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  1. So anyone who knows Rand, or Ace or Solo, or Andy whatever I would like to say hello And also WTF has happened with some of the cats in channel lol. I like to think that ive been a positive fixture in OD channel for a long while, and yet tonight some kid tried to cause issues. It began with him creating baals and being unable to clear throne. Which is fine if that's the type of baal runner somebody wants to make. Then I witnessed him berate leachers for not aiding in his inability to kill souls in throne. Since when does OD have runners who cant clear? I merely asked him why run baals if he cant clear. and was met with him requesting a channel ban for BM lol Any imput on this?
  2. Ty, in all reality i think ive sort of been in the clan anyways But now that its official id just like to say that i mostly did it for all the cocaine and hookers i was promised and by god death you have the prettiest sig ever...
  3. So it would seem as if OD has a new member. Some of you may recognize me
  4. i dont know why it kept saying it was full for me heh anyways got #1 pick lol
  5. my god i want to sign up for this ill throw in fg for the winner
  6. Rand

    d2 channel

    what channel is everyone using while this stupid flood is going on?
  7. can i vote no? or does it not count
  8. i stated it in my previous post *AA(OD)
  9. Dont recall which one it was, here's the story tho ive been asked to join the clan but was previously told i would need to retag an account. which ive been procrasting on , well last night i decided i would do so so i created *AA(OD) , i knew it wasnt official yet so i wasnt going to attempt using it i just wanted to show one of your members i had made a decision. Probably should have waited for my recruiter but i was drunk lol
  10. so if *raNd could get unbanned from the channel that would be great. deathspirit would have been proud of me i had no idea there was pre-existing triggers in the channel
  11. Yes ofc im joking and ive been making less characters so i haver no reason to complain about you doing less runs haha i am considering making a trapper tho
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