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  1. Honestly its been a LONG time since Ive been on here gaming. In teamspeak. Hell even in Discord. All I can say is Life comes at you fast. Ive been enjoying everything life has to offer. I have two beautiful daughters and a wife whom I love with all my heart. Figured I would post something to let everyone know Im still around. Including pics of my little angels to brighten everyones day. Look me up on FB. Im part of the Overdosed Group. Stephen Bors. Over and out, Stephen Bors Adamant Dupree (OD)
  2. Adamant DupreeOD I play decently regular. Just random times and days. Lol
  3. If you are in a rut I suggest you change your mains. Change your lane. Change your champs. Sometimes when the meta swings somewhere else you cannot play like you used to. So if you continue to do so then you will continue to lose. I remember when all I played was Darius / Illaoi top. Then the meta changed and I now honestly prefer Jungle over anything. For a while I preferred to support! You have to swing with the game. Dont let the game swing on you. Thats honestly my best advice and Ive been gold since season 2.
  4. What tips would you give the hardcore rager in the clan? When we first met I was absolutely sure you were the worst rager ever and that you would never change. Yet here you are a completely different person. (Only took 5 years)
  5. Im literally living through this. My street has been flooded for days and the only thing keeping it from rising is our flood controls. Honestly IMHO They just built the city like children playing with Legos. "It will look much better if this street goes under this street" Then it floods and everyone asks why. PHYSICS DUH! Hopefully in the coming days this wont make things worse. Although 2-3 more days of rain in an area already half under water isnt going to be pretty. Thankfully no damage to any of my property although there are whole neighborhoods under water currently. So in this "Discussion" topic please refrain from snarky comments and criticisms of Texas. People are dying and losing everything they own. Have some respect. Also TL:DR but you had a great post Melodic. From what I did glance at you took alot of time to break down the entire thing. Kudos
  6. Ill be there on Tuesdays. Remember everyone, the Dunkmaster is coming for you
  7. I traded lvl 1 with kled but since he didnt have TP fell way behind. Then double killed jungler and top to secure a lead they never recovered from. I like the new ping system and it lets me communicate quite well with other players. I managed to shotcall fights and towers. Let them know when i was going to flash pull. It is definintely worth the effort to communicate with your team and ping. I know most people disagree with it in solo queue. However Ive found it quite helpful. Watch the vid and notice my pings. The team responds and we clearly rotate and take objectives better. At one point i even tell them to stop doing dragon to get two kills and a tower bot side. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I teabagged the kled. LOL
  8. He had a real life boner for you. He carried that on forever
  9. Hell yeah! Always looking for some duo action
  10. In the highlights area you replay games youve saved then record clips. You can record single fights or just the whole game
  11. What is the easiest way to get the highlights from leagues little editing program onto the message boards? I tried photobucket but its not supported file type. Do i need to get a converter? http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2506970823/34510564
  12. Bumping this to ask if they are still regular and happening?
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