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  1. Appreciate taking your time to comment on my evaluation Comp! Yeah the division is going strong now but it takes all of us to keep it that way! Now to answer your questions. At the time when all of this occurred my circumstances were a lot different. I was in a unstable relationship, didnt really know what I wanted to do for a career fully, and I was younger (26) and still a bit immature. Now to be fair the disagreements that were had at the time never should have happened and is the reason why they were removed from the clan at a later date, but I felt like at the time I needed to be the bigger person and just walk away due to the issues not being resolved. I put all my time and effort into building a division that was pretty much taken from me when a general decided to start playing the game and then that same person made accusations of me bring rude to others in the community that were false. It was rude and I felt very unappreciated by the way I was treated with the whole situation. I should have been more mature at that time and talked with the commanders/generals about everything, but in reality I needed to take a step back from gaming to straighten out my life before I could commit myself to the community anymore. I always knew I would return to OD eventually but I could not make that a priority anymore and the argument made the decision that much easier for me. The difference now?? I'm 33 and have 5 kids (had 0 at that time), I'm getting married to my beautiful fiancee in 3 months and have learned how to deal with things in a much more grown up way having to raise my kids and teach them aswell. As far as "heated debates" I would have no problem with that at all. Sometimes the "hard" things that we all need to talk about eventually have to happen and you just have to deal with it in a professional manner while being respectful at the same time. We are all in the community together so getting mad at each other will not make anything better. I would continue to try to make things better and work on anything that was needed to accomplish that goal. Great questions by the way I was wondering if anyone would ask about it. If anything above doesn't answer your questions i'd be happy to answer any others. Thanks for your time Comp.
  2. RedIce(OD)


    Welcome!! If you play SC2 let me know we always have games going.
  3. I think you have handled everything pretty good since I've been back and I dont really have any questions or complaints at this time. I read all the questions/answers and appreciate we have a commander like you. I support your 5* fully.
  4. Thanks for the support MooMoo!! We have only met a few times but I will find more time in the future to stop by your channel and talk.
  5. Appreciate you taking the time to explain what the IA was for and the changes that have been made. Just talked to you the other day about a few things in the community and couldn't tell 1 bit that you have went through so much recently. Seems like you are doing pretty good now and hope it continues for you man!! Now onto some questions, What is the 1 main reason you decided to return to the community after resigning?? What influenced the return? Also just wanted to say anytime I have had a problem with anything in the clan or needed assistance you have always been a great help!! Same with the other day when i asked if you could get on discord for a few minutes, you didn't hesitate. You have my vote for 5* whatever it's worth.
  6. Thanks! Same to all the other dads out there!
  7. Nice intro post!! glad to have you in the sc2 division Supreme!! sweet name aswell.
  8. Thanks for the kind words, one of the main things I wanted to do was bring the roots of the clan back. We might not be as big as we were 20 years ago but starting to get there. D2 keeping us strong in the meantime along with the other platforms.
  9. Xayj, first and foremost I want to say nice evaluation. I appreciate anything you have helped me with in the past whether it's on discord or on the website. My question for you is this whole time I'm not really sure which divisions you are a part of or which you are a division leader for besides looking on the members page. I know you do a lot of work for the OD community but have seen you go to multiple divisions in the past months. You might of mentioned it above in your evaluation post but I can only read the first 1/2 while on my phone bc there is no scroll option for the rest of it lol. Besides that I support you and hope all goes well!
  10. Rick congrats on getting nominated!! I only know you from chatting in the D2 channel but you are always GM and a friendly guy. I like the back story, it reminds me of when I was 15 getting my first computer and Aim was the popular thing back then. The only problem was you had to sit there and wait for the damn dial up to connect, and if you got disconnected you had to do it all over again lol. Nice to see you move up in the ranks and you have my support!
  11. Thanks Rick! Yeah I have spent a lot of time with the clan when I was younger but was good times. I still plan to stop by more have just been focused on making sc2 a solid division which it is now. Appreciate the support
  12. Thanks for taking your time to comment on my evaluation R.agnarok. I think the biggest problem with my trajectory is that I do not want to just take credit for myself for what the division accomplishes and would rather try to help the members that are putting the effort in to be successful and move up within the ranks. Being the highest current rank in the division does not help at all since normally you are promoted from members within your own division for the most part. When they are a big part of the growth of the division such as Dro4Sho(OD) with running our tournaments and setting up the brackets online or a ton of the guys that dedicate their time to improving our members skill in the game it really gives me a chance to work on other things not only for the division but clan wide. If I was to become a general I would be a part of the general meetings/boards and I think just the duties of being a general not just for starcraft 2 but clan wide would help that problem a lot. If other members see my effort to help not only them but members of their/other divisions as well I would make a lot more friendships throughout various platforms that we support. I have been working on reaching out to other members in the community more lately whether it's talking to Aerineth(OD) about how to edit or change things on the forums or JD_FKA_Xayj(OD) about discord issues/ helping sort out discord fights. Purplez(OD) has been a really big help with it comes to earning about the forums side of things and helping link members to the information they need. I have only been back into the community since October of last year so hopefully the more time that accumulates the more friendships will come. I'm not one who likes to ask for rank, I still value the old tradition of earning your rank like it has been since the early 2000's. I will however ask how to achieve a rank so I know what to do in the future to reach my goals or what I can do better to get their. If I was to become a 1* General I think I could bring Value and Input from the starcraft 2 division to the generals meetings that could possibly help other divisions clan wide with similar issues or even new ideas just by listening to what's going on clan wide and how the sc2 division could prosper from it. I would be able to help other lower ranked members that are interested in becoming officers for the division get there and show them the ropes and what is expected of the ranks.
  13. Lmaoooo this is great. Love the humor man, I wish you the best in the tournament haha
  14. Thank you cindy means a lot!! Yes I agree on the officers/admin boards and I have started to do so the last week or 2. The topic posted a few days ago in the division boards would be a great start. I have not heard any feedback on it but the reason I bring it up is because I've had a few members from other divisions come to sc2 and want to recruit and had no idea where to start. Often times gamers will get bored and venture to other games as I'm sure we all have at one point or another. I think a guide would really help the new members, or even help the current recruiters freshen up their process of recruitment and give them new ideas to draw in new members.
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