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  1. Nice evaluation post. For my first question, what do you think you will bring to the table as a 1* general compared to being an officer? Secondly, Which time period since you have been in clan OD has been your favorite (From 2004 - Now) and what do you wish we still had from 10 years ago, if anything, that we could bring back to the clan?
  2. for sure, had to bring an old school strat back from the early 2000's, still works if you know how to micro good lol. They actually call them Spine crawlers now lol.
  3. RedIce(OD)


    @Terra Sure is and there is a reason for it, using forums is "outdated" at this point but you will still have a few here and there that have grown up using forums and are familiar with it and use it to keep up on things. I joined the clan for the first time in March of 2003 when the website was being put together and helped with it quite a bit. At that time we used the website pretty much how we still do now to have members login so we know who is active. The main purpose of using the website was to use the DSL function to keep the members list more up-to-date to know who is not around anymore and who still plays. We spent 90% of our time on the gaming client and maybe an hour a week logging in on the website here and there and browsing other members. The clan had over 100 members (All Starcraft Broodwar) at that time and we did not support other gaming platforms or games. Nowadays we have 6 main games on the website and I believe the forums is a good use to keep all of the divisions on the same page and together and the meetings as well. The sub forums section for uploading replays and such is a great use aswell, but as far as the 27 post/reply threads where we are just discussing all of our opinions and such I think it would be easier to iron all of that kind of stuff out in voice chats on discord where it can be handled in a much more timely manner and we can see it from all of our points of views. As you can see at the top this post it was about @SuNSeT resigning from the clan, and here we are discussing how much the forums are used.
  4. RedIce(OD)


    @SuNSeT Sucks to see you go man, was always nice chatting to ya whenever I seen you on. I get it though, seems to me that there is wayyyyyy too much time spent on the forums for a clan that is based on gaming I agree 100%. D2 is always a fun game and I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon so I will see you around brother, if you ever see me on Discord send me a message! wish you the best moving forward in your gaming/life. Another good 1 lost.
  5. Sorry to hear Sassy!! It was a pleasure chatting with you on discord, and you will be missed a a general. Take care of the fam and see ya around!!
  6. @MikeU1(OD) We could go through it a bit and add anything from what we seen while we were here one of these days im sure, If anyone else has anything to add that would be great!! Probably sometime after this weekend when I can get back on the Mic.
  7. Thank you for posting these matches, very entertaining!
  8. Appreciate having you in the division, hell of a guy, even better gamer. Have a good weekend!
  9. I'm not sure, was not on when match was played.
  10. Welcome to the clan Tom!! If you ever want to run some games on Starcraft 2 shoot me a message. Have a great day !!
  11. Games 1-4 Dro4Sho(OD) Vs CAPSLOCK(OD) Golden Wall LE (2).SC2Replay Purity and Industry LE.SC2Replay Ever Dream LE (2).SC2Replay Eternal Empire LE (2).SC2Replay
  12. RedIce(OD)


    Welcome!! If you play SC2 let me know we always have games going.
  13. Thanks! Same to all the other dads out there!
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