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  1. Should stop by and run games wiht us sometime. A lot of talented players have been acquired 🙂
  2. The Finals of OD Tournament #3 between MarkOhFive(OD) Vs OGsewerat(OD) have been provided below. Enjoy. Maps 1-3 in order. MarkOhFive(OD) vs OGsewerat(OD) Map1.SC2Replay MarkOhFive(OD) vs OGsewerat(OD) Map 2.SC2Replay MarkOhFive(OD) vs OGsewerat(OD) Map 3.SC2Replay
  3. Thank you, appreciated.
  4. Request for Senior officer rank, Thank you.
  5. Nice to see you back, Yeah i remember seeing your bots around with mine back in 02. I was loading 3,000 bots on proxies and thousands of cd keys at the time lol. Im currently running the sc2 division if you get bored and want to play some sc2 let me know on discord. See you around man!
  6. Or do what I did and don't invest your 401k into stocks and it will still be there haha.
  7. Nice works guys, keep them coming. Might do a few myself this weekend. Looking forward to the changes on the website in the future.
  8. A lot of players don't like the chat system the way it is now. Using discord also allows us a way to directly interact and grow friendships compared to just texting all the time. Also having all the members on discord helps them meet the other divisions and play multiple games which will keep them around longer. I appreciate the offer though, if you would like to chat with us we are in channel Starcraft 2 on Discord. see you guys around!
  9. Hey geb anytime you want to game with us shoot me a message. My ID is Redice#1209. See ya around
  10. nice work by all divisions on recruiting I agree!! Well Done!
  11. Ive seen you on the discord recently and we keep missing each other. There are quite a few members on our discord in the SC2 channel if you're looking for people to play with or streams to watch. You are more then welcome to join us. See you around panda!
  12. Nice to see you around. I've been a part of OD off and on since 2001 when it was just a starcraft/broodwar clan and people would load the channels with bots haha. I have recently returned to Clan OD after a 6 year break myself and started the Starcraft 2 division in december. If you get bored or are interested in joining the division just send me a PM and I can get you the info on it :). If not, thanks for stopping by always nice to see old members!
  13. Sounds good, I will stop by sometime this week and see how you guys are doing.
  14. Due to the new improvements on battle.net we are unable to have a bot in the channel therefore we will be communicating on Discord in either the Starcraft2 Channel OR you can find me in KennysCloud channel where I will have music playing.
  15. Yeah i don't believe anyone plays this game in OD at the moment, You are our first!
  16. Welcome to the clan man, Some good games earlier. Send me a message anytime I am on for games!!
  17. Thanks for the heads up, figured I would give it a shot. Whitewater isn't far from me, I have a place in Brodhead WI and work in Madison as a union carpenter. Possibly get a drink or something in the future!! not sure how old you are lol.
  18. Just noticed this from 5 years ago, I live in Madison WI currently. How about you man?
  19. I have noticed that there is quite a lack of recruitment in the clan currently and moving forward we should work together within all divisions to be more active on this issue. It should be a priority to make this community FUN and Competitive, Which means we need a lot more members to do so. Just by taking a look at the Members page and watching who is recruiting on the logs it seems that officers+ or members with recruitment privileges have not been using them to the best of their ability. The more members we have the more room there will be for promotions moving forward. This would be a great opportunity for current members that are active that do not have recruitment privileges to earn them and start bringing more players into the community. Not sure how you all do the testing for your divisions but when I am looking for new members on Starcraft 2 I base it off of how active they are, if they have a good personality and a genuine person and seem interested in joining the community, and last but not least how good of a player they are or if they are interested in improving by working with others to do so. I think setting a minimum number of recruits expected per month or over a few months would be a good policy to have. It would show that our current members are still active and interested in putting time/effort into remaining at their current rank or possibly moving up with a promotion. Please leave your thoughts on this issue and tell me what you all think as well. Thank you for your time. I think this is a must for the clan right now.
  20. New game looks really good compared to diablo3. Super interested myself
  21. Me and the family. This is why i have been away from the clan for quite some time. Feels good to be back. Just a pic from our Disney Land Trip in January!!
  22. Yeah I live in Wisconsin, sad and weird at the same time.
  23. I will not be able to attend the community meeting tonight due to my sister being in the hospital. She was just in a car accident today and isn't in the best shape. My family and I are headed on our way up there now and I will not be back until later tonight around 11pm. Please have somebody update me on the discussions and what changes take place. This is a meeting I did not want to miss so i apologize for my absence. See you guys this week -Ken
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