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  1. Hello everyone again. I'm back and moved into my new house. sorry it took so long but cox messed up my date on which they were turning it on but whatever I have it now, happy to be back online.
  2. So channel is saying full today, anyone know if its cuz of spam or what?
  3. It is telling me that channel is full?

    1. Lord_satan(OD)


      Was fighting a spam flood. These things happen from time to time. Other clans think they are cute and try to "intimidate" us with spam.. not very effective if you ask me.

  4. Hey is channel being spammed on D2?

  5. Don't want to go to work. Also have to poop.

  6. http://s22.postimg.o...Wyatts_knee.jpg So this is my bro's knee. The thing around his knee is called a Halo. Has 4 rods going into his knew plus 2 screws.
  7. really two freaking Hrs of Temp Band. wow!

  8. So i'm wondering how i request for IA, i'm not sure when ill be moving but its soon. Also dont know how long it will take. Just want to follow the rules.

  9. hey can anyone get on for a few mins i need help xfering some stuff and socket an item

  10. I wondering how to post a pic on here. its a pic of my bro's knee. I cant figure it out, I tryred coping it but that didn't work. so if someone knows tell me. I would like to share the pic. but if your weak stomach I would advice not look at it cuz its pretty nasty looking.
  11. so i hate Temp band, really? dumbest thing ever!

  12. Update: he had a heart rate of 98. He can handle the pain but his body is not liking the four rods in his knee. they gave him oxy last night and this morning his rate went down to 70 which is good. maybe he will come home today.
  13. My bro's heart rate is 98 which is of a person running. today he is on oxy so hopefully that takes some of the pain away.

    1. Lord_satan(OD)


      Our thoughts are still with you guys, Im sure hell pull through just fine. But do keep us updated plz :)

  14. Hoping my brother will be alright.

    1. Lord_satan(OD)


      We all hope your brother will be alright mang. Our thoughts are with you guys in your time of need.

  15. Hello everyone, so last night by younger brother did a back flip and broke his leg just under the knee cap. He also twicked his growth plate. He is in the hospital atm and prlly wont be home till monday. They said that he has to have rods and bunch of other stuff done to it. I also have to say that we are in the moving proccess and ill wont be as much. We only have 16 days to move, so its crunch time.
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