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  1. any chance i get to praise Hari...i take it. There's a lot of people in this clan, currently and previously, who would not be who they are and where they are today without Hari. TOP notch role model...and deserves Medal of Honor and Overdosed Award over and over again. you the man Hari
  2. Recruited By: DeathBy(OD) My boy....ive been playing HoTS if u wanna hook up. u know how to get ahold of me PS: that signature is fuckin huge lmao
  3. i will be, been playing various private servers since Nostalrius
  4. i work 12 hours shifts and be gone from my house 13-14 hours at a time.....cant have a dog or i would. i also dont believe in putting a dog in a crate or to tie them up somewhere and leave them for that long of a period....so i have cats instead....low maintenance.
  5. you should try new games julie lol
  6. Ganker(OD)

    Path of Diablo

    For those who dont know, Path of Diablo or POD is like a private server for a modded version of D2. Run by and hosted by a group of people you would download and extension of the game and login to their server instead of BNet type deal. They've modded things like bigger inventory / skills are different / and some gear aswell. Different style currency and keys/organs are also different. i have very little exp playing it but i have close friends who play it alot so i know of it and things about it by ear lol. edit: also has a decent size community from what i hear
  7. Ganker(OD)

    Discord info

    couldnt tell you the last time i enjoyed using teamspeak. discord >
  8. Hari man....i miss playing D2 with ya. i never got big on D3 maybe i just need my old mentor back :D lol
  9. This kinda goes along with something i often say.......When someone tells me how ugly they think an artist is...i always respond with "it doesnt matter when you make good music". His music is forever untouchable
  10. here a giant picture of my face....whew
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