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  1. Added mine. At least you're on the same continent.
  2. I compare this to the Lebron walk off during his last game with the Cavs where he walked off as soon as the buzzer went off and then took off his jersey. It's a sign of someone who has given up on his team.
  3. The Cowboys had the ball for one final drive to take the lead and the win. But Romo throws a pick with 1:21 left in the game. Immediately following the pick Dez Bryant went to the locker room. How much of an issue is it that Dez went to the locker room instead of standing on the side lines for the remaining 1:21 with his team? Official report: http://espn.go.com/dallas/nfl/story/_/id/10146395/dez-bryant-dallas-cowboys-learn-leaving-early-jason-garrett
  4. Thank you all. This is SK as in nub from sW, yea?
  5. Hello everyone. my actual name is Ian, I am 22 y/o, from Chicago, IL. For anyone who has been here long enough, my past name was NeO(OD) from the CS 1.6 Division. Also for any ex-AH I was Shadow`.of.AH. I no longer play 1.6 I am now playing LoL. Summoner is U B FubaR if you care to add me. Anywho, just recently joined back up, hope to get to know everyone. Cheers.
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