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  1. Appreciate the DSL reports, really helps with contacting members that have DSL'd out and get them back on the active list. Saves me a ton of time on the administrative side as well. Good work mike. I do have to say it also helps show us where we need to improve on the recruiting aspect.
  2. Appreciate your support Rag I can definitely agree with this, as far as being rude about it, that was not the intention at all. Was I a bit irritated at that point about how the topic was brought up to me I'm sure, but I was merely trying to explain how I felt about it not lash out at you. Moving forward I will try to look at it from your point of view as well, as I see why you were concerned about it. Thank you for your support.
  3. As far as having an extravagant response when you are asked by multiple Generals about the same situation multiple times and have explained it a few times before, it's much easier to go into better detail and explain the entire situation so them and anyone else reading the post will not have anymore questions or concerns about what happened. I was not trying to be rude at all, merely stating "makes me feel like I don't want to be a general" and getting straight to the point on the subject. I don't literally mean I don't want be a general, it's more of an expression of why be a general when mem
  4. Hello @MelodicRose(OD), I appreciate your concern in the first question but in my initial post I thought I pretty much explained it to you. This was my full response to CompFreak(OD)'s post All of the info has already been provided to me, I feel like we are taking all of this website stuff a bit too serious on the forums to be honest. This was the members 2nd offense after he was warned prior and proof was provided to me of the altercation and I made the decision to disable him based on our rules. It was all taken care of through discord in a matter of 5 minutes. If
  5. Appreciate the kind words. Thank You for your support. Thanks badboi, whole reason I rejoined.
  6. Thanks LightningWolves. #1 Yes I mentioned above a few times, once I get the SC2 division to where I want it to be and when more time becomes available for me I will be looking into bringing back the Dota 2 division. #2 I believe we should focus on recruitment and working on helping new members become recruiters if they are interested in it. #3 Not really, I tend to stay to 1 - 2 divisions and normally stick around the games I play. I have 5 kids so the free time I have I like to keep well spent. Not only helping recruit and make friendships with the people
  7. Glad to see you making a change for the better. I have had two family members who struggle with the same thing growing up and 1 of them decided they wanted to be a better person and find a meaning for life, the other sadly ended up getting cancer from it and his life was cut short at 39. I hope you make the decision to better yourself because the same thing you are dealing with right now (depression) is the burden you hand off to others that truly love you once it's too late. Even though he had a drug problem and didn't make the best choices in life he was still deeply loved by all of us, I ju
  8. Thanks Dabomb, pretty sure we will moving forward. welcome back!
  9. Thanks Rick appreciate it a lot. Yes back in 2014 I actually started Dota 2 division and had 20+ members in it. Rag and townkill also help a lot. Once I get the sc2 division a little bit bigger (50+ members) then I will probably start that division again and spend my time towards both games. I would say it about the same. I make time for both depending on times for when people are more/less active. When there are not many people on i dig into the admin side, when a few guys get on I still like to run games and interact. Thanks for th
  10. We have all the cow farms here man, all the cheese is local and does not have to go through all the extra processing, that's why it is amazing lol. yeah it was awesome, too bad he had to pass away man, R.I.P & thank you
  11. Thank you Sassy, much appreciated Thanks for taking the time to read my evaluation. To answer your first question, I think everybody is different and cannot be primarily put into the same category, we all have different achievements/additions that we have made to the clan and some game more, others spend more time on the forums/admin duties. So to answer your question I don't necessarily think we should have to drawn a line for requirements, they are already listed in what to expect from generals at that rank. I think that if you are willing to put in a
  12. I know we are using the social media to advertise the clan but I just feel like nobody but our clan is seeing it to be honest. I haven't really looked much into the social media aspect of it yet so there could be a lot more going on then I know so it is hard for me to comment on it. On the SC2 side of it we are signing up for ATL (Alpha Team League) which is a online gaming league against other clans that will be starting soon and we play in the "1v1 Tournaments" that the game has open for the general public with our OD tag (OD2019) from when it was re-established. Im not sure if we really get
  13. Hello all, First I would like to start by posting my contributions from my 1st evaluation. Contributions to Clan OD: - Consistently Active - Recruited 69 members clan wide - Award medals to members worthy of them - Handle all admin responsibilities for Starcraft 2 Division - 90% of Starcraft 2 division recruits - Created Starcraft 2 Recruitment Guide with Step-By-Step Processes - Help members learn how to properly recruit for SC2 division - Have helped edit Clan scripts in the past before the new updates (before 2013) - Host
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