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  1. Hey ive returned to the game as well. I am back as Pacino(OD) but my first name with OD was Lordsin If you go that way back. Silver elite master woooooo
  2. Well welcome back i was probably before your time then if you remember darkstar but i used to be Lordsin(OD). I believe they have a squad for call of duty but have never made it a division. If you are looking to do ghosts actively and play ps3 ill be glad to game with u since i do cod religiously and always run about 1.80+ kd ratio. Looking forward to ghosts. -Adam
  3. You have helped OD out alot outlaw u will always be a part of it in my eyes. Ill add ya i also can have weird hours at times but def will keep eyes out for all those on. -Adam
  4. thanks mtg ill add u to my friends list. -Adam
  5. Ok guys again i know we lost quite a few recently just want to get a head count for those still around and your ids ill add you to my friends list and see if we can game together. Also if you post in here what are good times that you may play cs so again we can all coordinate. For me any days other then tuesday wednesday unless its late night i can play also my id is lordsin or STEAM_0:1:3581565 . Just post here again if you play or intend to play odcs and what times you do play. -Adam
  6. Agreed should always have demo and the form fill out is detailed. Also communication is key if you notice someone but cant get solid proof just make it aware to other admins and with more eyes on that person you should be able to make a judgement with a demo of course. Also i know cs has been out forever and most people have been admin before but just a hint if you suspect someone do not call them out or tell them to turn off if you havent gathered enough proof or a demo yet otherwise they can toggle off and then you have nothing. -Adam
  7. Never dealt with them but if they do as well as you say i take your word. Also agree with the texas always have used that seeing as it is in the middle so its the safest one to use. I donate to the site but if you want i can donate some money each month to you to help or lessen in anyway. Look forward to trying it out. Thanks alot of the help snipe. -Adam
  8. steam id is in this post i put it where u wanted the info for application. Also thank u to snipe do you have the specifics on what type of server it is? -Adam
  9. Well if u want message me through site about prices a nfo 16 man 1000fps with a private would be about 30 bucks which i can front a month. Have had them in the past and they were great. And always positive look forward to a growing community for us.-Adam
  10. Well if we are serious about keepind odcs a division again ill throw my name in. It will be hard seeing as how we lost the majority of the active playerbase. I love od and i loved cs. Name- Sinlord formerly Lordsin aka adam Rank- Right now sgt first class, was former 3* gen and leader of odcs steam-Lordsin or STEAM_0:1:3581565 Reason- Former lead of odcs have rejoined recently due to missing gaming with such a great community. Would love to be able to contribute again like i used to and to see odcs go back to its former glory when it was the lead in player base for od in general. I can get us a server since i used to own one with nfo for the clan and again if this is serious am willing to put the time in. -Adam
  11. Wow def lost as well i hope this can be fixed you just got here and have done alot would hate to see you go but if you must then i understand. Was great gaming with you and chatting in vent bro gl and hope things can be resolved or you can make a come back. -Adam
  12. Yea i have seen that guy and no bueno just moveon. Hate to see people do that and use ur name to try and make shit out of nothing. just ban and forget. -Adam
  13. nice id love to try cevo but im no where near what i used to be so sadly i will sit out till i can get somewhat better maybe next season. Gl and hf guys go overdosed. -Adam
  14. Welcome Alan always nice to see a new recruit and one with an A name . Have fun here and keep the dsl low. -Adam
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