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  1. Hey Wind, hope all is well!

  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. I wont be on as much do to being sick. I will try to check in everyday.
  4. With hands that froze how you gona play games? Best to get some really warm gloves and plz. keep that very cold weather further north :) happy new year.
  5. Hi doing good thank you . Hope your having fun gaming. :)
  6. welcome back dark hope you had a good vacation!
  7. Congrats Milkcarton. Best wishes and happy new year.
  8. I was told when i change their pw it only good for 3 days . so if I am mistaken or was told wrong then I can send a message . I was told that the pw that a person wants change d to let them know that it only good for 3 days or maybe 4 days . Then they will have trouble loggin on if they leave it on the pw I change for them . so was I told wrong or misunderstood ?this is for new recruits who forget their pw.So Ill remove the post then .Was what was told to me .Since you said you dont know bout it i removed the post then ,I must have been told wrong . I guess when you change the password to new recruits it is not recommended to change it just they keep the one given to them when they ask for a pw change because they for got their other pw.
  9. Merry Christmas to everyone and their families .May the wishes come true . be safe and enjoy .Ho Ho Ho ! :)
  10. Nice grades. I never cared much for biology thou lol.
  11. Welcome to OD gaming ,time to have fun.
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