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  1. Thank you for taking the time to do this! I've changed and hidden my email!
  2. I was a previous member who joined in 2014, and have since ceased to play. I'm trying to find a way to get my account removed from the main website because it's the first thing that is returned when I google my email address. I use a different email for gaming now, and the one originally listed has become a personal address. I'm trying to track down all my old accounts and managed to find this one. Is it possible for someone to remove my record entirely? or will deleting my forum account be enough?
  3. This honestly doesn't surprise me. As time goes on, they will eventually drop because more people will have them. I'm kind of hoping i can find a decent place to start farming these motif's now that I'm in Morrowind and make me some money.. I'm so broke that it's sad. I've seen it go for and have sold Barbarian for 15k. I attempted to sell Primal for 17k and got harassed by people who offered only 10k. I wouldn't stand firm by that price though; the trolls were really active tonight. Daedric and Ancient have been going for 27-32K according to a Mod that tracks all 5 of the guilds I'm in. I don't have any data on Imperial because it hasn't been listed in any Guild Stores or sold in chat while I've been online.
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