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  1. Misnomer(OD)


    Welcome to OD, GL with your trial & HF.
  2. It's one of those days. -_-

  3. CptChupacabra is my LoL name, I think I have you added already though. Just haven't been on in a while. Haven't really felt like playing any games recently tbh lol.
  4. Contact your ISP and address the issue with them, they may have some troubleshooting tips for you. Otherwise there is always the option that I would normally take which is unplug your modem and leave your house, walk up to the first person you find and chuck it at their face. . But seriously, try setting a password on your modem/router. Some actually do have an allotted connection limit (since you said everybody else was connected to it as well).
  5. Misnomer(OD)


    Welcome to OD and GL on your trial. Remember to remain active and GM but also remember to have fun.
  6. It is indeed OP. J4 is one of my main junglers and if he is used correctly, is one of the best in the game. Though certain situations may merit or even require a different jungle champ choice, J4 is one of the best all around. Dunk squad OP lol
  7. I'm available 24/7 as long as I'm awake.
  8. I know some mouse brands/makes have compatibility settings, I would suggest checking to see if yours does and setting it accordingly to whatever kind of windows you are running.
  9. Tater, you damn scrub. Leaving us for IRL shiz. D:. Lol I'm kidding of course, it's good to hear you got some shit going good for yourself IRL man. You know OD will always have an open door for you if/when you want to come back. Still lamesauce to see you go though. Cya around sometime though dude.
  10. Lol. Now I kinda want to Dub out the "Not in my house." commercial. xD
  11. There are some days when you just want to punch somebody or break shit. Then there are days when you want nothing more than to get hammered and sleep until things resolve themselves. Today is the latter for me.

  12. Warwick was my first jungler lmao. I know him pretty much inside and out lol.
  13. Dwolf(OD) told me today in game that today was his birthday so I figured I would just post a formal happy bday.
  14. Account Name - Misnomer(OD) Character Name - OD-Shiv Character Class - Zon
  15. Jesus, the floods are still going on? This is just getting 'tarded. I'm in though, just gotta delete my mule and rename him.
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