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  1. And for which other Dynamic Duo would a dolphin selflessly sacrifice itself to act as their protector against a deadly Penguin Torpedo? Sorry for the double post, but it wouldn't let me edit!!!
  2. I'm sorry, but Adam West is best Batman. But he can't do it by himself! He needs the assistance of the best Robin, Burt Ward. Together, they are an unbeatable team. There, I said it. Only Burt Ward and Adam West could flawlessly pull off repelling a shark with Shark Repellent Spray, only moments before the bomb it had eaten went off!
  3. Don't misinterpret this please! I'm not leaving or taking a break, I'm just explaining why I've been so much less active and why I won't be as active as I was until this bullshit has been resolved! -Chris
  4. Recently, I have been less active than usual on Diablo 2, TS3, and the forums. I apologize for this. I've been dealing with a lot of "real life" shit that's been causing me a lot of stress. Most of this has come from being unemployed for almost 2 months. It's been really stressful doing so much job hunting and trying to work on what little money I have. I guess you don't really realize how frustrating and scary it is not to have money until you actually don't have any. A major part of this apology is meant for Donald, who has been such a good friend and comrade to me, and due to my situation,
  5. Well, gang, last night I finally did it. I got so drunk that I broke my laptop. Thankfully, it seems that only the screen was damaged, but it sucks ass through a straw nonetheless. Certain members of the D3 and SC2 divisions may remember my drunken shenanigans on TS3 last night, and I would like to fully apologize to the LoL division. You know why. And Aerineth: sorry for the drunken ramblings, bro, I only remember part of what I typed out.
  6. Welcome to OD!!! Great to see another member, make sure to keep 0 dsl, and have a lot of fun!
  7. this. just post the official time and i'll make sure I'm there!
  8. Ganker, you up for some sc later today?!?
  9. Welcome to OD, Amy! I duel a lot, hope to see you on the battlefield!
  10. any of 'em, really... I haven't played in so long I don't remember 'em now!
  11. i would play with ya ganker
  12. I get on League quite often, but whenever I try to chat with all of ya in the "Clan Overdosed" room, no one responds lol I'm not Level 30 yet, though, maybe I can work towards that with all of you Add me if you wanna play, my profile is Ribfcagdc
  13. Good to be back in OD!

  14. Alright, sounds like I need to throw a few more in here, since my first post has sparked up a lot of chatter. My first one was: The clan that jerks together, works together. I dunno what was wrong with that one, but apparently no go? And what's with all this latin stuff? How about "Coetus qui vivunt foederata masturbates simul, melius operatur."? But in all seriousness, how about some more gems? "All for one, and one for all. Until there's only one ho left. Then Clan OD goes on Vent for a meeting and a week-long voting process to see who gets her. Then people flame forums about how it wasn'
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