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  1. Hey Wind, hope all is well!

  2. Sassy we came a long way with next to no training . I think as a one star you should have been able to handle alot of thing better . I give you an example Solarflare I still dont understand the whys of that, but when he came to me and asked me why you would not listen to him I just told him to give you time . And I gave you advice to put aside your dislike for him and be a general and listen to what ever he had to say . That was just a few issues that you did not want to partake in the office . Every time members or officers or yes even adm questions or just gets under your skin you have the t
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Guy's I'm sorry I got caught up in the moment.I dont think everything said is necessarily accurate,but obviously there is a problem and I'm willing to work with you guys to to figure it out.
  5. I wont be on as much do to being sick. I will try to check in everyday.
  6. The pm on the runs event went out to You sassy tie and hari and seriouswine. the LLD one went out to everyone in the D2division for their input.
  7. I see so everytime julie wanted me to talk to you and left and did not want to be there it had nothing to do that something was not right between you too then my bad and yes i recall it was you and solarflare and I talked to you both and then I watched as you guys went in same channel and then started gaming together again and then he went to D3 . Write it up and come to you with my idea? and I am still waiting for rags to send me an answer. And I will do so again there are a few things I sent and have not had an answer from rags yet so I will send another PM . 7 topics does not place
  8. I will explain some of it to you sense you are pushing it in the direction most of you would rather not go. One when the 3 members was asked to be the leads inD2 division we accepted ,everyone had a strong point and weak points one was doing the recruiting and yes I asked about it to mike since he was higher rank he said one member to recruit people even though I felt we all should recruit but it was agreed on to let one member do that , One member watched the channel the other did runs . I ran on hcl and scl. Then dtwo separated and left 2 members to do the job. that was the system and se
  9. That is what I tell people like dabomb and sassy and the others . It does not mean I dont look into it . I do look into it as you know all you can do when it is not a real serious offense is warn them not to do it again and point out there will be a punishment handed out . With no proof and only hear say Unless the personconfesses thats all you can do. I have settled disputes among some members, I had talked Blind and mike to not come to channel and recruit our members, I have whispered ray to not bring in his zf bot in the channel,he complied. I have disabled 2 members for breaking t
  10. If you read the recruit part sunset you would know that most was pointed towards sassy . And sassy as a good recruiter has said many times send them to her and thats how its been . And i thank you for the input but I dont think you know what I have been doing .your not in D2 division. But i thank you just the same . And I have to admit I have done very few runs . But I have been doing thing for our division . as you should know a 2 star has to read alot and if they dont understand things they seek the answers .:) To be honest I never asked for a eval. I was just as happy where I was . I a
  11. Ok bomb I will answer your question . One you very rarely come to me with issues . and then when we talk in the office and discuss the things about the division. And when you do bring something to me I tell you what should be done but we have to talk with the other lead as well and that is sassy. Thats how we are suppose to do things not off on your own. And since you want to bring up a botter getting disabled . As for recruiting I'll fill you in on a few things about that back when dtwo was here we had a system for recruiting and sassy was the better recruiter so most all new recruits went to
  12. It is just a step towards understanding certain code files, projects and finding solutions. Helping to understand data types and variable's . There are 26 step . The good thing about it is that if you dont understand a certain concept and go back and listen and read it over and there are other places you can go to that could help you understand what to do. It helps in the adm field of the OD community . just ask Terra and comp freak and badboi and aern and triss and rags . Thank you for the question:)
  13. I have a mic :) Thanks If you have one thats better and want to get rid please let me know.
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