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  1. i will be, been playing various private servers since Nostalrius
  2. i work 12 hours shifts and be gone from my house 13-14 hours at a time.....cant have a dog or i would. i also dont believe in putting a dog in a crate or to tie them up somewhere and leave them for that long of a period....so i have cats instead....low maintenance.
  3. you should try new games julie lol
  4. Ganker(OD)

    Path of Diablo

    For those who dont know, Path of Diablo or POD is like a private server for a modded version of D2. Run by and hosted by a group of people you would download and extension of the game and login to their server instead of BNet type deal. They've modded things like bigger inventory / skills are different / and some gear aswell. Different style currency and keys/organs are also different. i have very little exp playing it but i have close friends who play it alot so i know of it and things about it by ear lol. edit: also has a decent size community from what i hear
  5. Ganker(OD)

    Discord info

    couldnt tell you the last time i enjoyed using teamspeak. discord >
  6. Hari man....i miss playing D2 with ya. i never got big on D3 maybe i just need my old mentor back :D lol
  7. This kinda goes along with something i often say.......When someone tells me how ugly they think an artist is...i always respond with "it doesnt matter when you make good music". His music is forever untouchable
  8. here a giant picture of my face....whew
  9. Ganker(OD)

    Just saying hi

    i noticed u havent been around. come back mama
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