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  1. that was a sick cinematic......hype for real
  2. yea thats my bad i was already playing before and lost track of time before u messaged me. thats a saturday and i can be around np
  3. might need a reminder but i should be around. could go out on a limb with someone but if not i will be here
  4. i still play alot...but i dont play TFT....i love the rift
  5. looks like my group is moving to Skeram now. 1 day before launch they decided lol
  6. trying to manage 2 guilds on different servers would not be a good idea...a solid roster of 45-60 players on 1 server for groups and raids is plenty and especially if you want to be a mega guild (300+ these rarely ever work out) having different identities on different servers would be rough. im playing alliance on Herod but i will be playing with private server friends i have been playing with for the last 3+ years and have strong bonds with and we will have a guild that im a seasoned member of but not a "leader" although i have extensive vanilla raid leader experience. so i would suggest just doing your Horde thing and i can join up with an alt later on after i push main with friends
  7. by the way.....those are some killer looking spliffs they got there ❤️
  8. you should not have to explain yourself....fuck them. we love you girl
  9. i really like overwatch but no friends to play with.....all playing gaypex
  10. Ganker(OD)

    I'm Back

    EvilOne!! welcome back brooooo lol
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