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  1. We will have to get together and play because i am struggling lol
  2. I havent played 7 days to die for a long time so im downloading it again to try this server.
  3. Hello Everyone, I have two 7 day trial keys for escape from tarkov that i have to give away by tomorrow if anyone is really interested in the game and would like to try it out ill be playing it the next few days so i can play with you if you would like first 2 people to respond to this message will recieve the keys. GL and HF
  4. I play csgo a lot and also question what is the overdosed steam group?
  5. the 25th I may not be able to be there going to my restricted gun license that day but don't know when im getting back so if im back in time ill deffinatly be there! Reaperkill(OD)
  6. hey aerineth i cant remember who i talked to but i thnk it was you a few weeks ago i said i wanted to re join the clan i used to be in it known as Reaperkill(OD) and well if it was you i was talking to i got a new computer and play D3 extensivly and was wondering if i could be like reinstated

    1. Otter(OD)


      I should probably mention we were on diablo 2 when we talked, that's if it was you I talked to.

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