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  1. August would be 2 years for classic....and the original game was about 2 years and 2 months before TBC came out. with release date still unknown...we could get 2 years out of it. i am ready lol. Warrior >> Lock >> Priest ... in that order... to be focused for me :)
  2. Good bye my friend....we love you.
  3. ofc i agree to this....was just my initial thought and reaction
  4. is it possible to leave her here forever? im suggesting it i am heart broken....she never cared for the admin stuff she was the peoples champion....and everyone loved her.
  5. i am shocked at a loss for words and in tears right now.....no one will ever replace your void Julie. None of this would be what it is today without your influence. How could you leave us you beat fucking CANCER ...... pepehands. i will never forget you
  6. https://www.readyraider.com/community?view=article&article=1609257338859x222422215555264640&nav=news
  7. the final patch for classic is coming. This is hard thing to do with people already invested in where they are at....myself especially. i play classic at a very high level of speed and execution that most do not. At this point i think its a waiting game to see what they do after people farm Naxx for awhile. I dont know how retail operates i have not played any retail since 2010.....but im pretty sure its easier to play with others cross realm there and they can have better luck with that.
  8. all voice channels should be grouped together and all text channels should be grouped together.....under each header u have text and voice channels everywhere
  9. i dont play clash or nothing.....can be around for norms and stuff....been here a long time. G a n k e r 89 add me
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