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  1. It seems that I was very short notice on the meeting setup, thus i am just going to change the date to next Friday Oct 12th at 5pm central time. Please let me know if that time is a problem.
  2. well that is three of three people that have said this date, so that will be the date, tomorrow at 5 central time we will have a little meeting. thank you to those that have replied ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Hello WoW Classic OD, I am creating this forum post in order to create a meeting date and time where we can decide as a group a server and assess the interest in raiding as a guild. Today I am looking for date and time preferences that the meeting can be held. Currently I am looking at a range from this weekend Oct 5th to Oct 14th, once I have collected the responses or Oct 4th rolls around I will create a forum post and message with the details. If there is anything else that we want to discuss at the meeting such as further plans or questions please send it to me to add to the meeting agenda or write it down and ask it at the end of the meeting. Thank you for your time, xPopularcokeman
  4. Thank you everyone who has replied so far! 1. @Aerineth(OD) to explain the reason for the server choice, @Triny(OD) had suggested that we use Faerlina as it has the newest hardware for the servers and it has the streamer on it so it would have the strongest long term population. @OoT(OD) and myself agreed, and if we go to the server select forum page (link 1) there was a poll to see where the official guild would play. Unfortunately for some, not many people were placing their votes for the server Faerlina was the winner. 2. Something I also want to note is that it seems that a large majority of players had already decided what server they were going to be playing on when the guild began trying to get plans set in stone. As is their right, but this has led to a very fractured guild as there is a multitude of different servers that are being played. Probably the most common one that I have seen personally is Herod. in your opinion @Aerineth(OD) what could we do to to find a consensus about server selection? 3. @Raged(OD) the queue has been an discussion for sure, I put some information on topic 4 about the current queue. as you are one of the people willing to make a new character, if you could choose a server which would it be? 4. Information for those who want it that today Friday 9/27/19 at 5pm Pacific Time the server wait was 900 people, about ~40 minutes of wait. While that is still a wait that is miniscule compared to the 25000 6+ hour wait. 5. @Dmon(OD) thats nice to hear that your having fun, to your knowledge are their any other OD members that are on that server? Please keep the comments coming! I the more information and opinions that i have the better! I am always willing to have a discussion, if you have an answer to any questions I ask please speak your mind. ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Jokes aside, I want to have an open discussion with our community, to gauge our current situation. Such as peopleโ€™s current plans for classic, what they are playing, where they are chatting, and with who. Then to collect any current complaints that we can discuss and if there is not anything wrong tell me that to so that everyone is on the same page. I hope to do this as an earnest attempt help cultivate our community. Hope to talk with you all soon!
  6. https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/free-character-moves-coming-soon/81402 Raged has noted in Teamspeak that there are going to be FREE realm transfers coming, so I have looked around a bit and found the post by a community manager Kaivax with the information. This will definitely help with the que times, just a little more patience in needed. ^(*.*)^
  7. Hello everyone! Some decisions have been made about Classic WoW in an effort to create a plan of attack for launch. I am conveying the decisions finalized by @Triny(OD) and @OoT(OD), any information about the guild here may change but this is the general plan as of now. 1. What server do we plan on playing? a. There will only be two official OD guilds, the horde will play on the Faerlina (Eastern PvP) and the Alliance will be playing on Heroed (Eastern PvP). 2. Who will be making the guilds? a. @Triny(OD) will make the Horde guild then transferring guild master to @OoT(OD) and the Alliance guild will be created and headed by @Ganker(OD) if he accepts. 3. When will Classic Release? a. WoW Classic will start on August 26, 2019 at 3pm Pacific and 6pm Eastern. Follow this link for other time zones and countdown clock. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/23086691/wow-classic-name-reservations-now-open 4. Tip for launch a. You will want to have the game open on your character screen in order to skip any authentication bottleneck that will happen right before the game launches. Looking forward to playing with you all!
  8. At this moment I know that a group of OD including myself wants to play Classic WoW when that drops
  9. Hello everybody, I plan on playing classic with OD, but we probably need to plan some things out @OoT(OD) 1. Have we decided what server we will be playing? a. Fearlina? (PvP Eastern Time) 2. What side will we be playing? a. If we are playing on a PvP we will only be able to create characters within the same faction on that realm. So this will be important. 3. Who will be making the clan? a. Looks like either OoT(OD) or Triny(OD) 4. What chat will we be using on launch day to get things organized? Looking forward to playing with everyone, and I hope to make these things clear for anyone looking to join us ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. I would like to add if there is enough interest then I could pay for a server to be hosted by a company.
  11. 1. I am trying to gauge the interest of the Overdosed community in playing Minecraft on a server together. 2. I am already looking into how to set up a server. However, I do not have the strongest computer and am not as knowledgeable with computers as others. Thus, I am also looking to find someone that is capable of helping me, or someone willing to host the server themselves. Thank you for your time!
  12. 1. I want to find out if Minecraft is still an active squad. 2. If yes, what servers are currently running 2b. A guess to how many people are playing each. 3. If no, who might be interested in playing/hosting? 3b. I am willing to host, but don't have the strongest of PCs and may need assistance from a tech-savvy OD.
  13. well... i failed my first chem exam.... that"s extremely discouraging...

    1. Aerineth(OD)


      You should make your schooling your 100% most important priority. I know we haven't seen you a lot in game buddy, but school is something you don't want to mess up. Go through College and get through it while you're young so you're not like me going back 10 years after the other kids. Make that your priority buddy.We'll be here the entire time.

    2. MrPecktacular


      Agreed, school is for you and that's the way you need to look at it. The guild will be here for you every step of the way. Take time for yourself to do it right.

  14. I am sooo tired now that I have started collage , I am going to sleep at 10pm. Which may not seem like early but when I normally go to sleep at 2 or 3 in the morning it's early... it only sucks because I have had a lot to play games

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