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  1. Yea meph was rough with each new uber run but we got it done.
  2. 15 18 dtorch 15 10 ptorch 17 10 storch sin torch is also still available. see other post also thanks dmon for helping out
  3. dwolf(OD)

    Sin Torch

    18 13 sin torch available. first come first serve. free . lmk
  4. dwolf(OD)


    torch has been claimed
  5. dwolf(OD)


    15 18 ptorch . free. must be active
  6. dwolf(OD)


    btorch has been claimed
  7. dwolf(OD)


    Thanks for the help. I don't plan on keeping them to be honest 🙂
  8. dwolf(OD)


    Who needs a btorch? Let me know. First uber 19/18 btorch. free.
  9. Great to be back! Looking forward to catching up with everyone...not sure how many of the old gang is around (from 4 years ago). Looking forward to meeting some new people also. See you in the games!
  10. Let's hear em..I'll go first Work out more than I already do Read 2 books/week (used to knock out like 3-4 a week before I started working alot) Do more for others than for myself Quit my job and move away by summer
  11. Level 84 Acct dwolf(OD) OD-OrbSorcMF Level 80 Acct dwolf(OD)4 OD-Marethyu
  12. Yes indeed it is! I actually just got online and ran strait to Clan OD channel lol. Wolf has been a great help and re-enabled me right away! When do you think you'd be on? Anytime, if you need anything else let me know. I can do rushes on ladder or non ladder for sc.
  13. http://bit.ly/1j9I3Ll I started a map for OD members to use if they choose to. You can add yourself to this map and we can see where everyone lives. Click that link above, then goto Additions > Add Marker- Simple > Type in your OD name and City/State then choose a marker color. Click Submit then click Ok then click close. Any questions let me know. Thanks! Wolf
  14. So many memories from last ladder, all the key hunting, ubers,and runs we did together will be missed...
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