but soon i will be gainfully unemployed. i will be back then.
  2. i was wondering what every one thinks the best beverage to drink while gaming. please specify item and brand.
  3. ok my turn , are you tring to set a new record for evals. this is # 10, what mistacks did you make in the other 9, what is your favorite game , have you come over to farie yet to play with me i am more inclined to vote for people who play ff14. in your years here what is the biggest problem here. What do you think of discord. What is your favorite _________ . and why. What games have you played over the years. Can you walk and chew bubble gum. what is your favorite Drink. What are you going to do if you make and get promoted this time. if dont get promoted what are you going to do. so much fo
  4. ok all of the questions have been answered so i guess you have my +1 1+1 can equal 3 if all conditions are fullfilled.
  5. ok, its your chance to get a plus 1 from me, which computer do you dislike working with ?, can 1+1 ever be more than 2, what is your opion of the others up for evalution promotions. why dont you start a new account and work it up to another general then you could add the ranks together. and get a four. you do understand if i ask questions when it comes tp the real vote i can say see eval. its hard for me to come up with any hard questions, you was trained good. are you training new division leaders, for that mater are you training your replacement. Are you going to start a division on FF14. of
  6. so you are telling me i can only ask 2 questions , ok why do you like pulple. is there any other color you like. ok for a sure +1vote come play ff14 0n farie. come and be a farie. what is your second game of choice, of your other 2 up for evalutions who you like the best. What is your favorite rank.
  7. is there a reson that this post doesn{t show up
  8. https://freetrial.finalfantasyxiv.com/na/ come give it a try, if you are on pc or ps4 , try before you buy . Too good of a chance to pass up. server; aether , world; farie , we are waiting to see you. dave(OD)
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