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  1. BigFella(OD)


    Welcome man! Hope to see ya around!
  2. Hey!! Welcome to OD, Feel free to pm me with any questions! Hope to cya around!
  3. Being active duty and anyone who has ever been in the service, we are grilled into our head that we are targets, all the time. So a scenario is not just to protect myself, but to protect everyone whether I'm out to see on deployment or sitting in my barracks room, I will not hesitate to take action when needed.
  4. Welcome man! OD is great, if you see me around feel free to come say whats up
  5. Hey Man! Welcoem to OD, if ya see me around feel free to come say whats up
  6. I'm just going to share my opinion on this, I think we should put armed veterans at every school. There are millions of veterans who are now unemployed after getting out of the military. Scares me because me being active duty, I want to know that I am going to have a job once i decide I am done serving. I think that is a good plan, or I believe teachers and staff should have concealed carries. Mass shooters purposefully shoot somewhere where they know they will not be fired back upon, IE, a school, a concert, everywhere where a majority of the people do not have a gun. If a mass shooter wants to shoot a school then they think, well all the teachers have concealed carries and will use deadly force to protect the kids, most likely they probably will not do it. All this rioting on gun control will literally do nothing. Someone who is wants to shoot up a place is not going to say oh shit I can't, guns are banned in the US. They do not care, they are still going to commit that act. Also an example where taking guns absolutely doesn't work is when Australia banned guns after a school shooting in I believe 1994/1996 time. Australia did a country wide buy back on everyone's guns but only payed for about 10% of what the gun is worth. They only took care of 30% of the countries guns. That is half of a passing grade. Imagine America? I know damn well my parents and family are not going to give up their guns, I'm sure as hell not going to give up either of my concealed carries, I say either because I have multiple. I just do no trust anyone and that is how I feel safe. I am trained and I know how to shoot and I am not afraid to IF i have too. I think either of those two solutions will put a good stand still in all gun violence.
  7. Hey mate! Welcome! Hope to see ya around!
  8. Welcome to OD man. Glad you could join us
  9. Welcome man. If you have any questions hmu. Cya around
  10. Is the Rainbow Six squad still a thing? I just got the game. Getting a little used to on the computer but I was plat/diamond on both consoles. Looking for some OD members to squad up with. Thanks :)
  11. i use turtle beach stealth 400x's. not to expensive.
  12. Welcome man! Looking forward to getting to know ya
  13. We will do it terra! I sincerely believe so! I'm sure everyone will do everything in their power to surpass!
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