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  1. Darkness told me to tell you to hit him up on facebook. Details are in his forum profile.

    1. R.agnarok(OD)


      I sent him a message request, let him know if you can, ty =)

  2. i think that was Loki in my screenshot lol
  3. It's all good. I'm getting a digital gift from a friend thru battle.net I've downloaded Broodwar to check out the clan channel and everything is already soo freaking different! Even the way you log in, and link account and all that shit. Surreal..
  4. So some how my Classic Key is disabled but I have 2 LoD keys tied to my account both still active and working.. How this happens? No idea...
  5. Getting back into D2. Holler! who is active? who isn't? Edit: My D2 Classic key is banned..
  6. Whore

    Jk, I miss you man. Hope life is treating you well.

  7. Not Danny lol, he was older than danny. I don't remember his irl name sadly either. I could never forget danny, he hacked my myspace and posted a pick on here of me holding a 3 foot icicle between my legs like it was my dick After doing a bit of digging around trying to figure out who I'm trying to remember I happened to find this LMAO
  8. He used to always act like he was trying to impress SnowWhite a shit ton and it was right around when Darkness started playing. Fuck I wish I remembered his name. I like to sit back and just laugh my ass off of all the arguments we use to have.
  9. Lol were you in eLegy? It says you joined the forum 2013. I feel like this was from before 2010.
  10. I appreciate the tip. I'm pretty sure my account still exsists. The last time I logged on last year for some reason showed all my characters expired and when I clicked on them and started a game then backed out it seemed like it brought it back to life somehow?? not totally sure how but I still had all my keys and torches and even all my mules had everything and displayed a new expiration timer. It was surreal! Dude isn't it the worst? This is going on my 10th year. I was good a couple years ago, and after finally getting my shit together I slipped up. I caught 2 OWI
  11. Yea it''s a plus for sure. I commend you! I was in it for a little over 2 months. Even though it was a 6 month program, I was only court ordered 90 days but I still have 4 warrants to take care of after that. I relapsed my 60th day clean. I really fucked myself this time. Anyway, good to see you are still around TyreaL!
  12. Hi Collin :3 @Purplez(OD) - Condolences. Therapy is probably needed. I'm just still going thru my old habits of going in and out of jail. I took the route of taking up rehab my judge offered me as an alternative to jail this last time, however I bailed out of there. It felt like a cult. I was going to Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center but I learned of the true meaning behind their program. Before I left I had plans lined up to enroll in another center. When time came and I got picked up, I stayed with family for Christmas and New Year's Eve, at that point I kinda kicked my plans to
  13. I miss my OD family. I was just pondering thru the internet again depressed, just clicking and clicking... Some how or another it struck me to visit the old clan page, and read the clan history page. GOD it feels like it's been soooo long and it kinda brought me to tears rereading about Slipknot, Shraps, Chobo, Rag, FG, Darky, Corgur... Where has time gone? and when the fuck did Chobo pass? Have I really been gone that long? I would not be the person I am here today if it weren't for this clan. I remember the 1st time I came across the channel in the early 2000's probably like 0
  14. hey babe <3 Anyway, idk why I'm popping up in here.
  15. holy shit i think i remember you! Dude Raged hows it going man!? What games you playing now days? PM me up
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