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  1. Hello folks, My name is LordNight(OD) or CJ (RL). My ties with OD started in 2003. I see that there are not that many ancient members left. I guess we're getting old. Anyhow, I just started to play Diablo III and I occasionally play SC2. I hope to see you guys around. Thanks. Best, CJ Oh yeah, I also have WCIII, but I rarely play it. WCIII used to be the main game for me after I started with SC here. Got my medals from that game. But that was like a decade ago...
  2. Hello, Overdosed. How are you all? My name is LordNight(OD) or CJ in RL, and I see that there are very few old members left in this clan. I am quite ancient... Haha. I never thought about affiliating myself with other gaming clans, so I am here. I just started to play Diablo III and I occasionally play SC2 as well. I hope to come back as LordNight as this is where all my ties with OD lie. I thought about using the Recruiting link in the main site, but I had a feeling that this would be a cool way to request it. If anyone remembers me, please holler. Thank you for your interest and please contact me/reply. Best, CJ
  3. I will try to be there. Saturday as in this Saturday? Tomorrow?
  4. I just hope he will do things much better than Bush has been doing in many different areas. Especially... the Economy. Go USA!
  5. zzz learn 2 spell its ki11a pk3r not k1lla well anyways, welcome back lol. Thanks. Don't worry. It's okay, we will have multiple opportunities to game together.
  6. Thanks, It's okay. We all need to game in massive form! Haha! Thank you, Bigman. Looking forward to game with you.
  7. I am playing right now! Come Come! I suck now though. :3
  8. Just installed the TFT for the 2nd time in couple of years. lol We will see how this one goes now. >_>
  9. CS mostly and BW sometime, but I installed the TFT just now.
  10. Free Game > Paid Game That's why B.net/CS still owns beyond its found years. Anyhow, everyone is entitled their own opinions, I was just asking a question.
  11. Thanks! How are ya? darkmayhem has the girliest voice ive ever seen wtf u talkin bout? GOOD THING YOU CAN SEE VOICES BRO! Hey, he has a special gift.
  12. Hi Jason. Still being the love of OD. Interesting, how your persona seems to be still way it was 4 years ago. Anyhow, nice to seeing ya again.
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